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Chapter 1 - beginning

Night had fallen. And the sky was getting darker .Lily Potter was sitting on a luxurious sofa in front of a fireplace in her living room, when fires suddenly turned green and a handsome man with jet-black messy hair and brown eyes stepped out of it.

He stared in her green eyes, which had concern evident in them. She rushed to him and engulfed him in a bear hug. She kept her head buried in his chest. These were times of war and there was no certainty of anyone returning home safe and sound or even alive for that matter. He returned the hug and lightly kissed the top of her head. Once her heart was settled, she looked up in his brown eyes which reflected the love they had for each other. She smiled at him. He tucked a loose strand of her hair behind her ear and lightly kissed her on her lips.

"Get fresh James, I'll have dinner served when you come down to kitchen." said Lily while extracting herself from his embrace. She turned towards kitchen and started to move, her bright red hair bellowing behind her and swaying her hips slightly.

James stared at her retreating form for a while before turning towards stairs on the left hand side and up towards the first floor where there was his and Lily's king sized bedroom with a king sized bed and a private bathroom. There were other rooms as well but most of them were unused except a few which they used when Sirius, Remus and Peter - his best friends would come for a visit. They would always stay there for some duration.

James came in the kitchen after having freshened up. He passed a few portraits of some people who were apparently snoring in their portraits. When he saw Lily they smiled at each other.

"Frodo!" called out Lily.

Out of thin air a creature with big eyes like a golf ball and ears like that of an elephant popped in out of thin air making a barely audible sound. It wore a gown of sorts and the cloth had a symbol of a shield half buried in a thick black rock.

"What can Frodo be doing mistress Lily?" it asked.

Now any normal human would have been surprised and probably jumped a few feet in the air at such a sudden appearance of a creature like this. But not these people. They were wizards and witches, living in a magical community. It was hidden in plain side from prying eyes of muggles. Muggles is a term used to indicate the non-magical. These people could bend and break the rules of nature with a wave of a stick which they called as wand.

Not all were born in the culture of magic. Some were muggleborns. They were those who were born to people without magic. There were purebloods as well. These were people who were born in families which had produced magical children for generations and had magical blood flowing in them. Most of the muggles and muggleborns accepted it but were very reluctant to do so. Their beliefs and what they have learned in their life as muggle being shattered. When they know of being magical but still they try to apply their logic and values in this world. And that was one of the reasons why purebloods hated muggleborns. Lily was a muggleborn but James on the other hand was a pureblood. His family line could be traced back to the 800s. James had chosen a career of an auror which was police equivalent of muggles. Not many muggles knew of this world. Those who knew were usually directly related to muggleborns. There was a law in magical world called as 'statute of secrecy'. Every muggleborn has to abide to this rule.

But that did not mean that they necessarily did so.

Muggles were afraid of anything they couldn't comprehend. Lily s family although quite reluctantly but still had accepted magical world as a part of their daughter. But her sister on the other hand didn't like it. Tuny, as she used to call her sister was jealous of her. After death of her father, they had met only once and even then petunia had called her 'freak' and they had never met again. It was a sad truth.

There were squibs as well. These were those people who were born in magical families but did not have enough magic in them to perform any of its feats. Squibs were frowned upon in this world but muggleborns were still frowned more because unlike the squibs they were not raised with the traditions of this world and always wanted to change it to suit their own beliefs and needs.

Then there were blood-traitors those who supported muggleborns and disregarded their own heritage. They were ready to forget the blood of their ancestors which flowed in their veins. But it was all a belief of some families which were old and considered dark and evil. And as the things would go, lily was a muggleborn and wasn't going to consider herself lower than anyone else and although she accepted traditions of this world albeit reluctantly, she still considered her old morals and applied them here.

James had fallen in love with her and he had enough power to keep mouths of most of the magical populace shut. But alas, this war was going between the two factions of pureblood supremacy and support for muggleborns.

"Please serve the dinner Frodo, we are ready for dinner" Lily said.

"Yes mistress Lily, right away!" the thing called Frodo or an elf, as its species was known, popped out just as it came.

After a while Frodo popped in and served them dinner and vanished after giving them a deep bow and Lily had thanked it. Lily and James started to have a quiet dinner.

After a while Lily said "how was your day?"

"Not much today. But got a visit from headmaster himself." James frowned a bit at this part but continued "Said he wants to meet us both along with longbottoms in his office by tomorrow noon. Looked like it was urgent." James said with a serious face. Silence stretched for a few moments and was broken by Lily,

"What could be so urgent that he came to you in department itself?" she asked.

"Maybe about another attack information, but cannot be sure. You cannot be sure when it comes to him." He replied.

"I am starting to have a bad feeling about this James." Lily said with concern evident in her voice.

James placed his hand over hers, in a comforting manner and said "Don't worry it'll be all right."

He gave her a small smile, which she returned although not as confident as she wanted to show due to her gut feelings. After finishing their remaining dinner in comfortable silence they retired for the day to their room.