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Synopsis of Pokémon: The Paralyzed Planet

In the beginning of The Paralyzed Planet, Haley meets Dusknoir and is convinced to go on a journey with him to see Dialga, not knowing that Dusknoir and Dialga were evil. Along the journey to the Hidden Land, Haley is taught by Dusknoir how to fight pokémon; and she experiences the Dimensional Scream, though it is not the first time. When they reach the Hidden Land, Haley meets with Dialga, who explains the Dimensional Scream to her, and commands her to join him or he will kill her. Frightened, she agrees, but when she finds out that Dusknoir has been deceiving her and that he is evil, she flees.

She finds a dungeon and tries to flee through it, but a Gengar uses Dream Eater on her, almost killing her. Fortunately, she is saved by none other than Grovyle. When she wakes in Grovyle's cave, they talk and Grovyle realizes that Dialga will be after them. They flee from the cave but are forced into the dungeon again by a feral Dragonite. Dusknoir and Gengar show up, and Dusknoir acts like it was all a set-up to capture Grovyle, causing Grovyle to stop trusting Haley. Haley kills Gengar while Grovyle and Dusknoir fight, protecting Grovyle. Then, just when it seemed that Dusknoir was going to win the fight, a division of the PIT (Planetary Investigation Team) shows up and drives him away.

Haley is taken prisoner of the PIT, them believing that she had set up Grovyle. She is knocked out while fleeing from them, and she wakes up inside a jail cell. When Dusknoir and the Sableye attack the PIT's base, Haley fights on the PIT's side, saving Grovyle from Dusknoir, and driving Primal Dialga's servants away. She then rescues the PIT's leader, Ninetales from a dangerous condition by going to the Dark World with Grovyle and finding Ninetales' spirit. When they return from the Dark World, a meeting is held. It is decided that Haley and Grovyle go back to Haley's home to warn her mother, a former PIT member, that Dusknoir is on the move again.

Grovyle and Haley travel to her house. Grovyle was poisoned for a time after a dungeon, but Haley cured him. Then they were chased into a trap by a group of Houndour. The pokémon orchestrating the trap appears to be Dusknoir. Haley and Grovyle flee, and Grovyle goes over a cliff. Haley seems to be trapped, but she jumps after him and lands in a river, effectively saving her life. But when she gets to shore, she finds Grovyle laying dead. Dusknoir shows up again and commands her to give up. But then she noticed that Grovyle looked different, and she realized that it was all a nightmare. She hears her mother's voice, and the dream-state is lifted from her. Haley's mother, Gina, drives Dusknoir off, but then reveals that the pokémon who had appeared to be Dusknoir was not Dusknoir after all, but an imposter. She refuses to reveal who the imposter is, and the group returns to Haley's home.

When they arrive at the house, Gina reveals a secret room under the house where many weapons and books pertaining to the planet's paralysis were stored. Over the course of several weeks, Haley is trained by her mother and Grovyle how to fight with weapons, including an Aura Blade named Dawnblanche and a set of claws designed to fit over human hands. Gina explains the Aura Blade as a sword that draws the aura of its user and uses the aura in battle, making it a powerful weapon. Besides Dawnblanche, Gina also possesses another Aura Blade named after its previous owner: Dusknoir. She does not explain why Dusknoir had ever owned a sword; merely that he was very good at using it.

After several weeks, Grovyle and Haley go to Treeshroud Forest in search of a Time Gear. They explore the dungeon, eventually reaching the end; where Haley has her first Dimensional Scream in the presence of Grovyle. They travel back to Haley's home to find it invaded by Sableye. Grovyle holds the Sableye off while Haley races to find her mother. She finds her mother in the basement, confronted by Dusknoir. They exchange banter, which includes insinuations by Dusknoir of Haley's father; hinting that he was still alive, though Gina had always sworn that Haley's father was dead.

But before Haley could find out what Dusknoir meant, Gina attacks, and the battle rages. Eventually, they find themselves on the first floor again, and the heroes are just about to win, when a cheap shot to the back brings Haley's mother down before Haley's horrified eyes. She quickly kills the offender, a random sableye holding a knife. Then she begs her mother not to die. Dusknoir calls off the attack, thinking that the death of her mother would break Haley. Haley sings a song to sing her mother to heaven; and then she swears to herself that she would get revenge for her mother's death by restoring time just like her mother had always wanted.

Two months later the story picks up again, with Grovyle and Haley at Limestone Cavern. They find the final chamber, where Haley senses that the Treasure Box is more than what is seems, and they meet Ditto, who tells them about Fogbound Lake, and warns them of a dangerous protector there. Grovyle and Haley leave Limestone Cavern, and Dusknoir attacks them again. Haley orders Grovyle to flee while she takes on Dusknoir. Dusknoir and her have a sword fight that she wins, but she is unable to take Dusknoir's life. Dusknoir then attacks her when she turns away; almost killing her, but a mysterious stranger steps in and saves her life.

When Haley wakes up again, she meets her mysterious savior, a Salamence named Starflight. She finds out that when Dusknoir attacked her, he left her with a foot-long, thick scar across her right eye. She is barely able to see out of it, and has to make due. She finds out that she is at a mountain filled with dragon-types, and that an army built to destroy dragons is advancing on the mountain. She is forced to leave the mountain by the leaders, and faces Dusknoir once more.

Just when Dusknoir prepares to kill her, she is again saved by a mysterious stranger, who turns out to be Celebi. Celebi takes Haley to her forest, where they are joined by Starflight, who offers to join Haley in her mission to find the Time Gears because he claims she is the prophesied savior of the pokémon world.

Meanwhile, Grovyle was being chased by several Sableye, one of whom was starting to get sick of being pushed around and being Dusknoir's lackey. This said Sableye helps Grovyle and kills one of his companions. Grovyle thinks it's a trap, and kills the Sableye. Then Grovyle begins to have doubts about the way he was raised, and vows to become a better pokémon.

Grovyle and Haley meet up at Dusk Forest, and they, along with Starflight, travel to Fogbound Lake. They meet Uxie in a battle, and beat him, upon which Uxie reveals that he was only testing them, and gives them each words of wisdom. Then he tells them to remember the old stories about himself and the others of the Spiritual Trio, and then leaves.

They figure out that the other Time Gears must be guarded by Azelf and Mesprit, and they must be at lakes. They decide to search the desert for a lake, since most people wouldn't think of finding water in a desert, so it'd be the perfect hiding spot. They travel for a while, and then settle down for the 'night.'

Haley has a dream where Darkrai comes to her and reveals that he is her 'father,' that is, she has his DNA inside her because he possessed her human father when she was conceived. When she wakes up, she begs Starflight to tell her that Darkrai is just insane, but Starflight reveals stories about shadow humans, humans born from ghost pokémon possessing humans, and how they have powers beyond normal humans.

Grovyle assures Haley that it doesn't change anything, and they continue on to the desert. At the beginning of the desert, Starflight and Grovyle notice a Dark Flygon, a very dangerous dragon, coming toward them. They flee into the desert and they find quicksand pools and jump in on Haley's insistence. They find the Underground Lake, where Mesprit is frozen in time, and then leave the underground cave. Dusknoir and his Sableye show up again, but so does the Dark Flygon. It eats one of the Sableye, causing the others to flee in terror. Dusknoir leaves them to die, and Starflight sacrifices himself by fighting the Flygon so that Grovyle and Haley can escape.

Grovyle and Haley then go to Crystal Cave and solve the Crystal Crossing puzzle, whereupon Haley collapses in a Nightmare. She thinks that they have been surrounded and Darkrai appears, ordering her to come with him or Grovyle will be killed. She agrees, and she and Darkrai talk for a time, before she loses her temper and Darkrai disappears. She then fears for Grovyle's life, and reflects on how all of her friends have been torn from her in one way or another, through harm or death, even traitors like Dusknoir.

Then she hears Grovyle's voice, pleading for her to come back to him, and she realizes that Darkrai had merely put her in a Nightmare, and she wakes up. The two then travel to Dusk Forest, where Celebi is waiting for them. They travel through the Passage of Time, and that is where we left our heroes.

So; without further ado, Flying Dragonite presents:

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Through the Dimensions of Time and Space

Part 1: The Deception

Prologue: Through the Passage of Time

"Thank you so much for your help, Celebi," Haley said.

"Tee-hee! It's no problem for me, dear Haley." The small pink Legendary replied cheerfully.

The team of three made it through Dusk Forest easily, and soon stood before the Passage of Time. It was several archways made of a blue-green light, with a portal at the end of the archways. "Just walk through; I'll do the rest!" Celebi said.

Haley took Grovyle's claw in her hand. "Let's go, partner," she said. He nodded at her, and they walked into the Passage of Time, determined to change the past and save the world.

As they began to time travel, a shadow suddenly swooped into the Passage of Time after them. Haley noticed it right away. "What's that?"

Grovyle looked around, "What?"

Suddenly a large ball of black energy sped toward Grovyle. Haley pushed him out of the way, and took the brunt of the attack. She screamed in pain, and Grovyle exclaimed in surprise.

"No! Don't let go!" He pleaded to his partner as the swirls of time sped around them, pulling them apart. "Just a little longer… Come on, hang on!"

But Haley couldn't keep her hold on Grovyle any longer. She yelled in desperation as her fingers slipped from his claws. "WAAAAAAAAHHHH!" She screamed as she disappeared into the streams of time.

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