"She isn't breathing!" The nurse Metil, an Aperture Science worker, had never been in this much recently had part of her leg and the lower half for her left arm blown off because of a rigged cake in her knew GLaDOS had something to do with it. GLaDOS, who ran Aperture Science, once told her mother how she would make that combustible lemon Cave Johnson spoke she never thought GLaDOS would be capable of making a lemon bomb. A burnable lemon, yes, but a cake bomb? That was a whole other the anesthesia kicked in, and everything went black...Cr-S01, or Erhard Muller, hadn't done a prosthesis surgery in who knows how long. Hank Freebird was helping, but as soon as the girl went under, he didn't know how she would live. Almost her entire right leg was gone, and her left arm wasn't much better. He quickly put the prosthetic limbs on, as quick and as efficient as possible, and nearly passed out from relief when the nurses said, "Good job, Doctor!"..."Pyne? Pyne..." she heard a voice say."What." "How do you feel?" A soft, lucid voice said."Who... Who are you? And where am I?" Pyne said, propping herself up on the arm that didn't have a huge bandage on it."You're in Resurgam First Care, in Portland... The one in Maine, haha..." The man said. He had amazing features, like the raven black hair that looked wind-swept, and blood-red eyes, not to mention his pale skin that tied it all together."Wait, I'm in Maine?/i I have to get back to Aperture!""And where might that be?""It's in Ohio, you have to let me go, there are tests to be done!""Sorry, but you won't be going anywhere for a while. You had part of your arm and leg blown off in an explosion. You're going to need 4, maybe 5 months to recover."Pyne paled and felt faint. "B-But... What about my Portal gun... I can still use that, right?""Your... What?" He sighed, clearly annoyed. "Why am I here?""... I was on my vacation, visiting Ohio, and I heard a small explosion... You were there. This might sound weird, but... You looked like an angel. Even though you were covered in blood and some blue substance, you looked like an angel. I had you transferred here."Holy shit, Pyne thought. This doctor is making my heart beat.