The suit is amazing! I'm M.J's boyfriend and I beat villains faster. For once she kissed Peter not Spiderman. But the suit is also telling me to kill the enemies. I had thoughts of getting rid of it but then I felt so weak. And a guy is competing against me for my job; he also has a scholar ship at Connor's school. I got one today but he had it forever, and get this Connor is gonna make his arm grow back. The next day I saw him as a lizard man and took a picture, he got away but I got money for it. Eddie Brock is the guy's name and he is so mad I did that so I got him so mad the black suit went to him. Because I ditched it and lizard is loose but, he didn't do anything yet so it's cool. Anyway I didn't know about venom around fighting lizard but I do now because before someone dies they see their life go by and what happened they didn't remember they do then. Anyways lizard was easy I mean it all I did was talk to him about his son and stuff and he went to normal so that was out of the way all I didn't know is about to kill me though so…you get the picture.