This is my first attempt at a My Name Is Earl, and if this was a TV show it would be full of clips to pad it all out.
I welcome all reviews and feedback.

While celebrating with a beer after finishing the final item on the list I was sat in the Crab Shack with Randy, and all our friends. I didn't feel right celebrating completing the list as I felt like the list was incomplete, that I still had one last thing. I shrugged thinking it was just me wishing there was more to do.

Suddenly I heard "Bad boy, bad boys, what you gonna do?" Looking up at the TV I saw Other Cops was on, Randy got all excited, so Crab man turned up the volume, while watching I remembered how I had made up for all the bad stuff shown on screen, when Kevin came on screen I felt like I had to make something up to him, but couldn't quite think what I had done to him. Then later in the show I remembered, as I watched him panicking in the boot of the police car I'd stolen, he thought we were going to Canada and Randy was going to kill him. I knew what I had to do. Getting up I announced "sorry everyone, but the list is still incomplete". I grabbed my list and added 'number 356 locked the cops camera man in the boot of a stolen police car'.

Joy questioned why I wanted to contact Kevin, "is it because I threw that rock at him?" I shook my head, "no Joy, it's because we locked him in the boot of the stolen police car, and threatened to take him to Canada". "Oh snap!" she exclaimed remembering it, "let me help you I need to make up for throwing that rock at him anyway". So me, Randy and Joy went to the Camden police station, and enquired how to contact cops and Kevin. After a while waiting, it turned out Cops were due to return to Camden the next day. So we waited, and sure enough there they were, we found Kevin recording some fight over at chubby's strip club, so after he'd finished I walked over and explained all about the list, and how I'd turned my life around, Kevin told us he had to have counselling, and still had nightmares about us. I took a deep breath, and asked him "so, what can I do to make it up for you", I feared he'd want me to ride in the boot of his car, or Joy would have to have have a rock thrown at her, but he simply replied that he didn't know, but he'd get back to us.

We returned to Joys trailer. A little later, there was a knock at the door, Darnell answered it, Kevin was at the door with another guy, turns out that other guy was the producer, they wanted to do a special about us, entitled 'when bad guys turn good'. I agreed thinking it would wrap up the completion of the list nicely, as did Joy. Turns out all we had to do was talk about the list, answer questions about what life changes we made, and what life was like now. So I proceeded to speak all about the list, about time in jail, everything, while answering questions when asked. After we had finished recording Kevin said I can cross him off the list, as I did I felt euphoric I felt like the list was finally complete.

A few months later we were in the crab shack, the Cops special came on TV it had clips of all the bad me, Joy, Randy, & Darnell, had done, and had clips of us speaking. After the show everybody applauded us, and congratulated us. I had a good feeling.