Spring was in season, as petals fluttered in the air. This was a perfect day. Not too hot, and defiantly not too cold. The heat danced around you as wind could easily cool the sweat off your brow. A perfect day in Konoha.

That is, until a loud rambunctious roar echoed throughout the village.


Naruto yelled, his face flaming with anger.

"You can NOT be serious Granny!"

Some things never change. I can't help but to chuckle. Naruto was once again arguing with Hokage, a woman who was supposedly past her 70's, but never looked it. After 3 years of study he hadn't changed at all. Still as headstrong and honest like the day I had fallen for him.

But some things do change, I mused looking once more at my first love, and my partner on this mission. He had grown taller, more attractive too, and more focused. Calmer and possibly even more powerful than before too.

I picked a good man to fall for as a child. I softly smiled, remembering our past; those days of fainting and trailing him were now over. I haven't changed as much as I had hoped. Unlike him, the only things that really changed was my hair. I hadn't been paying attention to it over the years, and now my simple boy cut has transformed into a long sleek girlish style, growing in length past my back. Unfortunately along with my hair's growth, my chest had grown immensely as well.

Most women would be pleased with this, but I did not care for it, it restricted me. I had to bind my breasts every morning, just so they would not get in the way. Kiba and Shino had suggested a more "revealing" uniform, like one Hokage wears, so that it would make my bosom less restrictive. I of course refused. I couldn't imagine showing off my body to the world like that, I barley have enough confidence to wear a once piece swimsuit.

Besides my body, I do not blush or faint around Naruto anymore. Not counting the time I first saw him after these past years! I swear that faint ONLY due to shock and lack of water.

Long ago I realized my love for him was pointless. I was not blind. Naruto has had a crush on Sakura for the longest time now, almost as long as I've loved him. I decided the truest way to show my love was to support him, to be happy for him, and to escape these one-sided feelings that have been locked in my heart for all these years, and treat him as I do everyone.

But as I've tried to act upon this new ideal, I've realized he's been starting to avoid me. Like right now. This is just a simple mission, just me and him, yet, he acts like being with me is the end of the world.

"I wonder why" I whisper tilting my head, pearly eyes transfixed on this lost first love


Hi! This story is collaboration with a writer on deviant, Wilting angel, She posts the story up on her Deviant page, while I post it here. I personally like to write more often than draw, so many more nartuo stories will be published in the future!(mostly staring hinata, Seria's got me hooked) Please do not be afraid to comment ^^