My head is spinning.


I can't think straight. This, this isn't the Naruto I grew up with. This demanding, forceful man who was now on top of me is not that joy filled childish boy I fell for. My body is reacting in a way I never knew it could to this kind of act. I feel so dizzy, so light headed, so confused. Why am I letting him do this? I was doing such a good job, giving him his space, why did I have to react to those words.

"I want Hinata"

I had no clue why I assume he'd say that, but I had to know. I needed to know if he did. So curiosity got the better of me, and that is why I am in a tent, with a boy whom I've loved since I was a child, letting him do things to me no Hyuga council member would be happy about.

"Here let me help you with this" he said

"N-Naruto-kun" I panted, clenching the sleeping bag below as he ripped that worthless material off

He positioned himself over me once more, his member now barely brushing over my entrance, his eyes locked with my own.

"Don't do that" he growled, staring me down. His piercing blue eyes shining through the darkness surrounding us. That look of control, of force, ever-present with him. It shook me down to the core with pleasure.

"Do W-what N-Naruto -kun?" I stuttered. I was somewhat scared of him but more so of the possibility that this dirty dance might end.

"That." He stated

"My S-stuttering?" I whispered inquiisitivly. Kiba had always warned me that some people saw my stuttering as odd. That'd why I tried so hard to stop it and it was working well. Until Naruto came back.

"No, stop calling me Naruto-kun." his head lowered, blond hair brushed against my cheek as his husky voice echoed in my ear. "I don't want any formality. Call me Naruto or else I will have to punish you"

"P-punish me?" I yelped, squirming away, but before I could hands grabbed on to my arm and I could feel his chest push upon my back.

"Did I forget to mention, there's also a punishment for trying to escape?" His tantalizing voice teased as he held me down. "You weren't trying to escape were you?"

"No" I stated honestly turning to face him. My hand brushing his cheek.

And I did mean it. I did want this.

I needed him. These past three years I had tried to better myself, I tried to make myself someone I could be proud of. I am tired of trying to please everyone. I will do this. I know what is going on with him, but I want this. I want this one wild moment. I want to lose control. This link I can have with him for the rest of my life. I'll go back to being perfect tomorrow.

Tonight, I'm his.


He entered into me, waited for me to adjust. Before I could even tell him I was ready, he continued the action. Each thrust was more powerful than the next, reaching areas that I swore would make me faint. As he continued to build up momentum I wrapped my legs around his waist, trying to match this rhythm we shared. This pleasure overtaking me made me numb. I could feel him in me, his member throbbing in my core. His zealous love making seemed last forever and I didn't mind one bit.

I wanted, lusted, for him more and more with every beastly thrust. In and out, faster and faster, it was if we were sharing one body, dancing in this ballad of psycadelic colors, floating higher and higher in this passionate embrace.

Then, in a single instant, my insides clenched tightly around his dick and I throbbed violently. "Naruto! Naruto!" I screamed out in exhilaration and bliss. "Harder! Aiyy!" I felt him come in me, his member pulsating with each burst.

What a ride! It was as if we were the same, even if it was in the moment, we both connected in this vulnerable moment, as we clutched onto one another in sweet relief, satisfied with the passionate sex we had.

Panting, I turned to face him. Sweat dripped down his forehead as he lay next to me, his eyes shut.

Knocked out after the first round.

I once never understood why men and women were seen as different. All that was different was that one area, but now, by this act, I understood, and have never felt this helpless and exposed.

We were not kids anymore. This childish love has now become a mature one. This primal action we did can never change. We are linked eternally by this. Knowing him, he will probably forget about this by next week, but I won't. A girl never forgets her first time. . . and oh my god what a first time!

Slowly I closed my eyes and entered into deep slumber, wondering if I will live to regret this? Although dreams of a hand brushing away strands of hair and whispering the words I love you silence these fears, even if they were just fantasies


Pervy Sage once told me males had two brains, one was located in the head, the other, well you can guess.

This seemed to be one of those times the second brain did all the thinking, because it all came so naturally. Our actions tonight night seem so in tuned, so perfectly linked that I could swear it was a dream, I drowned myself in her lavender scent, I tasted her, touched her, felt the curves of that body in question, entered into her tight self, losing myself in ecstasy with her

And I wanted more.

I woke up to staring at this slumbering body next to me; all I wanted to do was protect her. I wasn't oblivious; I hear the stories about her father when I was a kid. I want to protect her not only from him, but from everyone.

Brushing away some spare strands of her dark hair to stare at that pale face once more, made this feel even more surreal. I just slept with Hinata, and the worst part was, she was a virgin.

I mean I am happy to be the first but I just took away something, something monumental. And I didn't care, I just wanted it, wanted her. I wanted to close this space between us. This doubt, this solicitude, I wanted to connect to her. With her. I don't care if she claims to have been "lost in the moment" when she awakes, I know what I did wasn't just "in the moment". This was something I had been wanting ever since I came back.

No, not just the sex, but her. I wanted her. I wanted this. The person who always seem to watch over me as a kid. That girl who now slept next to me. This was who I wanted to wake up to every morning, the face I want to watch as I start to fall asleep.

"I love you" I whispered. I edged closer, wrapping my sleeping bag around our bare bodies.

I love her, but I'm not going to tell her just yet.