Title: Draco's Predicament

Pairings: Harry/Severus, Draco/Ron, Hermione/Neville

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The next few days went by and nothing happened as the days went by normally. However, Harry finally figured out how to get the memory from Slughorn after several meetings from Professor Dumbledore. He had used the Felix Felicis that he had won doing Potion class and he had gotten it one day along with a love making that night that he couldn't forget from Severus.

The next meeting with Professor Dumbledore took place and he had watched the memory of Professor Slughorn and Professor Dumbledore has told him to come to theAstronomyTowertomorrow night. So that's where he was now. He was just going to the staircase that leads up to theAstronomyTowerwhen he heard voices above him. The voices belonged to none other than Professor Dumbledore and his very own lover, Severus.

"Have you any idea that I don't want to do this any more, Albus? That I want to live my life as a free man?" Severus asked angrily.

"And you will have that chance, Severus," Albus replied calmly.

"I think you've forgotten old man that there's a war going on!" Severus snapped as Harry could feel the rage that Severus was getting in the mind link.

"Severus, my dear friend, the time will come for you and Harry that the two of you will have a free life that both of you desperately wants," Albus said with a smile and Harry had no idea that Severus told Dumbledore about the two of them being lovers.

"But what about Harry, you know he has to defeat you-know-who with all cost!" Severus said.

"Severus, I think now isn't the time to discuss this. I have a meeting to be with Mr. Potter here at theAstronomyTowersoon," Albus replied.

Severus glared at him, "I hate this Albus, I don't want to do this anymore," he said.

"I know old friend. Soon your time will come to be with Harry," Albus said.

"Whatever your intentions are with Harry, you better keep him safe!" Severus snapped and without another word, he strode back down the stairs but he stopped when he saw Harry trying to hide behind the pillar from him. The two looked at one another before Severus kissed Harry passionately and heatedly. The two kissed for a moment, until it was Severus who broke it. "Harry, promise me, you will be careful?" Severus asked and Harry nodded eagerly, "forgive me," Severus whispered in his ear making Harry frowned. Before Harry could say anything else, Severus left without another word or turn.

It was painful and cruel to see Dumbledore in such pain during their journey inside the cave. Harry's mind link with Severus has been opened with emotions and Severus had barely spoken with him when the mind link suddenly closed. Severus was sure that there was trouble going-on wherever Harry and Albus were. The fact Harry doesn't want his mind link to be opened is to remain that it has something to do with you-know-who.

Once Harry and Albus gotten back to Hogwarts on top of theAstronomyTower, Harry was about to get Severus when the two heard noises. Harry quickly hid underneath the stairs and Harry watched in horrified when Draco came up and disarmed Albus. Where was Ron at this time? Was he at the Gryffindor common room with Hermione? Harry watched the scene as Draco was shaking at his spot as he didn't want to kill Dumbledore.

However that all changed when Bellatrix and her cronies came up and Bellatrix threatened Draco since he couldn't do it. However, there was a sense of someone watching him as Harry turned around and saw Severus with his wand out. What are you doing? Harry asked in his mind link with Severus.

Hide here until I take care of this situation, Severus snapped in the mind link.

Harry had no choice but to stay where he was and he looked up to see Severus joining the group.

"Severus, please, help me," Albus pleaded as Harry watched the eyes of Albus as he looked down at him and he saw Severus own eyes looking down at him as well.

"Avada Kedavra!" Severus said and Harry was alarmed as he saw his mentor/friend being killed by none other than his very own soul-mate! He saw the flash of green light hitting Dumbledore and he watched Dumbledore fall off theAstronomyTower. Harry wanted to scream at Severus and he knew that Severus was feeling all the emotions that he was having right now. It was filled with anger, hatred, etc. Harry stayed hidden under the stairs as he watched the others fled the scene.

Once they were gone, Harry quickly followed them as they were going out to the Apparation zone. "SNAPE! WE TRUSTED YOU! WE ALL TRUSTED YOU!" Harry bellowed at him as the group stopped.

Hagrid's hut caught on fire as Bellatrix had used a spell on it and was jumping up and down for joy. "You two get Malfoy and get him out off here!" Severus snapped at the other two cronies as the three quickly left.

"Stupefy!" Harry quickly said as Severus blocked the spell easily.

Bellatrix wanted to join the fight so she hit Harry with a spell making him fall down onto the ground. "NO! He is for the dark lord!" Severus snapped at her as Bellatrix humphed and she left to go to the Apparation zone.

"WHY? I THOUGHT YOU WERE MY SOUL-MATE!" Harry shouted at Severus.

Severus snorted, "What a pathetic excuse of a word: soul-mate. I have no soul-mate! The only soul-mate that is truly for me is the dark lord. You, Mr. Potter, is just a weak little child. You can't even satisfy a grown man," he said disgusted.

In the mind link of Harry, he could feel sorrow and sadness and Harry had no clue why he was feeling like that right now when clearly Severus had just insulted him. Harry ignored the emotions as he quickly said, "Sectumsempra!"

Just like before, Severus dodge the attack easily and lazily as Harry was knocked down to the ground once again. Severus went to him as Harry couldn't move a muscle. "I have one last thing to tell you, Mr. Potter: I am the half-blood prince," he said making Harry's eyes wide as he watched Severus kicked his wand away and left without another turn or word.

When the funeral for Dumbledore was over, Harry was on top of theAstronomyTowertalking to both Ron and Hermione. "What are you going to do now, Ron? Malfoy is out on the run," Harry said slowly.

Ron sighed, "I have to tell you guys something," he began as the other two looked at him. "Two days ago, Draco and I made love and Draco told me something weird. He had said that this was the last making love that he and I will have until the war is over. He also said to forgive him and to tell Harry the same thing," he said.

Harry frowned, "Really? Now that I think of it, Severus did the same thing to me. Do you think there's some sort of connection there?" He asked.

"I think so mate. I haven't spoken with Draco in our mind link since the day before yesterday. He completely shut me out all day yesterday," Ron said.

Harry gritted his teeth, "I've been shut out in mind right after Severus killed Dumbledore," he said angrily.

The two remain quiet until Hermione spoke up, "Harry did you and Professor Dumbledore found the Horcruxes in the cave?" She asked.

Harry handed her the locket, "It's a fake locket. The real one is still somewhere out there," he said.

"' To the Dark Lord, I know Iwill bedead long before you read this but I want you to know that it was I who discovered your secret. I have stolen the real Horcrux and intend to destroy it as soon as I can. I facedeath in the hope that when you meet your match, youwill be mortal once more. R.A.B.' who is R.A.B.?" Hermione asked worriedly.

"I don't know," Harry replied slowly.

"So, what are we going to do then?" Ron asked eagerly.

"I'm not coming back to Hogwarts next year. I'm going to find these Horcruxes on my own since these objects are the ones that are keeping Voldemort alive," Harry said determined.

"No your not," Hermione said making the two boys looked at her, "Ron and I are coming with you," she said smiling.

"No! If you come with me, your life will be in danger," Harry said.

"I don't care. We're friends and friends stick together, right Ron?" Hermione asked as she looked at Ron.

Ron nodded in agreement, "She's right mate. We're coming with you," he said determined as he looked at Hermione. "What about Neville? Are you going to tell him?" He asked.

"His my husband Ron. I tell him everything and I'm sure he'll agree with me since I need to be apart of this with Harry," Hermione said.

"When do we leave?" Ron asked.

"After the wedding of Bill and Fleur," Harry said slowly, "we can't tell anyone on where we are going. Agree?" He asked as the other two nodded. Harry looked out at the view of theAstronomyToweras he thought of Severus without opening his mind link. The next time he sees him, would he be able to forgive him or would he kill him at the spot?

Once the Dark Lord and everyone else have been gone, it was only the Malfoy's left in the dining room table along with Severus as neither spoke. However, it was broken by Draco, who spoke up, "Uncle Severus, I just want to say thank you for helping me back there. I don't think I could have done it," Draco said slowly.

Severus nodded at him, "I spoke with Albus about it and we had to come up with the solution and that was me," he said with a grimaced. "Now I'm a wanted man and Harry would never forgive me," he said.

"Have you had two connected with your soul-mates through the mind link?" Lucius asked.

The two shook their heads, "Harry is ignoring me," Severus replied as Draco nodded.

"What should we do, Uncle Severus?" Draco asked worriedly.

"I think for the time being, we should go by normally and do what is needed by the Dark Lord until Harry defeats him. We have no other choice since we're both wanted men," Severus said unhappily.

"Bill and Fleur's wedding is coming soon, Ron asked me to go there to accompany him. Could I?" Draco asked even though he knew what the answer may be.

"Harry told me as well, but I seriously doubt he wants me there at the moment. The day will come when we all have our freedom, Draco," Severus said and Draco didn't say anything more as he was too deep in thought of Ron.


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