Eva hurried to the cafeteria at lunchtime. They looked up at her. Eva had a sly look on her face. "Got it," she said.

"Really?" asked Kayla. "Thank you."

Eva pulled out a slip of paper and handed it to Kayla. She also handed her a piece of hard candy. "From Ms. Weber's desk."

"What is that?" asked Jeremy.

"William Clone's grades," said Eva. "Kayla wanted to know what they were."

Kayla skimmed over the grades. "Not bad," she said. "Not stellar, either. That answers that question."

Yumi frowned at Eva. "What's with you?" she asked.

"Nothing," said Eva. Her sweeping gaze rested on Nicolas sitting across the cafeteria with Sissi and Herb. Nicolas glanced over and smiled briefly. Eva turned back to her table. She saw the others watching her. "What?"

The others looked over at Sissi's table.

"I can't believe that you went back to LYOKO," Ulrich said.

"Well, I didn't have much of a choice," said Jeremy. "It was either that or the chance that we could lose Franz Hopper or having one of you killed."

"Thanks," said Eva. "Having my pelvis crushed was not a fun experience and dying like that wasn't what I had in mind."

"I'm glad you did come," said Aelita.

"Did he look ridiculous?" asked Odd.

Jeremy flushed.

"Not really," said Aelita. "Jeremy looked like. . .Jeremy. What else can I say? I would expect it. I thought he looked handsome."

Jeremy blushed deeply.

"And you fainted?" Odd asked Kayla. "That's something I would not expect from you."

"What can I say? I was pretty freaked out when Eva told me that she was trapped under the dorms," said Kayla. "I'm a bit surprised myself. I thought I had heard it all from Eva when it comes to her getting in trouble." She turned to Yumi. "Sorry I freaked out on you."

"That's fine," said Yumi. "I was surprised that the William clone acted the way it did."

"What happened?" asked Jeremy.

"It comforted me," said Kayla.

"Saved my life, too," said Yumi. "If it wasn't for it, I may be dead."

Kayla turned to Odd and Ulrich. "What happened to you that you didn't make it to the factory?"

"The sewer caved in on us at different places," said Odd. "We were trapped."

"Lucky for us that XANA was concentrating more on the school than the sewers," said Ulrich. "We only had a few close calls."

Aelita looked up and around, frowning. "Where did Eva go?" she asked.

Kayla looked at the empty chair beside her. Eva's tray was gone as well.

"That's Phantasm for you," said Odd. "She appears and disappears. Too bad she didn't leave her tray behind."

"Hey, Nicolas is gone, too," said Yumi.

"That's strange," said Kayla.

"It could be coincidence," said Ulrich.

"True," said Kayla.

"Or maybe not," said Odd with a sneaky smile. The others turned to him. "What? I don't know anything for sure. But who knows? They could be dating. You've said it before, Yumi."

"But Nicolas?" asked Yumi. "It's a little farfetched, don't you think?"

Kayla let out a sigh. "Anything is possible with Eva."

Backstage, Nicolas and Eva sat together. Eva was scribbling notes and Nicolas was suggesting ideas.

"You said that this play has some special meaning for you," said Nicolas. "What is it?"

"My sister loved this play," said Eva. "I couldn't take her to see it live, so I would read it to her, try to do little voices, and I even made some crude puppets once. She loved it very much."

"Where is she now?" asked Nicolas.

"In heaven," replied Eva, touching her locket that lay under her shirt, "keeping an eye on me."

Nicolas gave a sad smile. "Then let's make this the best play ever."

Hee, hee. Did you catch the little bit about the hard candy on Ms. Weber's desk? I thought I would throw that back in there; Eva can be a smart-alec. Tell me what you think, my review board is waiting for postings.