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Hi. I like Ibiki, I like writing and I wanted a challenge, so I figured I'd do an alphabet prompt thing. I'm not stupid- I know this isn't going to be very popular, but I don't. This'll be updated fast, since I'm already halfway done. I hope you enjoy! :)

A is for Anchor

Every shinobi has an anchor, something that keeps a ninja grounded on the place of reality. Some of the more naïve interns in Ibiki's department would say that he didn't have one. Wisely, Ibiki ignored their snickers behind his back about his sanity.

Some ninja relied on their family. Some shinobi drank or adopted little idiosyncrasies that were barely noticeable. Some went on drugs, although those ninja sure didn't last long. Ibiki…well, Ibiki cooked.

Housewives claimed that cooking was stressful- Ibiki would beg to differ. On days where he'd had to go through stacks of paperwork or wash a particularly large amount of blood off his hands, he would go home and cook. He had to restock so often that the local grocery store owner knew him by name. Inoichi had become accustomed to a grumpy Ibiki dumping a large amount of food on his desk.

After the initial poison check, Inoichi had shoveled down Ibiki's home-cooked food like a starving man. The next time he got hold of Ibiki's curry he brought it home to Ino and his wife, who found it hard to believe that someone that scary could be such a good cook.

Inside, Ibiki was pleased to know that his food was good, not that he was actually cooking for anyone. He continued to cook, just as he continued to growl at unsuspecting genin and torture prisoners. Cooking just was something to keep him sane, an anchor.

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