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Z is for Zigzag

Ibiki's life has never really been calm. People think his life is predictable, going to work and coming home to an empty apartment, relaxing with a book and training tirelessly. They couldn't be more wrong.

Ibiki's life has been nothing but constant changes. He assumed he'd been happy when he was born and for a few years after that, while he was miserable during his school years for a number of reasons. Everything changed then with his parents' deaths, and his life was plunged into a darkness that was only saved by the need to take care of his brother. He recovered from his depression only because he had to- he worked two jobs along with his genin duties and Idate spent a lot of his time in daycare.

He was up and down from there, too. When Idate graduated the Academy he was unbelievably proud, no matter what he said. When he betrayed the village Ibiki had been so disappointed and hurt he couldn't put it into words. And then…then Ibiki had been caught on a mission and tortured. After the initial depression and pain and aversion to looking in the mirror, Ibiki had gotten better and happier. Now…he was on a good bend. His life was relatively calm and peaceful and full of enough lightheartedness to keep him sane. No…more than sane…happy.

How corny. But it was true, and Ibiki knew that nothing else mattered more than him being content, at least in his own life. If you don't know yourself, than how do you expect to know others?

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