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Warning: yaoi, lemon, guyxguy (don't like it, don't read it)

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Living in a world so cold, wasting away.

Living in a shell with no soul

since you've gone away.

(Three days grace "World so cold")

Eternity. Just one meaningless word and yet so much beauty is hidden within it. Beauty of never fading, never rotting or disappearing. You will never be forgotten because you will always be there. You will never feel the pain of the death. And if you kill your emotions it will become even more beautiful. You won't regret anything. Sadness, sorrow and tears will be lost forever. But also you will lose happiness, joy and love. Love. The most dangerous emotion ever created. Wars were fought because of it, lives were lost and families were torn apart. Love was the hardest to defeat. When you think that there is no love for someone like you it comes and grabs you. And it will always appear where you don't expect her to be. You will forget about everything else because love is just like a poison it spreads through your bloodstream until it takes over your body completely. And the beauty of love is so great that it surpasses the beauty of eternity. He has chosen the eternity but when he felt love he realised that is better to love and die then to live forever alone. He has found his love but to keep it he had to do that one thing he feared the most: die and be born again. But for him he will do anything. Because he was worth it. "For you my love" he said as he felt two swords pierce his heart.

He was going back to find Sasori. He was sure that he will mock him for losing his arms while he was undamaged. It was easy for him. He only fought an old hag and pink-haired girl. How could they possibly defeat his Danna? When he came he saw that the cave has collapsed and a lot of broken puppets were lying on the ground. So what, he lost a few puppets. It doesn't mean that he was defeated. Right? No. No. NOOO! This wasn't real. It can' be real. His mind was playing tricks on him. Or this was all some kind of a sick joke. He can't be dead. "How can you do this to me? You promised me you liar, un! You said that you would always be with me. You said that you would never leave me. That we will be together forever, un!" he was shouting at puppet. As if it could hear him. It wasn't his Danna. His Danna was dead. This was just a shell. Just a worthless puppet. It couldn't see him. It could see the pain in his blue eyes. It couldn't see the tears. No one could right now. He was once again completely alone in this cruel, cold world. The only person who made him feel loved, made his loneliness disappear was gone. His reason for being alive was gone.

When he came back to base no one said anything. Everything was completely silent. It wasn't that pleasant kind of silence that calmed you down and brought peace to your soul. It was that creepy silence that made the air you breathe heavy that made you think that all the sound in the world suddenly disappeared. It was better like this. Better than having to listen their comforting. What use would he have of empty words? Words can't bring him back. He sat with blank expression on his face on the bed as he waited for Kakuzu to stitch his arms. He briefly wondered will he have to pay for this. He didn't feel the pain of stitching. His body was numb for all the pain in this world. Because to feel anything you need a heart. And he had it no more. It was shattered in the thousand of pieces. It wasn't a heart. It was an open wound constantly bleeding, sucking out all the life he had in his body. After the stitching was done he went to his room. It was only his now. When he came into the room he could see memories in every little corner. How he would sit in the Sasori's lap while he was working on his puppets. The bed they shared so many times. On the small table there was a picture of them. They were hugging and smiling. It looked so distant now like it happened decades ago. Next to the picture were a puppet that looked like him and clay figure that looked like a Sasori. Valentine gifts. And who will he give gift to this year? To a dark, cold grave? And to make things worse even the air was filled with memories. It smelled like wood polish, clay and oak tree. He couldn't take it anymore. He fell on his knees and started crying. He cried until he fell on the floor, unconscious and exhausted.


"Guys we need to talk" Konan said to the rest of Akatsuki except Pain wasn't there. "About what?" Kisame asked finally moving his lips from Itachi's neck. "Deidara". That got everyone's attention. "She's right we need to do something. That fucking blonde is going to kill himself. He is not eating and the only reason he fucking sleeps is because he cries himself to sleep! If that fucker keeps like this another member will be fucking dead!" Hidan said loudly that others were sure that he could be heard even outside the base. "And we can't afford the cost of funeral. Hidan be quiet, you idiot!". "You're not the boss of me! I'LL SHOUT AS MUCH AS I WANT TO!". Hidan luckily for the ears of others hasn't managed to say anything else because Kakuzu caught him with his tentacles. In the end it turned into a bloody fight disgusting to look at because you couldn't tell which body part belonged to Hidan and which to Kakuzu. Konan tried to resist the urge to bang her head on the table. They were not helping Deidara like this. "Since Hidan and Kakuzu are useless, Zetsu would probably solve the problem by turning Deidara into a meal and Tobi is well... Tobi could you help me?" she said and turned to Itachi and Kisame. "Of course we will. Hmm Itachi do you have any suggestions?". "You are his best friend. Go and talk to him. He will feel better if he realises that we are still here for him". "Fine I'll go". He stood in front of Deidara's room, waited a few minutes, sighed and knocked on the door. Sasori's death was very sensitive subject and he hoped that he won't end up as a target for Deidara's bombs. He knocked again louder this time but no one opened the door. "Deidara it's me Kisame. Open the door". Still nothing. "I'm opening this door whether you like or not!". He opened the door and gasped. Deidara was laying on the floor passed out. Next to him was a blood stained kunai. Veins on his wrists have been cut. When he recovered from his initial shock he took the kunai and found some random shirt. He tore it apart and used it to bandage Deidara. He took him in his arms and carried him to the others.

He started waking up and saw a flash of light. Perfect it means he was dead and will see Sasori again. There was no way that he survived. He lost too much blood. He could see him before he cut himself. His perfect flawles face and that wonderfull red hair. "Come to me, Dei" he was whispering and how could he refuse. His happiness faded when he realised that light was only a bulb and instead of Sasori he saw Kisame and Konana looking at him. "Thank God you're alive. You really worried us. Are you alright?". "No I'm not, un! Why did you save me, un? Do I look like someone who wanted to be saved?". "Deidara I know how hard this is. I know how it's like when you lost someone you love. But you should try to get over it. Do you think he would like to see you like this?". "He can't see me just like you can't see the hell I am in. Yes you lost people dear to you but you still have Itachi, un. I have no one, un". Shakingly he got up and went to his room with Kisama following him. Of course he shoul have known that they won't leave him alone a single minute after his suicide attempt. Great. Just great.

Burning rays of sun burned the desert. Every animal knew that it is better to find a shelter. Underground shelters were the best ones. They protected you both from the sun and the predators. But animals weren't the only ones who seeked shelter underground. A base was there well-hidden from the curious eyes of other people. Dust and spider webs were everywhere as a proof of a fact that it wasn't used for twenty years. But something more important was also there. A tank with a red haired male corpse inside it. But corpse's eyes suddenly flashed open. The male looked around for a minute and found the button on the tank. He pressed it and tank opened. He had no clothes on and only a few weapons were stored in this messy place but he didn't care. His jutsu worked. He was alive.

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