Part two

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My fall will be for you,
my love will be in you.
You were the one who cut me
so I will bleed forever.
(Nightwish "Ghost love score")

He was hot-headed and hard to control. Easy to get angry. Like a time bomb you would just sit and wait for it to explode. And yet somehow he managed to put up with everything. He could handle the 24/7 watch like he was some little baby. He could handle them forcing the food down his throat. He could even handle the fact that they stopped him from joining his lover. But everyone has their own limits. And they just crossed his. "No way, un! There is absolutely no way that I will allow him to take Danna's place! Stupid hyper retarded idiot, un!". "But why does Deidara- senpai hate Tobi? Tobi is a good boy" Tobi said in baby like crying voice. "Listen Deidara I respected the fact that you lost your partner. But this organization has a purpose. To collect the tailed beasts. We already lost enough time. You and Tobi will go and look for three tails whether you like it or not!" Pein said already boiling with rage. "I don't care, un! I don't care about you and your stupid organization. There was only one thing I cared about and it has been taken away from me, un! And what will you do if I refuse, un? Kill me? Go ahead I want to die anyway, un!". Pein was sure that he will explode with rage. Sasori deserved a medal for putting up with him. He actually thought about killing him but then he remembered that he was too important to lose. Besides Konan would kill him. "Go to your room Deidara. You too Tobi". Deidara went to his room and collapsed on the bed. He was tired from everything. Even his art lost sense without Sasori. Not even the explosions made him happy anymore. He just wanted to disappear into thin air. To slowly fade away and lose all his memories and feelings. To become nothing. Such ending was against everything he believed in but it would put an end to this hell. If only he stayed with Sasori. Then the old hag and the girl would be dead. His Danna would be alive. They would be lying in bed cudlling to each other happy and smiling. His heart would be filled with love not with this dull pain. He sighed. If only...

Sasori looked himself in the mirror. He still couldn't believe it actually worked. He looked just like his old self. But yet there was a difference.
This body wasn't made of wood created to kill and destroy. This wasn't living weapon. This was human body made of flesh. Made to feel. Made to love. He thought for a moment. Akatsuki base was quite far away. And he couldn't walk across the Land of wind unprotected like this. He was a wanted criminal after all. But then it hit him. He got into the room. Few minutes later he got out of it dressed like typical Suna shinobi. He had turban over his head and mask attached to it to conceal his face. He went to a small closet and pulled out a weapon scroll. He had some poison left in here so he took it also. It didn't look like much but to a skilled shinobi like him it was enough to kill anyone who might pose a threat. After he was ready he got out of the base and wondered of in a desert. When he looked at the desert his thought wandered to the one he loves the most. The clear sky was blue just like his eyes. The sand golden color reminded him of his soft silky hair. Oh God how much he missed the damn blonde!


Sasori looked at the base in front of him. Finally he was there. Thank God because the intense desire he felt for the blonde was starting to drive him crazy. When he entered the base it was unusually quiet. They were probably on missions or they were running out of groceries. He entered the living room where most of the members was during the day. He only found Hidan watching a horror on TV. As soon as he noticed him Hidan jumped from the couch he was sitting on. "Who the fuck are you stupid idiot? And how the fuck did you get here?". Sasori looked at him like he was stupid. But then it hit him. The mask. He took of the mask and the turban revealing his face. " Saso- SASORI? HOW? YOU WERE SUPPPOSED TO BE DEAD YOU PUPPET FUCKER?". "I'm not dead. I used a jutsu to change my body to human. But I needed someone to 'kill me' in my puppet body so that my mind can wake up and take over this body". "Why the fuck would you do that? Do you have any fucking idea how big trouble you created?" Hidan said apparently very angry at the puppet master. " I don't understand what trouble. The only trouble you could have is finding a new member and you had Tobi. About the reason... It's not something I will be explaining to you". Hidan started speaking and his voice was sad "We weren't having troubles with finding a new fucking member to take your place. But when the fucking Blondie thought that you were dead he well you know how he is like fucking hot headed and all. He tried to kill himself but Kisame stopped him then Leader told him he has a new partner. He got fucking angry and locked himself in room and hasn't got out for three fucking days". Sasori just stared at Hidan. He didn't know that Deidara would think that he was actually dead. He talked to him about this jutsu once. He thought that if Deidara saw him he would figure out that he used it. But no. He had to be the overreacting brat like usual. "I'll go and see him".

He was angry at him. How many times has he told the brat to think before he acts? He found the door locked. Sighing he pulled out a small wire from his pocket and began turning it around in keyhole. Something clicked and the door opened. "I don't want see anyone!". Sasori climbed on the blonde who was laying in the bed his head facing the pillow. He leaned his head to Deidara's ear and whispered "Not even me you little brat?". Deidara froze. He turned his head around to face him "Danna if you're here that am I... am I dead, un?" All the anger Sasori had for Deidara faded. He could clearly see the relief but also the traces of pain the blonde experienced. Red puffy eyes from crying. Black bags under his eyes from lack of sleep. His usually perfect hair was a mess and the bright color turned dull. He picked him up in his lap and started stroking his hair. "You're not dead Dei. I'm alive". Deidara stared at him in disbelief. He was alive but he wasn't his Danna. "Your body... It feels human. You're not Sasori, un. He wasn't human and he would never turn himself human, un! Who are you?" Sasori let out a sad sigh "It is me Dei-" "Prove it. Say something only Danna could know". Sasori listed things he could say in his mind. "I was your first kiss". "Lucky guess, un". "You blushed when you first saw my true form". "That's obvious,un". Ok now Deidara was just being annoying. He pinned Deidara to bed holding his hands above his head. "I made love to you inside of Hiruko when we were on the mission to catch Shukaku. Was that a lucky guess you stupid brat?" Deidara moved his head up and kissed Sasori. "It's you, un. It's really you" he said filled with joy. He was back. His lover didn't leave him after all. Sasori let go of Deidara's hands "Of course it's me. Who else could it be?". Deidara chuckled lightly but his face turned serious again very soon. "You owe an explaniti-" a growl from his stomach has interrupted him and he looked away embarrassed. Sasori looked at him "Dei when was the last time you ate?" Silence. "Deidara...answer now". "Umm about two days ago, un". "WHAT? We need to get you something to eat". After a lot of convincing and baby feeding the blonde was finally full and back in their room waiting for the explanation. "I turned myself human because of you". "Me? But Danna I loved your puppet body, un". "I know you did Dei. But think about it. Over time you would grow old and die. And I would have to spend the eternity without you. And I just couldn't do it. Because I...I love you". Deidara jumped at him making them both fall to the floor. "I love you too, un" he kissed Sasori on the lips. Their kiss soon got deeper with their tongues rubbing against each other. Deidara moaned inside of the kiss. He started running his hands inside of the Sasori shirt but he was interrupted when Sasori flipped them over and broke the kiss.

Deidara made small whining noise at the loss of the soft velvet lips. "Well just look at that. My sweet little Dei wants more" Sasori said in teasing voice tracing the blonde lips with his thumb. "Fine with me but I am sure you don't want to do it on the floor" he smirked and lifted Deidara on the bed. Ha laid over him once again capturing those sweet tasting lips. Sasori eventually got bored of kissing and took of Deidara's shirt breaking the passion filled kiss. He attacked his neck quickly finding his lover's sweet spot and sucking on it making the blond scream with pleasure. He moved lower and lower until his mouth stopped on pink nipple. He ran his tongue over it getting a loud moan from Deidara. He started to suck and Deidara got even louder(if that was even possible). Sasori skipped to the other one repeating the treatment. The blonde raise his shaky hands to unbutton the flak jacked and shirt Sasori was wearing. He finally succeeded and gazed at bare chest. If Sasori really looked like this as human then he really didn't understand how he was single back then. He had a muscular built not too much but just enough to make him look handsome. Sasori noticed where he was looking at and smirked. "You like what you see?". Deidara nodded. Sasori's hands reached the hem of Deidara's pants and he pulled them down along with the boxers. He looked at Deidar's hard, completely exposed member. He gently kissed the tip and took it in his mouth gently sucking. Blonde started to moan and buck his hips. He wanted he needed more.

Sasori eventually took the entire length in his mouth sucking and licking up and down making the blonde eyes glaze over with the pure lust. As soon as he felt the bittersweet precum in his mouth he pulled away. He didn't needed the blonde to cum. Not yet. He grabbed a lube from his pocket and quickly took off his pants and boxers. He put the shiny substance on his three fingers pushing one by one in the blonde entrance. When all three were in he started thrusting them in and out preparing his lover and trying to find that special spot inside him. "AHHH! SASORI NO DANNA!". Oh so there it is. He pulled out the fingers and replaced them with his lubricated member.

He waited for Deidara to adjust. When Deidra signalized Sasori to move he started thrusting and his his sweet spot. Deidara moaned and Sasori kept thrusting loving the way how Deidara's walls were clenching around him. He was getting tighter and tighter and Sasori could tell Deidara was close. He took his meber and started pumping him along with his thrust. It drove Deidara over the edge and he came in Sasori's hand. Sight of the blonde cuming was all he needed. He came deep inside of him filling Deidara's insides. The lay next to each other panting. Deidara got closer to Sasri and laid his head on his chest. Soon they both fell into the blissful sleep. Lover bound by the invisible bound that was stronger than a steel cable. Eternity was beautiful but it had it's price. And sometimes, just sometimes that price was to high to pay.


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