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Chapter 1: Wild

Lydia walked home after an afternoon doing extra curricular activities for extra credit. It had been a few months since Jackson had ditched for the new girl, Allison Argent. It had been heartbreaking at first but in the end, she realized she didn't that good for nothing who only liked her for her looks and not her.

The sun had already set below the clouds when she took a shortcut through the woods. The redhead looked around clutching her jacket around her; it could get very cold at night in these parts of Northern California.

She heard a growl in the bushes and started to run for her life.

She screamed when she was pushed to the ground, a pair of golden eyes looked down at paralyzed and then she unexpectedly smirked.

"You should not have run." He said.

"Here I am helpless, what are you going to do about it?" she teased.

He gave her a fanged grin and crashed his lips onto hers.