When Finn picked up the phone, all he could hear was Rachel uncontrollably crying, "Sprout, what's wrong? Sprout? Sprout you gotta talk to me?" And still all he could hear was her heart wrenching sobs and was clueless why.

Then he heard Puck on the phone, "Hudson, why don't you come back to the room, Rachel needs to talk to you. She really needs to talk to you, if she ever calms her ass down. Just get back her, alright dude."

Finn quickly paid for his tea and thanked the man for listening to him as he walked calmly out of the diner and then took off running down the motel parking lot towards the end and the stairs. Taking the stairs two at a time, he ran to his room to find Puck standing outside, waiting.

"What's wrong? Why is she crying? What's going on Puck?" Finn couldn't keep the panic out of his voice.

"I can't tell you dude. It's not my place to say. She'll have to tell you." Puck started walking towards his room when he looked back at Finn, who was standing there at the door frozen. "Hey Hudson, I was wrong about you. You actually do treat Rachel well. Just keep doing it, alright."

Finn watched, perplexed, as Puck disappear into his room and then he turned the handle, opening the door slowly. There she was, kneeling on the bed, her dress splayed out around her, her face crumpled in silent tears, trying to hide behind the curtain of her hair. Finn wasn't sure if she heard him enter or not, so he walked quietly over to the bed and sat down carefully, not wanting to startle her.

Keeping his voice low, he tentatively reached out to touch her hand, causing her to look up at him with swollen red eyes, "Sprout? What's wrong?" he asked tenderly.

It didn't take any time for her to launch herself at him, hugging him tightly mumbling "I'm sorry, so so sorry my Giant. Please forgive me."

Finn didn't know what was going on or why she was sorry, so he just rubbed her back soothingly and resting his chin on her bowed head, "Whatever you're sorry for, we'll get through it Sprout. I promise. We're partners remember?"

Finn felt her release her embrace and he missed the heats he created in him. As he looked down, he saw her lip tremble, so he leaned down and gently kissed her, willing her to calm down. "Just talk to me Sprout."

"I did something unthinkable, all because I'm a self-centered, ambitious, high maintenance detective that has a vindictive streak. I'm such a bitch." Finn was awed at how self-deprecating Rachel was being. He had never seen her like this, and it was disturbing. This wasn't the confident Sprout he knew.

"RACHEL! What in the hell are you talking about? I'm a little clueless right now, which isn't out of the norm for me, but you need to stop talking in riddles and just fucking talk to me!"

"I…I called my boss and told him everything that has happened and…and then I told him who killed Sam Evans and how I knew. I told him all about you Finn. I'm so so sorry."

Finn just stared at her. He had been honest and truthful with her and she turned around and betrayed him. Something he had never done to her. Yes, he had withheld information, but that was for security reasons, and he was going to be bringing Sam Evans' murderer to justice, but she just upped and destroyed it. How was he ever going to explain that to his superior?

He must have been staring awhile because Rachel's tear filled voice shook him out of his thoughts, "Finn, Finn. Say something, anything? Please talk to me?" He felt her hand clenching his forearm, and he shook it off, like it was something that burned.

"Rachel, you just put me, my case and my career in total jeopardy. It's going to be in the Herald now since Jacob is covering it, and then I'm going to get a nasty call from my superior and Santana Lopez is going to get off and keep doing what she's been doing. I can't have her doing that Rachel, and you just finished a year of investigation and hard work because you were vindictive. God Rachel, how could you do this to me?" Finn couldn't believe it. He had never been mean to her; he hadn't put her job on the line. Hell, from what it sounds like, she was going to get a promotion or something.

He looked at Rachel still shocked at what she had done to him. He quickly shifted his gaze towards the wall; he just couldn't look at her. He got up and walked towards the door, grabbing his backpack, as she cried out, "Giant, you told me you loved me, that I brought out the best in you. Please Giant. Please Finn don't leave me."

Finn stood at the door for just a second, and said in a voice full of hurt and sorrow, "I never thought you'd make me feel like this either Sprout."

Finn walked out into the desert and down to the car ignoring the cries he could still hear. Without thinking about what he was doing, he pulled the keys out and got into the car and turned it on. Putting the car in drive, Finn looks into the rearview mirror to see Rachel standing on the walkway outside her room, crying loudly, with Puck and Kurt running down to her. Putting his eyes back on the road, he turns west onto the main highway and ignores his cell phone ringing incessantly, because right now, he really didn't care what they had to say.

He had been betrayed and no one could talk him out of his anger and hurt. No one. Especially not someone with deep brown eyes that looked into his soul, and soft pouty lips that were addictive to kiss, or silken hair that he could run his fingers through forever, there was nothing that person could say to him.

Six hours later, Finn saw the Welcome to California sign at the state line, his bodega cell phone dead from all the calls he was getting from Rachel, Puck and Kurt. He doesn't care though. He shouldn't have brought them, but he didn't listen to his training or instinct and decided to partner up with Rachel and in turn Kurt and Puck. Why in the hell did he ever fall in love with her? All it had caused him was to fear for his life due to her cousin wanting to kill her and now possibly his career. It wasn't right, but there was just something about her that kept drawing him to her, no matter what she had done. This time though, she had gone too far. There was no snapping him back to her, there couldn't be.

Tired of all the driving he had done and the emotional day he had just had and seeing that it was now two in the morning, Finn found a cheap motel and booked a single room, not even trying to use his contacts to secure it and when he entered the musty smelling, dimly lit and cheaply decorated room, he just threw his backpack down and flung himself on the bed, burrowing his face into the pillow and let the tears fall before exhaustion took over.

Rachel was hysterical. She had done exactly what Noah had advised and it blew up in her face and left her alone. When Finn walked out, she followed him crying for him to stop and come back, but he just kept stoically walking towards their car, not even looking back, and then took off. When Noah and Kurt came running, they saw the car squeal out onto the highway and leave, leaving them stranded. Rachel listened as Noah cussed at no one in particular as Kurt attempted to console her.

After a few minutes of cusses, sobs and shushes, they walked down to the diner at the end of the motel, ordering something to drink to calm Rachel down so they could think. As they waited for their drinks, Rachel felt Kurt's arms come around her and pull her close, placing a kiss on her temple and whispering, "Everything'll be okay Rachel. Finn just needed to blow off steam. He's famous for his angry storm outs. I'm just shocked that he didn't kick over a chair or maim a poor piece of furniture, since that's what he normally does."

Rachel shook her head as another sob escaped her mouth, "He's not coming back Kurt. I screwed up big time. I let my ambition get the best of me."

"What do you mean?" Kurt looked at her curiously, clearly wondering why his brother wouldn't be coming back.

"Finn and I aren't married. It was a cover. We're just, I mean were, partners trying to solve a crime, but I found out that Finn isn't just a reporter, but I am a detective. I met your brother when we both started working the Adams' family robbery case and murder investigation. He was the reporter on call and I was the robbery detective on call. Through lots of incidental meetings, we became partners"

"What do you mean Finn isn't just a reporter. Of course he is. He works for the Boston Herald. He was so happy when he got that job."

Rachel shook her head, shocked that even his family didn't know what Finn truly did, "I overheard Finn talking to someone, and he's a special agent for some branch of the government, and being a reporter is his cover. He seems to have pretty high classified clearance, and it seems pretty dangerous. He's been going after Santana Lopez for awhile now, and I screwed up his case by being vindictive."

"Wait, what? Finn, clumsy, not the brightest crayon in the box, is a super secret agent? He's after the woman we called Satan because she scared the shit out of us in high school and unmercilessly bullied Finn. That Santana Lopez is responsible for this whole Drake's treasure thing? How did he ever keep this from us, his family for so long? I guess it explains a lot of times when he couldn't come home for holidays and things, but still." Rachel could hear the unbelieving tone in Kurt's voice.

"It's true dude. Finn didn't tell me as much as Rachel just told me, but he did fess up to working for a government agency after I questioned him about a couple of things I noticed. But my little cousin, being angry with Finn for keeping this bit of information from her, used the information she gleaned from him and called her boss back in Boston and gave him the name of who killed Sam Evans. She was feeling extremely guilty and told Finn. He obviously got totally pissed and has now left us stranded here in the middle of Navajo country. Luckily though, I got us some transportation so we can get back to a populated area and then we can all go back to Boston and Chicago and let Finn play double O seven."


"What did you say Rachel?"

"I said no, Noah. We aren't going to let Finn go and confront Santana Lopez on his own. It's dangerous. She's dangerous. There's no way we can let him go alone on this. What did we learn during our academy training?" Rachel waited for Noah to recite what was the department's mantra.

"Do not be a lone wolf. Always have a partner."

"Right, and if Finn does this alone, then he may end up getting himself killed, and I just won't allow that. He's too special. He's my giant." Rachel whispered the last part, hoping neither man heard her.

She felt Kurt's hand squeeze hers, and as she looked into his eyes, she saw that he knew what she was feeling. He leaned over and whispered to her as Puck was busy on his phone, "If this makes you feel a little better, I've never seen Finn so smitten with a woman. I've never seen him so protective and unabashedly goofy around any female, besides our mom. You're special to him Rachel, and we need to get the two of you back together, immediately." Rachel smiled a little at Kurt's optimistic words. She wasn't sure if Finn would want to get back with her after what she had done.

She really did love her Giant. He meant everything to her, but she had to just screw that up.

"Well, I've got a car for us and three tickets to San Fran as long as we can get to the airport in Flagstaff by tomorrow afternoon. Think we can get there in time?"

Rachel didn't even bother to respond as she shot out of the booth and towards the exit. She had to grab her bag so they could get to Flagstaff. She had to help her Giant, even if he didn't want it.