Chapter 4: Undercover Soldiers


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Austin's POV

Sometimes I wonder how I get into large messes, just like this one. I mean just this morning I was at home, having a nice day, and now I'm running like my life depended on it as I'm running from a good size of Vestal security members.

I rush through the crowd, weaving in between people as the uniformed Vestals practically bulldozed through the crowd. The only thing that was in my head was to find some way to ditch them. Until then, all I could do was rush through the crowd, trying to keep a good distance from them. The revving of cars roared around me, I didn't need to look to know those vehicles were for hunting us down, including me.

It seemed like hours until I found the perfect spot, a narrow ally by a large crowd. Bolting towards it with all my strength into the group of people and dart into the ally. It seemed that they knew where I was going, I could definitely tell when they yelled "Over here!"

Adrenaline pumped into my system as I continued to run as fast as my legs could take me. "This way!" Suddenly I saw a little green and black orb, Wolvinoid, call out and float off into a deserted ally. As quickly as I could, I ran after him, not like I had much of a choice.

Rushing into the ally I saw a young woman standing in the only doorway in the place, peeking out into the ally, and motioned to me as Wolvinoid zoomed inside. The woman stepped aside to allow me to run into the entrance, quickly closing the door behind the two us afterwards.

As I walked down the staircase, taking in the slightly run down look to it. I heard someone coming towards the stairs, at the bottom of the staircase, to see the familiar face of Alan. He gave a half-smile and replied, "Nice to see you didn't get caught. Now that you're here, we can figure the next plan of attack."

I stared for a moment, stopping in my tracks, then asked, "So I'm officially in the Resistance now!?"

He shrugged, "We talked it over. We figured that you'd be labelled a criminal like the rest of us and we really need all the help we can get."

They weren't the best reasons, but hey, I was in the Resistance now; I'd take those reasons and show them that there wasn't going to be a doubt that they let me in. Never.

Alan then walked off, disappearing from view and called back, "Come on! We've got to get moving pretty soon."

"Right!" I replied before I hurried down the stairs to meet up with my fellow resistance member.

Overall POV

The three met in worn living room, taking a seat on the various worn furniture surrounding the center of the room. The woman peered through the doorway and apologized, "I'm so sorry it looks so uncared for, it's been a long time since it was last used. It's now a haven for anyone opposing the Vestals."

No sooner had she said that, as well as giving them something to eat, she departed to another place within the walls. Austin was first to speak, "Well... that's interesting, but good enough. I guess we aren't the only ones trying to take out the Vexos." Shun nodded.

"It seems so, speaking of which, let's figure another plan of attack," Alan added.

Austin gave a wide-eyed stare before replying, "Already!? Wouldn't they expect it!?" All three ninjas just stared at the boy, each giving him a different stare of their own. Alan had a frustrated look in his eyes, Andi looked much more confused, and Shun just looked bored.

"That's why, they'll think we need to regroup. Striking sooner would be less expected," Shun finally replied. "Or at least that is what we're going for."

Austin gave a nod of understanding then gave a short pause before speaking, "I think I know the next plan of attack! Since the range of these crystals are so wide and we already took out Japan's Northern Vexos Crystal, why not take out the Southern one in Tokoyo, and free Japan."

It seemed that Austin's suggestion was the right one, since the Resistance ninja members seemed to lighten up, except Andi since she almost always seemed light-hearted about almost everything.

"We also have people on our side, lots of Japan's residents want to go back to regular life instead of the Vexos controlling the place," Shun added.

"Yeah, we could get a ride into Toyoko by bus or something," Alan added.

"Alright, but before we go off anywhere, I need to check Shun's arm to make sure everything's fine," Andi added before looking over at Shun and asking. "Is that alright with you?"

Shun shrugged then replied, "I guess."

With Andrea taking the role as their medic, she walked over and began to carefully unwrap it after Shun took it out of the sling. With limited technology to look at it, Andi was left with simple examining procedures. As she did her check-up on Shun's arm, Alan and Austin got of their respective worn furniture and headed on their way upstairs.

Alan's POV

As Andi checked on Shun's arm, I nodded to Austin, trying to signal Austin to get up and help me out. Of course, he didn't understand what I was doing at all. After standing up abruptly, I grabbed Austin's arm and practically dragged him across the room. That was before he gave me a dirty look and jerked his arm out of my grasp and followed me upstairs.

I suddenly stopped before the door, Austin almost bumping into me. I listened intently for a moment or two. There was nothing, at least anything unusual; perfect. Taking the knob in hand and quickly turning it, I opened it to see the city lights of the city. Taking a deep breath, I left the safety of the secret floor and dashed off, luckily tailed by Austin.

By the time we stopped at our destination, in a nutshell, Austin looked as if he was about to keel over and die. "W...What... are... we here?" my teammate wheezed.

Wolvinoid then came out of my pocket and added, "That is a good question, Alan. Why did you want to go to a place like this." I had to agree with my partner and teammate's question. We were standing in the middle of a Dump, literally, of all places.

"Well, we do need some kind of ride to Tokyo. I thought we should get a car that nobody would care about," I replied clamly.

"What about something that is... well, I don't know... actually able to start when we want it to," Austin added sarcastically.

I looked over in his direction and smiled, a little bit on the creepy side, "Well then Austin, could you do me a favour and shut your mouth before I shut it for you?"

His eyes instantly widened, almost looking like a frightened puppy. Well, I don't think he blamed me for that much, I hadn't slept at all tonight and it had been a long night to say the least. You'd be like that too if you had to deal with all this, and I envy you that you don't.

As I got to work looking for anything close to a working car, I could hear Rockhorn suggesting Austin to help me out. Maybe when I wasn't running on a few hours of sleep, I'll thank him for that.

I'm not kidding when I say my night was spent down in the dumps, and we were there for hours; no kidding there. "Hey, Alan! Why couldn't we bring Andi to help us look through this stuff," Austin spoke in a half complaining tone.

"'Cause Andi needs to make sure doesn't break his arm any worse than it is and keep it from healing wrong. If that happens we're going to have to get to a hospital and re-break it so it can heal all over again," I replied as I glanced around for some form of vehicle.

I could hear Austin, who wasn't that far off, suck in breath through his teeth and, for the few times I've known him, I understood that reaction. "That would suck, not to mention it would hurt. I'd hate to hear him scream, no wonder he hates hospitals. First his mom gets sick and now he might have to let someone break his arm, that's just bad luck."

I hesitated for a moment before muttering, "Yeah..." I knew about Shun's mom, that she died tow years ago when Bakugan was a widely known kid's game. Shun really did his best to isolate himself from the world, even thought he seemed to hate the training of his Grandfather's. I was worried that something bad happened to him, that maybe he couldn't take it; but for once I was happy I was wrong about that.

"Actually, he'd be under some anaesthetic so he wouldn't feel anything, but he'd be a little out of it to say the least; no to mention he'd seem like anyone but Shun," I spoke a little louder.

"Really? So Shun would be laughing and saying some strange things that we'd never hear him say, ever?" Austin replied cheerfully, snickering on occasion.

A smile came across my face, "Pretty much, you'd probably want to record it too."

A single cheerful laugh lighted the mood of the grim, and depression, Junkyard. "That would be awesome! Talk about making my day," I heard him reply before he called over, "I found something."

My whole body twitched before I rushed over to see when Austin had found. When I went over to meet up with him, I saw that among the trash and other junk, there was a black SUV stuck halfway in a mountain of junk. I had to admit that it looked like it was in pretty good shape.

It took us hours or so to get it the van from beyond the junk out of there and back to where the secret passage was.

Overall POV

By the time Alan and Austin, full of dirt and various kinds of smells, returned, it had been quite a long night. They easily headed back down into the secret entrance to meet their fellow teammates, who half wondered what the heck happened to them. Alan just shrugged and spoke, "It's been a long night..." After cleaning up, Alan slept on the couch for a while. In fact the other members didn't take long to fall asleep themselves.

After all the Resistance members were fully awake, the Bakugan Resistance members headed up to the entrance of their temporary 'base'.

Andi's POV

When we got out of the small, cozy, and ... not-so-good condition of a 'base', the light almost immediately made me squint my eyes, and I wasn't the only one. As I blinked rapidly to clear the white blur in front of me, I soon discovered it was about noon, since the sun was over our heads.

Only one person in particular cried out dramatically, "The light, it BURNS!" If you couldn't guess who it was, well... Austin was our culprit. We all looked back at him and stared, until he finally added, "Okay, okay, I get it..."

A note for anyone who meets Austin, unless he tells you what he gets, he doesn't really know. I only knew that for one reason; the first thing he did next was call out, "I call driving!" Then he sped over to the pretty decent looking car. I heard Alan breath a loud sigh and then we both looked at each other. He had a grumpy, disapproving look on him face before watching Austin run over there, mumbling, "I had to sneak out and fix that thing until three and he gets it... Should we even trust him to drive?"

"I can tell you didn't sleep well..." I asked semi-cheerfully. He gave me a long stare and before nodding. I sniffled a laugh, I knew better than anyone that if Alan didn't sleep at all, or very little, he'd be in a bad mood for most of the morning and maybe the some of the afternoon. Personally, I thought everything would be good as long as nobody, mainly Austin, didn't bother him too much.

As for the drive there, we should've been more cautious about choosing a fairly sleep-deprived Austin drive us to the our destination. It was like a roller coaster, with the added chance of dying at every turn, litterally. I found myself clinging to the sides of my chair and trying to withhold some kind of scream or cry I had stuck in my throat. All I knew was that I was trying to hold on for my life. No biggy, right?

When we got there, which we parked not too far away from our destination with a harsh jerk, Austin was pretty happy with himself, Alan, in the passenger seat, was definitely hyperventilating to some degree. I was definitely shaking like crazy and it took me a moment to stop gripping the sides of the seat. Shun looked fine, being pretty calm, but I could see he was a little shaky. I didn't blame him.

There was a slight quivering in his voice when he leaned over to whisper in my ear, "He isn't driving anymore unless we have to take desperate measures... Agreed?"

I nodded in agreement without any hesitation and if anyone else was in our position, they'd probably do that same thing. Unless they had some sort of death wish.

After a moment of collecting ourselves, we all filed out without a problem. The first thing I did was go over to my brother and ask him something simple, "You okay?"

After a moment of hesitation, he nodded. I grinned then added, "Good! So..." Then I held up three fingers to his face before asking again. "How many fingers am I holding up?"

"I'm fine! There's three! Geeze, we don't have time to play around!" he snapped. I was taken back a little but then I remembered how late he was up, so I really did make sense. He then gave us a creepy grin, "Anyway, I've got a way to get past some guards, but somebody's gonna have to go after the crystal."

Austin twitched visibly while Shun's emotions flashed to nervous then calm. He was used to it by now but I was still concerned enough for his sanity. That and whoever was foolish enough to get in his way.

Shun's POV

It didn't take long for us to create our battle plan as we sneaked through the high security within the warehouse grounds. It was easy to tell there was something, especially when a crystal is standing out in the environment. As we silently ran through the area, which felt maze-like due to boxes full of supplies scattered everywhere.

As we progressed forward, I stopped then signalled Andi and Alan to go back, I was sure I caught something green moving in between a fairly large crack. Andi and Alan had trained with me for a while, especially before I became one of the Bakugan Battle Brawlers since my grandfather thought they were good sparring partners, so it was easy for them to understand. They quickly fell back, Austin quickly following their actions.

I peered around the corner just in time to see a Vestal solider coming over to where we were. Darting behind the smaller warehouse, I dashed back and luckily I didn't have to worry about the others since they were close behind me, following me in between two warehouses.

We stayed hidden for several moments, waiting for that single soldier to pass by. It might've been a moment but we did manage to keep ourselves hidden quite well. Turning to the team so we could continue on easily. To my surprise, Andi had gone missing from our group. I began to get more and more nervous about her, had she planning to cause a distraction to let us pass by easily, or maybe she had gotten separated because she spotted another soldier coming our way.

"Come on, this makes it a little faster, so let's go already," Andi's voice, which was hard to make out, spoke from above. Looking up, I could see Andrea was peeking over from the top of the warehouse. Glancing back at Alan and Austin, I could see Alan grin, big enough to be notice.

"Okay, who's up next?" the older twin asked, glancing at both of us. As expected, Austin was practically begging to get up there next so, to practically keeping from revealing our location, allowed him to go next.

With Alan in the position to hoist him up, he told Austin what exactly to do. Austin simply nodded to show he was ready.

"Okay, 1... 2... 3!" Alan counted before using his arms and hands, as a lift-off for Austin. Surprisingly, Austin was in pretty good sync, using Alan's technique effectively enough to give him a good leap up. That didn't mean he fell short thought. Not quite making it, Austin was able to cling onto the rim of the rooftop and get pulled up easily by Andi.

It took a few moments before Austin peeked over the edge and mouth, 'That was awesome!' I rolled my eyes right when Alan began insisting I go next. I didn't resist that opinion and went along with him easily enough. There was a nice feeling to his technique, it made one feel like you were taking off, just the sensation of the wind rushing past you is good enough. When I landed on the rooftop, it took Alan minimal time to get up there himself. It was then where we began to leap from building to building.

It did increase our time, even Austin was able to keep some pace with the rest of us. He had a wide grin on his face, excitement in his eyes; there was not a doubt in my mind he was having a great time. The twins were more solemn, looking at their surroundings and assessing the grounds multiple times. If it did anything, it reminded my we weren't hear to play around.

Finally, we arrived to where the crystal was, but it was just our luck that there was a good number of guards along with some of them even armed. Then there was the distance, large enough that, with this many Vestal guards, we had no chance of getting to it, even with a battle going on. The guards hadn't noticed us so far, but when they did, that was going to be a problem.

Even Austin started to look nervous as we silently looked over the situation. Alan, instead of being concerned, had that creepy grin on his face. "Don't worry about those guys, I've got a pretty good plan on my hands."

Seeing that kind of smile, I knew at least Alan hadn't lost his sanity but he had something on his mind. Somehow, I was able to ask, "What is your plan?"

Alan turned in my direction and nodded before his grin faded and he began to explain.

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