My first .hack story... It won't be the greatness...well mostly because I'm my own worst enemy... The pairing in this are Haseo/Alkaid offline and Haseo/Endrance online.

With the world back to normal again after the fall of AIDA... All the lost one return from their comatose state... 'It's been three months since that battle.' I sighed out staring at the calender as I leaned back into my chair...

The date been circle June, 7th.. It's that date all of us picked to finally meat each other offline. And I can't bail out of it. Since my mail been spam up with reminder from everyone.. Mostly from two people... Endrance and Atoil... Plus a UN-reminder from Saku.

"If you came anywhere near my Master En, you will regret it." Sometime that brat really piss me off..

"Earth to Haseoooo!" Gaspard brought back my attention to the world. "So are you coming today?"

"Yeah, I'm coming. I'll see you guys there." He logged off soon after I did...

We decide to let Kuhn pick that place for everyone to come to together. He said he wanted a place fun and far away from AIDA as we can get.. an arcade...

Also this meeting has a hidden meaning for all of us... From the beginning Kuhn and Pi been spreading a lot of time together... So everyone going to keep an eye of any type of hint about it..

Also the rumor board been fill up of those two going through the married event... Both always denial a just log off when that subject come up. Which only add to the fact it might true.

The arcade wasn't to far from my place but I still took my car. Pulling into the parking lot I notice a blonde getting drop off here. Only one name come to mind 'Endrance'.

I caught up with him after I parked. He the only one I actually knew his real name...

"Kaoru?" He seem to beam with overwhelming joy as I was hugged..

"Oh Ryou." At least this happen outside away from everyone or I'll never hear the last of it. I am very grateful since he came up with a way to save me from the endless battle and mail message..

It was Saku who came up with the idea of 'Who want to marry Haseo?'

That brat gave out my address to half of the female of the world... It took me countless hours and two weeks to clean that mess up. Even Shino, Atoil, Tabby, and Pi join in...

I was sexual harnessed for two weeks.. then Kaoru come up with this idea and Alkaid was all for it.. Those two were waiting for a 'Dead World of Indiglut Lugh' with the plan to save my sanity...

"Well, hello, Haseo." she winked at me as she elbow Endrance. "Tell him."

"Well you see..." I have learned sometime ago when barely whisper... the idea might be a health hazard.. "If you were to marrying me.. There be no more reason for them to bother you anymore."

"Hmm." He is's not like I have any reason not to take him up on this...


"MASTER EN! You better not be secretly meeting-" Sakubo stop dead staring at the three of us meeting here. "EWW!" A high pitch almost made me throw my headset across the room.

"Wow she has some really good set of lungs." Alkaid joke. "So give us the answer tonight, okay?" Alkaid walked pass us heading back to town.

"Just because I'm only eleven doesn't mean I don't know when a three-some being planned."

"What the hell did you just say!" My eye twitch and she starting to push on my last nerve.

"Master En, please tell me you're not going along with it. I'll die a hundred death before I let you anywhere near the likes of him!" She stuck on tongue out at me..

"Well I'll see you tonight then Haseo." He took his leave then with Saku right on his heel. "A thousand death Master En. Don't you hear me! A million death and I'll find a way to bring back AIDA and seek it on Haseo for revenge."

I honestly don't know how he put up with her at times.. I'll just end up killing her it's as simple as that...

(Back to the real world)

"When you two loves birds are done, maybe we can go inside.." A short brown hair teen stood there gawking/smirking at us.

"It's nice to finally meet you to, Alkaid." Kaoru finally let me out of his embrace.

"It's Chika." she just smirked at Kaoru and I. "So this is what offline romance look like, huh? Just be sure when they add the having kid upgrade to name the first born after me okay. Since it was I who arrange for him to be on your party."

"Only after you were PK and become a Lost One." I mumble under my breath.

"I only join because Ryou gave me purpose and need me." She only rolled her eyes at his answer and the fact either of us gave her the answer she truly wanted.

"Come on my boys let's go in. I'm here to let lose and party!"

"Awesome you guys made it!" Just as cheerful offline as he is online. "I know this might not be your thing but give it a chance." Why does he look at me when he say thing that?

We gather around everyone that was here so far to learn each other names. Talking a little until the rest of them showed up. I was looking forward to meeting Gaspard and Silabus in real life. Since they were always there for me when I didn't let anyone in and had a one track mind.

"So Kouta and Yuuichi, got it." So I'm bad at remembering names. "Did you bring them Kouta, so everyone can sign."

Before Gaspard logged out he set me a short mail telling me he bring his new crimson card he just get of all is and since were all concerned heroes of the world he wanted all of us to sign them.

"Out of my way!"

"Sakura, indoor voice. Remember what Mom told us. Best behavior."

"That right, Iori! I'm the best and you're the behavior part."

Just by hearing their voices I knew it was Saku and Bo.

"Be ready to have your head cut off, Ryou." Reiko joke watching the half pint. I class as my little sister online and yet I'm still afraid of closing my eyes around her.

She stop from marching over to me when she caught a glimpse of the tallest of our group. Her attitude melted as she went all starry eyes on him, blushing deeply as she squealed out his name. "Kaoru! I love you so much." more squealing as she attach herself on his leg.

"R-Ryou, it's nice to finally met you." a pale face child stood in front of me. "Please forgive my sister."

"Don't worry about it, Iori. I'm sure she'll-" I glance over at her still hugging Kaoru to death. "calm own here soon." He smiled at that as Kouta invited him over to play a few gamed with him.

"This place sucks! They should have a 'whack-a-Haseo' game! Now that will be fun." I was waiting for that one.

"How about 'whack-a-brat'. That one sound a lot better." I rested my hand on her head just so she'll freak out. But her smile told me she actually enjoying it.

"Ew! Ryou germ! Master Kaoru, stay back or you'll get them!"

"I wouldn't mind being infected." The three of us picked on each as someone walked in that I didn't think would come. With two I knew would sell their soul just to be here.

"So the great Terror of Death is kid friendly after all. Just as I thought he'll be."

"Just as I thought a muscle bound moron in the real world." Leave it to Sakura to make the worst first impression...

"I'm glad you made it, Shingo."

"Don't get the wrong idea about me. I'm only here because Chigusa force me . If it was up to me I would of bailed."

"That's just like you." I notice his eyes kept roaming around until they stop on Pi- I mean Reiko.

"I'll catch you later." He doesn't have the slightest chance with her since she a pure Master Yata worshiper. "Oh what's up with the modest dress code." she force herself to barely smile. "You know you should came cosplaying as your character."

That flame in her eyes warned what was coming. "Keep pushing your luck, Matsu, and it will cost you."

"Babe you can call me, Shingo, or whatever you need to scream at that time."

The great test of Tomonari jealous has begun. Now if there nothing between them as they say. There will not be any reaction to someone pointless flirting, right? But she ended it before the slightness hint could be seen. By a quick slap. "I'm not into under age little boys!"

"Can she do that again!" Kaoru and I both chuckle at Sakura comment as she held out her phone. "Maybe this time I can get the video."

"Maybe you should go ask her, Sakura." Kaoru suggested trying to give her the idea... she merely smirked at us.

"Nope, I'm not leaving you alone with him!" She held on to his arm as she only smiled at me. "Who know what's idea, Chika, put inside his head."

"Oh trust me, Sakura. I'm innocent with that one." Chika boosted a lie since she as far from that then any of us.

"Beware, she not wearing a halo tonight!" Tomonari joked living up to his picking on all type of girls way.

"Oh trust me, Kuhnie. I'm wearing something with a halo on them." I slap my forehead knowing fully well what she apply here.

"Oh really may I have a peek then?" This is getting way out of hand now with Iori and Sakura around us.

"She under age." it was a very harsh tone Reiko said that in. Standing behind him, arms crossed over her chest, tapping her foot.

"I was just kidding around with her, Sheez don't take it the wrong way, Reiko."

"Hmph." She turned her heel and walk away from him to joining more of the new comer.

"Hey, Reiko, I was only joking. Don't turn away from me, Reiko." And like a good puppy he follow right behind begging for forgiveness.

"Did he strike out again?" Kouta asked after the short romantic fight was over.

"Seem so. I really wish he'll find one and sort settled down with."

"You and me both, Yuuichi."

"Love take many shape in life. Maybe it's a different shape for them." The five of us watched those two. "I think your right, Kaoru." his smile widen as I said that. "They have to be together."

Hours went by as Shino finally showed with Yata. That was a little annoying meeting him. Since he acted as a big shot in the world and yet he only seventeen the some age as me. Always bossing me around, yelling at me and being completely worship by a twenty-four year old hag.

Some of the former Moon tree member finally showed up, Zelkova, Kaeda, and a shy girl who could only be Atoil... Shino adopted her as her little sister in The World and in the real life. Just the thought of them staying up all night talking about my character drives my nuts...

I waited for them to notice before I said anything to them but instead Iori asked me to walked him home. "It's getting late and our Mom said to be home before eight." I check my watch to see they only have about ten minutes to do so..

"Alright I'll take you guys home." And save Kaoru from his stalker. "Sis, we have to go now."

"Aw, can't Mast Kaoru take me home. I'll remind him to eat three time a day and remind him to sleep at night."

He blushed a little as Chika smirk. "Ryou, remind me to do all of those things."

"Ah! I'm disowning you as my online big brother! Take me home now!" She grab her twin and march out yelling her good-byes to everyone.

"See you guys online tomorrow." was Iori final words.

"Aw leaving so soon, guys. The fin just started." Tomonari tried to beg us to stay a little longer but he knew eleven years old curfew still.

a/n: I know Sakura died as a still born in the storyline. But I decide for more fun to keep her alive. I hope guys like it. There still more to come. Thank for taking the time to read it. That alone mean a lot to me.