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Beneath all the smiles, beneath all the laughter, there was a girl with a broken heart. She longed for him to come fix it. Every day she put on a fake facade of happiness, hoping that if she just ignored the feelings it would just go away. He had been gone for so long after all. People couldn't see past the exterior. And it hurt. The girl longingly wished for him to come and hold her, to tell her everything would be alright. Wished for he that told her she was beautiful, despite feeling like the ugliest girl in to world. But he never came.

And something snapped in her one day and she couldn't take it anymore. The seemingly strong girl crumbled. The girl who had it all together fell apart.

She turned cold. Desperately cold. Even on the hottest of days she shivered.

Dark. Obscurely Dark. Her mind was black and foggy; her thoughts clouded and muddy.

Empty. You could look into her eyes and see right through her; she became an empty shell without a soul.

Fading. She was wasting away, waiting desperately for him.

Dying. Drowning in her own misery; falling deeper and deeper into a pit of despair.

And finally, her sanity leaves. Packed its bags and leaves the cold, dark, empty girl with nothing but her shell of a body.

She now waits by the ocean day after day. Looking out over the crashing waves as if waiting for something -or someone- just to show up on the horizon.

The horizon.

How she used to love seeing the sunset on the horizon. The beautiful pinks, oranges and reds all splayed across the peaceful blue water, as if the sun had just dropped paint into the sea. She loved watching the large shining orb that was the sun sink down lower and lower, taking all the pretty colors with it. She loved seeing the stars peek out one by one and see the silver moon smiling down on her. But now, she could no longer see it. The world was cold and grey to her.

Day after day, playing with the sand, sifting it through her fingers, watching each grain of sand fall on her faded pink dress. Tears ran down her cheeks as she hummed to herself. She kept herself company now, talking only to the voices in her head. Not that she would hear anyone talking to her anyways. She was lost in her own little world. Everyone had abandoned her, giving up hope on the now-deemed-insane girl. Her vibrant lilac-azure eyes had become a light gray, as if dust had settled on the colors. Her velvety red hair all tangled, many a comb broken to try and help it. Her skin, which used to be pale white, became much darker due to the fact that she spent all her time on the beach.

Her memories were all a blur. Rushing images in her mind. She couldn't recognize faces anymore, nor remember why she sat on the beach. But she stayed anyways. Because something inside her told her to. She felt like she was forgetting something important, but try as she might, she couldn't remember it.

According to everyone else, she was a mysterious lost cause. No one had a clue what had happened to their Princess. Only those closest to her knew. Knew of the heartbreak and turmoil that had been going on inside this girl. They knew that all this waiting and not knowing drove her off the edge and she was falling deeper and deeper into insanity day by day.

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