Sora sprinted through the beach path as fast as his feet could carry him. He had long ago lost Riku from cutting through crowds and going through shortcuts only he knew. But he could care less.

She's not herself. What does that mean? His mind whirled with the possibilities of what could have happened. His heart raced - not just from his sudden adrenaline rush, but from worry. Sora followed the shoreline until he reached the steep bridge leading up to the Papou tree. His eyes widened as he heard a sweet voice - her voice. He could hear her singing to herself. A song that they had learned from one of the princesses.

Sora ran up the little bridge onto the little plateau that held the tree. There, sitting on the tree, was his red-haired beauty. But as she turned to face him, he was torn apart. It was Kairi - yes - but at the same time it wasn't. Her once vibrant violet-blue eyes were now a lifeless dull grey. Her once beautiful straight crimson hair was now bleached by the sun and hopelessly entangled.

"Oh." she exclaimed softly, eyes widening. "You... seem so familiar to me."

Her voice - once sweet, happy and musical - was now laced with sorrow and pain, like she had been through a great ordeal and came out hopeless and tired. The thought of her going through so much anguish pained him.

"Yeah." He choked out. "I'm Sora. Remember?" He was close to crying now.

"Oh!" Kairi's face lit up, and the sight gave him the least bit of hope that she would remember. "Sora. You're name starts with the same letter."

At this, Sora was confused.

"Same as who?"

She acted as if she hadn't heard and examined him closer. "Your eyes - they're the same color as his, too." She stared at him curiously, and lifted up her hands as if to touch his face.

Sora let out the breath he didn't realize he was holding, and reached out slowly to take her hand. But before he could, she quickly retracted it. Her sudden movement startled Sora. He stood there, mouth agape, with his hand outstretched - grasping nothing but air. Kairi eyes bore into his as she cradled the hand he almost touched. She seemed to be deep in thought, like she was trying to remember something. She blinked and her expression was turning into one of recognition.

All of a sudden, Kairi fell to her knees clutching her head causing Sora to panic. His reflexes caused him to drop down and catch the rest of Kairi's body before it hit the ground. He stayed there, hot sand burning his knees, holding her.

"My head... It hurts!" She complained, her face twisted in pain.

"It's okay. You're okay!" Sora comforted, though he wasn't even sure if she would be.

He held the moaning girl in his arms - his heart torn to pieces at the sight and feeling helpless for not knowing what to do. He held her close and whispered sweet nothings into her ear until she passed out from the pain.


"Kai, me and Riku have to leave agian."

"But you just got back!"

"I know, and I'm sorry."


Kairi woke up with a start, knocking her pillow off the bed she was laying on. She looked around, realizing that she was no longer on the beach. She was in an unfamiliar room. A boy's room, from the looks of it. Her eyes fell on a sleeping form on the ground beside her. She smiled as she recognized it as the nice boy that she saw from the beach.

Did he bring me here? she wondered, staring at his face. He was familiar, she was sure, but she just couldn't remember. She sat there on the bed, covers twisted around her ankles, trying to remember her this boy was.

The boy stirred, rolling over onto his side. Kairi chuckled at the sight of is unkempt, brown hair sticking up in all directions. She threw the covers off and swung her legs around the side of the bed, accidentally hitting the boy's back.

The boy - Sora, as she remembered him introducing himself - was startled awake and was up on his feet in a flash. A white, strange-looking sword materialized in his hand with a burst of light, as he looked around the room for danger.

Kairi was rather amused with his performance and burst into a fit of giggles. Sora realized that he had been tricked and laughed along with her, making his sword disappear with another flash of light.

"Good morning to you too, Kai." he said, eyes twinkling.

Kairi abruptly stopped giggling as she remembered something. That's what the boy in my dream called me.

Sora looked at her intently, wondering if something was wrong. He rushed to her side.

"Are you okay?" he questioned, hand over hers.

"Hmm? Oh, yes! I'm fine. Just... thinking." She said smiling up at him. "Uh.. where am I?" she asked.

"My room." he replied sheepishly. "I hope you don't mind the mess. I haven't cleaned in ages."

Kairi giggled and smiled at him in response. "Oh, I don't mind. I think it's very nice here."

She looked around at the pale blue walls and decal-sticker stars. A small picture on the nightstand caught her attention. A picture of three teenagers - two boys and one girl. She looked closely and recognized Sora. A closer examination made her realize that the girl in the picture was none other than herself.

A memory flooded into her mind.

"C'mon guys! It's a beautiful day out! Time to go to the beach!" Sora exclaimed, pumping his fist in the air.

"Sora, pipe down! Not all of us can share your enthusiasm."

Sora scratched the back of his head and smiled sheepishly. "Sorry, guys." he said, chuckling nervously.

"This is when we went to the beach." she whispered to herself. But is Sora the guy I was waiting for?

"Wadja say?" Sora asked, leaning in closer to her hoping to hear.

"Uh... nothing..." She mumbled, placing the picture back on the nightstand.

Sora stared at her with doubt in his mind, but didn't push the matter further. He shrugged and turned to relax on the bed with his head against the wall, watching her. Kairi put the frame back on the nightsand as a massive wave of pain shocked her brain. She clutched her head and fell to her knees as Sora jumped off the bed and rushed to her side. Besides the ringing in her ears and the soft, comforting words of the brown-haired boy beside her, she heard a voice in her head.

Leave. Now. It ordered, instilling a sense of fear into her as she found she no longer had control of her movements. She stood up, pushing Sora away. Without so much of an explaination, she ran out the door, leaving Sora standing there, dumbstruck. Tears threatened to spill as he could faintly hear the slamming of the front door as Kairi escaped.

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