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Timeline - Several years post series 7 Buffy and transition in the West Wing.

Sam Seaborn was sitting in his office thinking about the conversation he just had with his old friend. He looked out of the window at the skyline and then at the photo adorning his table. He could admit that the White House was luring him back to Washington. However, if he was going to return to Washington then it would only be with the full support of his fiancé Buffy. He would talk it over with her later while they ate dinner.

The relationship that had developed nearly four years ago had been a surprise for both of them. Sam had been returning from a business lunch when he had been by what he had assumed was someone in fancy dress. Then out of nowhere out stepped this gorgeous blonde who kicked the creatures ass before making it turn to dust. Having dispatched of the creature; she had promptly dusted off her outfit and helped him to his feet.

Buffy had been surprised, usually when she rescued guys they reacted negatively as if their manhood had been questioned. Sam had been completely different, not to mention besotted. He insisted on taking his 'fair sweet rescuer' to dinner.

Buffy's man-fast had ended as the gorgeous guy intrigued her. Initially, she had been suspicious; he was gorgeous, blue eyes she could get lost in and a lawyer. So logically, he had to be evil but then she remembered she now had a law degree. However, over their first dinner they had talked passionately about various subjects. She could not believe that a guy could be so perfect; she was continually waiting for the other shoe to drop.

She was cautious but they started to date regularly. They talked about everything, Sam about the White House and Buffy the Supernatural. He had been completely amazed by the story about how she had ended up a lawyer. It apparently involved a confluence of events, an evil law firm, a possession and cross firing spells.

As a result, she had passed her law degree. Buffy had drifted apart from the other Scooby's, the betrayal and lack of apologies had caused their rift to grow to epic proportions. Now the Scooby's were scattered over the four corners of the globe.

Her father had made a play for Dawn after Sunnydale by pretending to be concerned. Of course, he had been neatly outplayed by Buffy and Giles. The only one Buffy had stayed close to was Giles; they had too deep a bond to dismiss. She had been amazed to find out that in England Giles was kind of a big deal and titled. Buffy who despite been an adult and Dawn who was 17 had been adopted by Giles. The paperwork had flown through after the Queen herself had asked that it be seen to. This was how Buffy and Dawn Summers became Lord Giles daughters, officially they were Lady Elizabeth Giles and Lady Dawn Giles.

Sam had sympathised with Buffy about State dinners. However, now they were serious Sam was dragged to every State Dinner. Now with the council rebuilt, and Giles with Buffy and Dawns help had regained control. Finally, knowing that Dawn was safe with Giles studying at Oxford she had taken control of the North American continent.

The space from the other Scooby's had been good for her and she was enjoying her responsibilities without everyone looking over her shoulder.

Buffy and Sam's relationship had been able to flourish without the interference of any annoying over protective males. Buffy was still a slayer and fought but she relished her new role, fighting on the political front. Sam had given her valuable advice as a political operative. It had expanded Sam's repertoire as previously, he had only advised on domestic policy. Sam had not truly understood how much power his girlfriend wielded. That was until the day he had walked into her office when she was having friendly chat with the Russian President.

What amazed Sam the most, was how Buffy had helped him repair his fractured relationship with the Bartlets'. Buffy was a close friend of the First Lady's. Abigail Bartlet had befriended Buffy at a state dinner in England. Buffy had been required to attend as Giles' adopted daughter; turns out dual citizenship had some downsides.

What Sam was not certain of, was how many more holidays the President and he could survive with their women conspiring.

For the most part, this was a secret to all in the White House. The only senior staffer who had an inkling was Leo and that was because he had come up to the farm at the same time as Sam and Buffy. Leo would vividly remember the day he walked into the study, to see Sam and the President commiserating over a game of Chess. The President and Sam were engaged in an epic match complete with cigars and whiskey, moaning about their partners and shopping. While Leo had heard stories about Buffy, it was the first time they had met and he was enchanted. He was also incredibly grateful to Buffy because when he looked at Sam; he saw the Sam of old. Although that had not quite been quite true, this Sam had more confidence in his actions

Leo had managed to keep it secret from the Staff, except the senior staff was curious about the English dignitary who was close friends with Dr Bartlet. On that particular day, the First Lady had been in a particularly foul mood and not even the President could placate her. In the end, the President had demanded Mrs Landingham get Buffy on the line to improve her mood, even if he ended up footing the shopping bill.

Sam tentatively broached Josh's offer while they were eating dinner.

"So Josh wants me back as Deputy Chief of Staff."

He was a little apprehensive; after all, Sam could see that in this situation parallels could be drawn. He was surprised by her response, "Took you long enough."

"What do you mean?"

Sam was a smart guy but currently very confused. Buffy shook her head in amusement, "Politics is what you were meant to do. I'll support you just like you have me."

An overwhelming surge of love flowed through him, "Yes well, I won't do it without you."

Buffy moved around the table so she could sit in his lap. Her hands threaded through his hair; it really was irresistible, "Hon the council is based out of. If we live there we can use the really nice council house."

Say what you like about the old council. Secretive, evil, too powerful the list ran on but they did have a superb taste in buildings. Sam snorted the Council's property in Washington was actually more luxurious that the Vice-Presidents mansion. Sam's emotions showed in his eyes, "I love you."

"I love you too, besides it will be fun but you'll face some questions."

That was very true. Sam was one of the very few in Washington who actually knew what the IWC did. The CIA could only hope they were as secret as the IWC. Sam shrugged; it was not his only issue. Buffy grinned, "Besides think of all the great State dinners."

Sam winced he was not overly fond of the State dinners; he offered hopefully, "I'll wear your favourite tux."

Buffy grinned, sexily her mind wondering. Then her smile morphed as amusement once again took its place, "How will you explain that you're so friendly with several heads of state?"

Sam gave her a crooked grin, he wasn't too sure how would explain that to the political elite in Washington. Sam figured that it would be best to play that piece close to his chest until the right moment. He shook his head with a rueful grin; he could only imagine what the others would have to say.

"So we are going back to Washington?" He could not quite keep the hopefulness out of his voice.

Buffy grinned, "It would be better for the council if I'm based in Washington but we are keeping this apartment."

Sam would indulge Buffy; beside he liked the apartment too. He still was a little in awe of this relationship; he never expected to find anyone that accepted him faults and all. Buffy loved that Sam could adapt to the weird world she lived in but not feel diminished.

Buffy had heard many stories of Josh from both President Bartlet and Sam, "So how long do you give before Josh starts to beg?"

"I'll give it till lunch tomorrow."

Buffy saw the mischievous twinkle in his blue eyes, "You gonna play with him?"

Sam nodded, Buffy smiled, "In that case we will meet for lunch at your office."

Sam's phone rang and he did not need caller ID to know the identity of the caller, "It's been less than a day Josh."

"What will it take, begging? I can beg there is no limit to my willingness."

Sam couldn't help grin, "I think this would class as begging."

Sam smiled softly upon seeing Buffy enter his office and kissed her cheek in greeting. He gratefully accepted the Starbucks coffee she was carrying.

Josh was unaware, "She's a lawyer right? It's not like she can't find gainful employment in the lawyer capital of the world."

Buffy snickered, "Gee thanks for the concern but I already have a job."

There was a pregnant pause as Josh realised that he was actually talking to Sam's fiancée. "Urm, it's a pleasure to finally talk to you. Will you please get your fiancée on a goddamn plane!"

Buffy looked to Sam, wondering if this was normal behaviour. She assumed given Sam's fond smile that this was standard behaviour. She couldn't wait to meet him in person he sounded like a real peach. Buffy had learnt diplomacy reluctantly from Giles to deal with her evolving role within the IWC. Her next statement was all Giles, as she responded dryly "Since you asked so nice nicely. I'll make sure Sam joins me on my plane to Washington tomorrow."

Josh was stunned, "When you said I'd puck if I knew how much you made. I didn't think it was enough to buy a plane."

Buffy and Sam were grinning at each other, Sam had said it could be fun to tease Josh but she didn't realise how much fun.

"You have a plane?" Josh was proud of the fact he sounded so calm, as he asked the question.

Buffy grinned even though it couldn't be seen, "The plane is mine but we will be married soon. So what's his is mine and mine is his."

Sam shook his head; he was heading back to Washington. He was unsure whether it could survive Buffy.

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