Howdy! This is my first attempt at writing for X-Men so please be gentle with me. It's based on the First Class characters but I might add some more as the story progresses. I haven't decided whether they'll have their powers in this story or not so I'm going to put a vote up on my profile and let anyone who bothers to read this decide for me, the story I have planned could work with or without their powers. The title is a song by Delta Goodrem and Brain McFadden, it came on my itunes while I was writing this.

It's eventually going to be Erik/Charles so if you don't like it then I'm sorry. I'll give fair warning before I post those chapters but it won't be for a very long time yet so feel free to read until then and gloss over the slash parts. What I have planned will span the 7 years of English secondary school life so bear with me if it's a bit slow to get going.

I'm looking for a beta for this story so PM me if you're interested! And let me know what you think! I really hope people like this, it's one of my favourite ideas so far.

"I guess things could be worse."

Charles flicked his gaze from the damp grey and green scenery passing outside his window to look at his sister.

"What do you mean?"

Raven sighed and met her brother's gaze, "We could still be living with Him."

Charles quickly glanced at their aunt and uncle in the front seat to make sure they hadn't heard their conversation but it seemed they were engrossed in discussing the relative merits of the new car they were travelling in versus those of their old, and dare he say it almost decrepit, banger. Although they had a rough idea of what had gone on in the Xavier-Marko household over the past couple of years, they did not know the full extent of what they had lived with and Charles planned on keeping it that way for as long as possible. To his 11 year old mind, he thought that now they were away from there, they would be safe and he would not have to tell anyone the full extent of the hell they had survived. What he didn't realise is that things rarely turn out how you expect, but that is a story for another day.

As the memories threatened to overwhelm him, he was snapped back to the interior of the car by his aunt turning to face them.

"I hope you two like it here, I know your father loved it and so did I. But if you don't then we'll find somewhere else. We don't want you two to feel like you don't have a say in it." Their aunt had always been like that, letting them have their say, much like their father had, from what little Charles and Raven could remember of him. They had only been 5 when he died in a car crash and their mother had effectively 'gone off the deep end' as their aunt had once described it. It was at that time they moved to America and two years later were introduced to Karl Marko.

Raven seemed to be relishing in their change of circumstance, it was no secret that they had both wanted to go to boarding school in England like their father, although their reasoning changed as the years went on. However she was still a very shy child and often suffered from low self-esteem and confidence, "I hope they like me."

"Oh sweetie, I'm sure they will! How could they not like you? Just be yourself and I'm sure you'll have lots of friends in no time."

"Don't worry; they'd be mad not to like you Raven." Charles leant across the seat and took hold of his twin sister's hand in an attempt to calm himself as much as it was to help her. He would never say it, but he shared similar thoughts and for once he revelled in worrying about regular first day of school things like 'normal' children did.

Raven simply smiled at her brother and squeezed his hand in response. Their uncle said that they would soon be arriving at their destination so they both went back to looking at the scenery that had changed from a seemingly endless stream of green and brown as they drove through the English countryside to what appeared to be a small town filled with a variety of buildings, both old and new but mainly old.

A minute or so after they left the old but new town their uncle pulled off into a driveway with a sign on each side declaring it to be 'The Candleford Manor School – for day and boarding students ages 11 - 18'.

Here goes nothing!