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Captain James Hook sat leaned back in his small wooden chair against the ship's rail as his first mate, Mr. Smee, shaved his midnights shadow for him. The Jolly Rodger was his ship, a good ship...at least to him anyway. All the other pirates in the sea thought it was a joke, no one feared Captain Hook, except for Mr. Smee of course. Everyone knew he was a wimp. Though, that was about to change...

"Mr. Smee," Captain Hook addressed his first mate, getting up after his shave was finished. "Where do you think she is?"

"Who is, Cap'tin?"

"Were you not listening to me last night!" Hook roared, turning so fast, he knocked over the chair.

"Y-y-yes I was, Cap'tin. I just forgot!" Mr. Smee shrunk under his Captains gaze.

"Angelica Teach." Hook's voice became calm again, as he turned back around to stare at the open ocean in front of him. The sun shone brightly down on it, making the waters shine and sparkle with each wave that moved. He reached in his pocket, where the rolled up sketch of Angelica was. He pulled it out and laid it flat on the table next to him. "Where do you think she'd be located?"

"I have not a clue, Cap'tin." Mr. Smee said, leaning in for a better look at the woman they were trying to find. "Dashing woman."

"I'll say," he rolled it back up and stuffed it in his pocket. "I need her, Mr. Smee. I need her to help me find the Queen Anne's Revenge so I can read the will of Blackbeard."

"Why do we need this will again, Cap'tin?" Mr. Smee asked.

Hook turned on his heel and grabbed Mr. Smee by the collar. "Because on the will, Blackbeard left instructions on how to bring him back to life!" he said each word individually in order to get it through the little man's head.

"How will we bring him back to life, Cap'tin?" he flinched, afraid that Hook was slap him upside the head. But he did not, he simply let go of Smee's shirt collar and grinned.

"Pandora's Box." he said.

"Where is that?" Mr. Smee asked, getting a bit excited.

"And that's exactly why we need Blackbeard's will!" Hook said.

"Ahhh, I see. So, the plan is to bring Blackbeard back, find his daughter and then find his ship?"

"NO YOU BLOODY IDIOT!" Captain Hook lunged forward, grabbed Mr. Smee again and lifted him off the floor then placed him forcefully into the chair. "Now listen, because I'm not going to tell you again. First, we need to find Angelica Teach because she knows where the Queen Anne's Revenge is. Then, when we find the ship, we read Blackbeard's will which will explain to us how to find Pandora's box. Once we do, we bring him back to life and then finally, the sea is mine again!"

"You mean the sea is Blackbeard's again." Mr. Smee pointed out.

"Yeah, whatever. We'll rule the seas together. We'll be the most feared pirates!"

"What about me?" Mr. Smee asked.

"You'll, uh, be the most feared first mate!"



"Make her stop!" Jack shouted, covering his ears as Missy balled her eyes out, screaming loudly and kicking her feet at him.

"Jack, I told you, she needs to be changed. Where's that clean cloth I asked you to get?" Angelica asked. Her hair was out of place and her cheeks were red from the hot room they were in. She snatched her hand away and began to rub the spot where Missy kicked her.

"It's right here, just please, make her shut up!"

Angelica quickly changed Missy, who still cried as loudly as she could. It had been an hour since she started, and the crew was starting to get annoyed.

"Jack," Gibbs shouted from the other side of the door. "That kid is giving me a headache and Barbossa is trying to sleep. You best not wake him, he's not a happy man when he gets disturbed!"

"I'm not the one who's crying!" Jack shouted at Gibbs, for it was hard to hear over Missy's loud and obnoxious crying.

Angelica had managed to get Missy to stop kicking, so she could pick her up. "Here Jack, take her."

"Oh no, I am not taking her!" he said putting his hands up and backing up.

Missy's crying grew louder and louder each second.

"You know what, I know." Jack grabbed Missy from Angelica's arms and opened the door. The heat was unbearable, for it was summer and the black sails didn't do much to reflect the heat off the ship.

Jack started for the ship rail with Missy screaming in his ear.

"JACK!" Angelica screamed rushing forward and grabbing his arm.

"Relax," he said as he pulled a bucket full of salt water up on deck and carefully stuck Missy inside. She immediately stopped crying, wiped away the tears from her face and giggled, splashing her hands playfully in the cool water. "She was obviously overheating." he informed Angelica.

She relaxed her shoulders and let out a long sigh. "Thank you Jack." she said and kneeled down to play with Missy.

"Ah, ah, I got it. You go rest you haven't slept for two days."

Angelica stood up, kissed Jack on the cheek and headed for the Captain's cabin. His hand reached up and touched where she had kissed him. She never pulled that move on him before.

"Okay, time for some fresh water." Jack said to Missy, gently taking her out of the bucket and placing her on the floor. He leaned over the edge and dropped the bucket down, then pulled it back up with a rope and placed it on the deck. "Alright, in ye go again- what the?"

Missy sat petting a seagull that had landed next to her with something in its beak.

"Get! Shoo!" he waved his hands at the seagull, but it didn't budge. It simply dropped whatever it was holding in Missy's lap and flew off. "Ah gross, that better not be a fish. No, Missy, don't touch it."

He tried grabbing the object from her hands, but she moved her hand back and glared at him.

"Well then!" he said crossing his arms. "Give it here."

She shook her head. "No!"

Jack sighed. Angelica and the crew had been teaching Missy how to talk from the moment they last saw Morgan Moonscar six months ago. So far she knew the words "Yes, no, baba, ocean, ship, ma, grandpa (which she had learned on her own) and crack" which was suppose to be Jack...but the crew had joked around and taught her otherwise. So, Jack had been trying to get her to call him dad and not crack.

"Please." he said politely. She reached her little baby hands out and dropped the object in his big palm. "Thank you!"

She hopped up and down on her butt, pointing at the bucket. Jack lifted her up and placed her back in the water as he investigated the black object, which he recognized right away as his compass.

"Morgan Moonscar," he said out loud and smiled. What a great guy. He tucked the compass safely into his pocket where it always was hidden and continued playing with Missy in her makeshift pool.