WWS Chapter 15

I frowned as I studied myself in the mirror. It sucked going to awards shows like the PCAs because I never knew what to wear. Putting on a tux for the Oscars was easy, but that would be overdressing for this show. I'd decided to go with a suit, minus the tie, leaving the top collar unbuttoned. That, coupled with my Ray Bans, would make me look casual but caring, I hoped.

My ringing phone stopped me from studying myself any further. Sadly it was not the Bella phone. She was in classes and we hadn't really talked other than a good morning so far. It sucked and I missed her.

No, it was Kate. Only one person had the "Maneater" ringtone. I'd dubbed her that after I'd seen her rip into the editor at the National Inquirer for saying that I was gay and posting a picture of myself and Emmett exchanging man hug when he first broke into the business. To say they'd had to eat crow after finding out that they'd not only wrongly called me gay but also incestuous was an understatement.

"Hi, Katie."

"How's my favorite client?" she asked. "Note how I called you my favorite and how I left you alone for two whole days? Who spoils you?"

I laughed. "You're a real humanitarian, letting me catch up on some sleep after the two weeks of hell you inflicted on me."

"It wouldn't have been so hellish if you hadn't hooked up with your co-star," she reminded me. I scowled at the phone but couldn't argue with her. "Speaking of that, did you hear that her marriage wasn't legal? She's already taken off the ring and been seen out last night with Peter Maine."

Peter Maine? "That forty-something washed up rock star? That Peter Maine?"

She laughed into the phone. "Yes! She's really not working her way up, is she? Then again, she had the best already and there was nowhere to go but down."

I had to smile at that. "Thanks, Kate."

"Who said I was talking about you? Egotistical one."

"Who were you talking about then, James?" That'd be the day.

"Hell no. Rumor has it she banged Colin Farrell. He's dirty hot."

I snorted. "Dirty hot? I'll be sure to tell Garrett you said that."

She giggled. "He's right here, glaring at me. Little does he know I'm just getting him worked up so he can get dirty hot with me after we get off the phone."

Gross. "Please wait until after you get off the phone. Spare me."

"Don't worry, sweets, I won't make you listen. I know it would break your heart."

"Epically," I replied sarcastically. "So what can I do for you? I don't want to keep you from Garrett any longer than necessary."

"Alright. I was just calling to make sure you still planned on going to the PCA's. You don't need us with you, do you?"

Yeah, I need to be babysat. "No, I'm going with Jane."

"Jane? Janie Turner? Isn't that interesting?"

No. "Not really. You know we're friends. She wants someone to go with since Demetri dumped her so I said I'd go."

"Hmmm. I did hear about him and that Renata bimbo. No talent. How she got on that show is beyond me. I'm sure she blew the producer. Caius Sconno is such a whore."

I shook my head. Kate knew who did who all over town. I guess that's what made her good at her job. "Yeah, they're supposed to be there and Jane needed someone to have her back."

"You're a good guy, Edward."

I shrugged. "No big deal, I was going anyway."

She laughed. "Yes, be sure to thank me when you win."

I snickered. "I hope I don't forget a few names when I'm up there."

She sniffed. "Just remember, Cullen, I know all your secrets."

"Yeah, I know, all powerful one."

"So, are you still talking to that girl of yours?"

I blinked at the abrupt change in conversation. "Yeah." I wasn't ready to tell her about my trip up to meet her though. I'd cross that bridge when I was already in Washington. There was nothing she could do then.

"Does she know who you are yet?"

I shifted uncomfortably. "No. I'm telling her soon."


What was that all about? "What?"

"I just hope she gets it, you know. You being out with one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood tonight."

"Why wouldn't she? When I tell her, I'll explain that Jane's just a good friend. It's not like I'm dating her while I'm talking to Bella." I wouldn't do that to her.

Kate laughed. "Oh, naïve one, you do realize that there will be pictures of you and Jane everywhere and speculation as to your relationship?"

I shrugged. "It'll all be bullshit and I'll explain it."

Kate huffed. "One of the hottest men on the planet and still so clueless. Good luck to you, Edward."

Shit. What could I do? "How do I explain it to her without telling her who I am? Wouldn't that only complicate matters? I'm going to tell her soon, very soon, and when I do, I'll explain about Jane."

"Okay, if you say so." Her tone said I was an idiot but I honestly didn't have a solution. I could text her and say hey, I'm going to be out with a female tonight but it's totally not a date, no worries. That would just open up a line of questioning that I couldn't answer right now. Tomorrow I'd come clean. Tonight I had to suck it up and be Mr. Hollywood.

"I do. Now if that's all, I need to finish getting ready."

"What are you wearing? Ow, Garrett, I was asking as a fashion consultant, not to fulfill any sick fantasies."

I laughed at them. Someday I hoped to have a relationship like theirs, so comfortable. "A black suit, white shirt, no tie, top collar unbuttoned, sunglasses."

"What suit?"


"Perfection. You'll be the hottest guy there. Jane will be pleased."

"Ugh, you know she doesn't think of me like that."

She laughed. "I know, but she'll still want a hot guy on her arm. You fit the bill. So, my official stance as press liaison is that you and Jane are just friends, correct?"

I rolled my eyes. "Yes. No secret relationship and we're not rebounding on one another."

Kate sniffed. "It's too bad, really. The Ice Princess would shit a brick if you started dating Jane."

Maybe, but I didn't give a damn. "I don't care what she thinks."

"I know. But it'd fun to rub her face in it. No problem. I'll have all denials at my fingertips when the calls start coming. You have a good time and don't forget you've got a meeting with Marcus next Tuesday. He's got the Schrader script and a few other things to run by you according to Garrett."

"I'll be there."

"Okay. We'll be watching! Don't forget to thank me! Oops, I mean us. Stop your whining, Garrett."

I laughed again. "I won't. Talk to you later, Kate." I hung up and flipped to WWF. I'd yet to check that today. My morning had been filled with yet another workout with Alec. I was less sore but I might be walking a little stiffly down that red carpet. I hadn't dared get my nut shot in on him though. Fear had kept me from retaliation for my pain last night. I was a wuss, I admitted it.

Sex? Of course she played sex on a day in which I could do nothing about it. I played page off of phone because I had nothing sexy to reply with. Good letters for scoring though. I opened up her message.

Well, you know, nerves got the better of me, but I managed to perform admirably if I do say so myself. Don't think I didn't notice that you made ME make the first move, Mister. Maybe you're the one who needs the punishing!

You will very much need that certain part when you see me, so take very good care of it until you get to me. Then, that'll be my job. I promise I'll handle it even better than you do!

I'm going to go take a cold shower while I imagine you in that hot bath. Spring Break can't come soon enough.

Love, Bella

I had to laugh at her response. Yeah, I'd had to make sure it was something she wanted though. I didn't want her doing anything she didn't want to do. But she could punish me anyway. As usual, the thought of that got me hard. Bad timing, of course.

I admit, I did make you make the first move, but I promise my motives were good! I honestly didn't want to push you and while I admit I hoped our first call would go just like it did, I didn't plan on it happening. For what it's worth, I enjoyed our second call just as much as our first. I liked getting to know you better, all the little things that make up the girl that has me so captivated.

I promise that I'm handling my part with very special care. I can't let anything bad befall it before it has a chance to make your acquaintance. We are both very much looking forward to being handled by you.

My bath was very lonely. I'm not taking another one until I can share it with you.

Love, your Edward

I looked at my signature for a second. How easy was it to type that to her now? It was easy and natural and just felt right. It might be too early for it to really be love but it was definitely something. Infatuation? I didn't know. Hopefully when we met, we could figure it out together.

The Bella phone called to me and I picked it up and fired off a text.

I just wanted to let you know that I miss you today.

It wasn't long before she responded.

I miss you, too. Class was more comfortable but much more boring without you.

I laughed at that.

No doubt about it! I just read your WWF response and of course I got turned on yet again. I don't have much time before I have to head out either, so no relief for me.

Poor baby! I'll have to take care of you tomorrow, then.

Look at how brave my girl was getting. I loved it.

I'll very much hold you to that, Bella.

I stood and grabbed my wallet, keys and other phone. I was sorely tempted to take the Bella phone with me but if I did, I'd likely be checking it all night. It was better to avoid the temptation.

Please do. I want to show you more of what I can do.

Fuuuuuck. So bad, but so very good.

You are trying to kill me, but please don't stop. I have to take off now but I'll talk to you tomorrow. I wish I could stay home and be with you tonight.

I glanced outside and saw the limo already waiting in the driveway. Shit, I had to go. The phone buzzed.

I wish you could too, but you have work. I guess my toy and I will be driving solo tonight. Hehe Sorry, couldn't resist! Talk to you tomorrow!

Evil, taunting woman.

You'll pay for that, baby.

Shall I bend over?

I groaned and adjusted my throbbing dick. Such a bad, wonderful idea to talk to her before I left.

Yes, naughty girl. You've got a big punishment coming for leaving me in this state when I have to go. Payback's hell, but I promise you'll like it. Bye baby.

That had to be the end of it. There was no way I could take the phone and let my boner lead me down the carpet. The press might have even more of a field day than they had already. Not to mention the teasing I'd endure from Jane. The ride to her place was a half hour so I'd calm down on the way over. My Bella was too tempting. Soon I'd have more than words with her.


"Well, don't you look sexy as sin!" I grinned at Jane as she came down her driveway, eying me critically.

"You don't look so bad yourself," I told her. She was poured into some skintight red dress that left very little to the imagination. "Demetri's going to swallow his tongue when he sees you."

She smiled and kissed my cheek when she reached me. "That was the point. Feel free to take his whore away from him, not that I want him back. I'd just like to see him dumped on his bony ass." She wobbled a little in her high heeled shoes.

I laughed and caught her elbow. "Thanks, but I think I'll pass." The driver opened the door and I helped her inside.

"That's right, you have a new girl." She smiled but her voice sounded sad. "Tell me about her."

"We don't have to talk about it, Jane. I know you're hurting and you hardly want to hear me go on about my girl. Tell me what's up." I wanted to talk about Bella but I didn't want to rub it in.

She sighed and leaned back. Her hair was pulled back in some fancy twist and her face was perfectly made up. It was her light blue eyes that showed her pain, though. She reached into her bag and brought out a flask. I did a double take as she tipped her head back and took a swig. "Janie? Since when do you drink before the awards show?"

She smiled shakily and offered me some. I shook my head. "Since I need some liquid courage to face him. Do you know how he broke up with me?"

I shook my head. We hadn't gotten into that, just that Renata was the cause.

"A text message." Her pretty face was twisted with outrage. I couldn't blame her. "'Hey, baby, this isn't working for me anymore. I'll always love you but it's time to move on.' That was it, Edward. That was our goodbye after a decade together."

I took her hand and squeezed it. "I'm so sorry, Jane. The fact that he wasn't man enough to talk to you in person says a lot about him. You're better off without him."

Tears filled her eyes. "I know that in my head, it's my heart that's having a hard time dealing with it. Anyway, the next thing I knew, he was all over the tabs with her. They're the hottest new couple of the week according to People. Meanwhile, I'm yesterday's news. They got a picture of me entering the set of my movie wearing sweats, because you know, that's what I wear at five in the morning." Her voice was filled with anger. "The caption was that I was clearly depressed and eating my pain away. They called me fat, Edward!"

Shit, I apparently needed to start paying more attention to the rags. "I had no idea, Janie. You're not remotely fat. Look at you in that dress! I kind of feel like I should cover you in my jacket so nobody sees my almost-sister looking like that."

She laughed and shook her head. "Yeah, I can't say this dress choice wasn't inspired by that picture. Same with my date."

I laughed. "Well, I'm happy to be your arm candy, but Kate's already armed with denials of our coupledom."

Jane laughed. "Good. Much as I love you, I don't think either of us could survive a tabloid romance. It's too gross."

I grinned at her. "I love that dating me sounds gross to you."

"You know it's not an insult. Besides, you've got a girl and I'm ready to hear about her."

"Are you sure?" Not that I didn't want to talk about Bella, but I really didn't want Jane to feel any worse than she already did.

"I'm sure. What's her name, where'd you meet, hit me with the details." She took another swig out of her flask.

I laughed. "We haven't actually met, believe it or not."

"What do you mean, you haven't met? Oh my God, do you have a computer girlfriend? I always knew you were a nerd but that's even too nerdy for you!"

She was smiling and teasing me and I was glad for it. "Not over the computer. Over Words with Friends." She raised an eyebrow so I continued. "We started playing a random game together and talking. She's amazing, Jane. She's funny and smart and sexy as all hell..."

"You've seen a picture of her?" she interrupted.

"Oh yeah, she's sent a couple. We've IMed and talked on the phone a few times and we just click."

"Can I see?" she asked. I hesitated and she rolled her eyes. "What, did she send you nudie pics? Come on, Edward."

I took out my phone and pulled up the teacher picture. The t-shirt one was too intimate and all mine. I handed it to Jane and she whistled. "Wow. She is hot! No wonder you're all gaga over her. Where is she? How old is she?"

I smiled and took my phone back from her. "She's twenty-two and she's going to the University of Washington. Her name is Bella. I'm…" I hesitated and then decided to go ahead. "I'm going to see her next week for her Spring Break. Em's coming with me."

She snorted. "Of course he is. God forbid Emmett miss the opportunity to meet some co-eds." She tilted her head and studied me for a minute. "You're really into this girl."

There was no way I could hide it. "Yeah. She's amazing. She doesn't know who I am either, Janie. She likes me for me. It's so freeing to have someone I can just be myself with, without the whole celebrity thing coming into play."

Jane made a face and nodded. "I can see how that would be freeing. But when are you going to tell her? Or are you just going to show up and let her see that you're Edward Cullen?"

I laughed. "I'm telling her by this weekend. I hope she'll be cool with it."

"Who wouldn't be? Having a hot movie star boyfriend is the thing that girl's dream about." She frowned. "I did."

"Yeah, but you're a movie star yourself. You know the shit we have to go through. The paps, the pictures, the inability to go to a grocery store without being recognized. For us, it's normal. For someone like Bella, it'd be a shock to the system. I don't know. I keep jumping the gun with this girl. She makes me want more in every way."

Jane smiled and patted my knee. "You're a good one, Edward Cullen. One of the true good guys in this shitty town. She'll be lucky to have you."

I grinned. "I'm lucky to have her."

She laughed. "You're smitten. I love it. You were never like this over Irina or any of the others."

Yeah, I knew that. "Those were all such pretentious, public relationships. This is different. Something just for me."

"I'm happy for you." She took another slug from her flask. "And I'm about to be happy for the cameras. Don't let me punch him, Edward. I really want to."

I laughed and took the flask from her. "I really want you to be able to stand by the time we get there. I won't let you punch him."

"But can I punch her?" she asked, looking at me hopefully.

"No, I'm afraid not. But we can spend the evening imagining ways to torture her if you like."

She giggled and rested her head on my shoulder. "You always know what I need, Edward. I want to puncture her fake boobs with a fork."

I gave her a half hug. "Use a spork, that would take longer."

She grinned up at me. "True." Her eyes were dilated and I was afraid she was well on her way to being lit.

"How much have you had to drink?" Her flask felt about halfway full. It was a small flask but depending on what she was drinking, she could be well lit.

"You mean now or before I saw you?"

I sighed. "You're going to be trashed, aren't you, Janie?"

"Fraid so, Eddie. But we both know I'm a fun drunk."

Maybe when she wasn't heartbroken and when we weren't at a very public awards ceremony. "Are you winning tonight?"

She shook her head. "Nope, just nom'd. I wouldn't have come but I have to show him that he didn't win."

I sighed and patted her shoulder. "No, he didn't." I was going to be babysitting her all night. Thank God we weren't doing after parties.

"Damn right, Eddie. I'm here with Mr. Sexiest Man Alive himself. Can't top that with his eighteen year old Barbie doll, can he?"

This had potential disaster written all over it. Why'd she have to drink? "Maybe we should skip the carpet and go around the back."

"No way, Eddie. We have to arrive in style! I can't hide inside like I don't belong out there with him."

I sighed. "Fine, but let me do the majority of the talking."

"Okay," she agreed. She closed her eyes and rested her head against my shoulder again. I hoped that she was sleeping some of it off. I was starting to get a bad feeling about tonight but there was really no turning back now. Jane needed me to keep her from doing something stupid. I just needed Bella. I should have brought my phone with me. Even if I couldn't tell her why I needed her, she'd come through for me. I knew she would.

We finally pulled up in front of the Staples Center and I took a deep breath. "You first or me?"

"You," she replied.

Right. I got out of the car and fans started yelling and flashbulbs were going off in my face. I was grateful for my sunglasses, though I'd take them off for interviews. I reached in and took Jane's hand, helping her from the car. "Edward! Jane! Are you together?" I waved at the crowd and the cameras and started down the red carpet with Jane. She wobbled a little in her heels and I held her arm tightly.

"Entertainment Tonight first," I told her through tight lips as Nancy O'Dell was the first in the gauntlet. I slid my glasses into my pocket.

"Edward Cullen and Jane Turner! This is a surprise. Are you two here together?" She had a fake smile plastered on her face and I did my best not to grimace back at her.

"Looks like it, doesn't it Nancy?" Jane asked, batting her lashes and leaning into me. Oh shit. She was talking.

"Yeah, we're old friends so we decided to come together," I supplied.

"Yep," Jane giggled.

"How are you both holding up? It must be hard having your exes move on so publicly."

Great, lovely question, Nancy. "I think that…"

"We're doing just fine, can't you tell?" Jane blew a kiss up at me and I fought not to shake her. I knew what she was doing but I didn't like it. We'd discussed this.

"I was going to say that I'm doing quite well and so is Jane. We hope to have a good time tonight and we're excited to be part of the People's Choice Awards." I tugged Jane away before Nancy could ask another question.

"What were you thinking?" I hissed, still smiling as the cameras were everywhere.

"She pissed me off. What kind of question was that? How am I holding up? I'm up, I'm great! I'm…oh shit." I followed her gaze and saw that Demetri was about ten yards away from us talking to Billy Bush at Extra. His arm was tightly wrapped around a blonde. I tightened my grip as she sucked in a breath.

"Don't do it, Janie."

She closed her eyes and took another deep breath. "I know, Edward. I know. This is the first time I've seen him. God it hurts."

I slid my arm around her and held her close. I couldn't hug her now, not without having to do some explaining that wouldn't be good for either one of us. "It's okay, Janie. I'm here. We'll get through this together."

Jane opened her eyes and smiled shakily at me. "Okay. Sorry. We should have stayed home."

I touched her cheek. "No, you're too beautiful to hide at home. Let's show him what he's missing. You look way better than she does. Look at her."

Jane looked and her smile became more genuine. "That lavender color makes her skin look sallow."

"There you go. You, on the other hand, look positively gorgeous. Show her."

She took my hand and smiled. "Okay, let's do this."


We got through the rest of the line without too much of a problem, other than me having to use Jane as a human shield with that Giuliana chick came after me. There were heavy implications of us together and we both batted it away by calling each other friends. There were snarky questions about our exes moving on that were easy for me to answer but Jane stumbled her way through the usual platitudes. It wasn't old hat to her yet and she had been drinking on top of everything.

Demetri was waiting in the entrance along with his date. I felt Jane tense next to me and I squeezed her shoulder in a silent show of support.

"Hi, Jane, you look stunning," he said smoothly. He flashed his ultra-white smile and smoothed back his black hair.

"Demetri," she replied, her eyes sweeping over him and the girl next to him. She really was a girl, too. I'd be surprised if she was really eighteen. "You look," Jane paused as if searching for the word. "Old. Like a father really."

I bit my lip to keep from laughing at the expression of horror that flitted across his face. "Hey, Demetri, it's good to see you again," I told him, not offering my hand. I knew that would burn him a little bit and please Jane as well.

"Cullen," he replied through gritted teeth. "Have you met my girlfriend, Renata?"

Before I could say anything, Jane cut in. "Edward doesn't spend his free time trolling preschools for potential girlfriends, so no, they haven't met."

This was going well. I just smiled winningly at Renata. "Nice to meet you." She was watching everything with wide, wary blue eyes.

"Wow. You're Edward Cullen."

I chuckled as Jane slid an arm around my waist. "Yes, I am."

"Are you with Jane?" she asked and I swear her eyes went up and down my body with interest. Jane stifled a laugh.

"Um, looks that way, doesn't it?" I replied, echoing Jane from earlier. I didn't know what I was supposed to say, but I did know that I wanted to get away from this girl. It looked like if I wanted to steal her away from Demetri like Jane suggested, it wouldn't be difficult at all.

"Looks can be deceiving," she replied sweetly, smiling at Jane.

"That they can. I look like the sexy girl next door, or so they say, but I will throw down and cut a bitch if I have to," Jane interjected. Jesus. I squeezed her shoulder and tried to edge her away.

"Listen, we have to get inside but it was nice meeting you," I said.

"You too," Renata replied. Demetri was too busy glaring between Jane and his new girlfriend to say much of anything. "And Edward, I'd really love to talk to you more sometime. Maybe we could work together." Her voice was dripping with innuendo and I just smiled and turned, yanking Jane away before she could strike. I felt her body tense underneath my hand.

"Why are you taking me away? Let me hit her. How dare she? What, she can't live with just taking one guy away from me? She has to go for you, too? What the hell did I ever do to her?"

"She wants what you have. She doesn't have the talent or the drive to get it by working so she's going the only way she can, which is sleeping her way to it. You're better than that, Janie." She looked slightly mollified and began walking with me rather than struggling to go back to where her ex was.

"Do you think she's fucking the producer of her show?" she asked.

"It wouldn't surprise me. She got the role somehow and I doubt it was her acting."

Jane laughed. "You're the best, Edward."

"Damn right. Now let's get this night over with. I'm already tired of it."

"You and me both." She stopped when we got to our seats and looked up at me. "In case I haven't said enough, thank you so much for tonight, Edward. I never would have survived it without you." She hugged me and I hugged her back.

"You're stronger than you think, Jane. You'd have made it through. You might have ended the night in handcuffs, but you would have inflicted some good damage first."

She giggled and released me. "It would have been worth it."

"You may still have to. I'm a little scared she's going to try to rape me."

Jane laughed and sank gracefully into her seat. "I'll protect you, Edward."

"You better." I sat and wished for the hundredth time that I'd brought my Bella phone with me. I was missing her something fierce. I'd much rather be in bed talking to her than here fending off plastic princesses and keeping drunk friends from falling on their face.


"And the winner of Favorite Male Movie Star is Edward Cullen!" I did my best to appear surprised as I started to stand. Jane kissed me on the cheek and I squeezed her shoulder as I stood to accept my award. I kissed Jada on the cheek and took the trophy in hand.

"Thank you. I'm honored to win an award like this because it's the people that pay to go see us who vote and without them, none of us would be here today. I'm thrilled that I can make movies for a living and that you all support me. I couldn't do it without my team. My agent, Marcus Johns, the best manager and publicist in the business, Garrett and Kate Steinberg, my mother, who got me into this business in the first place and my friends and family, who keep me grounded at all times. I'd also like to thank the writers, who give us these incredible stories. I've recently learned the power of words and none of us would be here without them. Thanks again to all of you out there!" Bella was on my mind when I mentioned the writers and their words. One day, I'd tell her that.

Someone yelled out that they loved me and I grinned. "I love you all, too." I waved and took my trophy back to my seat. The night was nearly over and I couldn't wait. I wanted to go home and see if Bella was around. Maybe I could talk to her tonight. Maybe I could tell her everything. The next time I came to one of these things, I wanted her to be with me. Jane was great, but she was no Bella. It was time. No more secrets.

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