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Chapter 9



In a joint statement with his new wife, Harry Potter has announced his marriage to Holyhead Harpy, Ginny Weasley.

The two wed in a secret ceremony last week with only their closest friends and family in attendance.

The couple has asked the public to respect their privacy during this happy time and offer their thanks for the well wishes. They have also requested that instead of gifts, well wishers send donations to the 'Children of the Great War' foundation, which Mr. Potter is a chairman of.

This news comes after much gossip of a spilt between the couple who have been together, possibly on and off, for the past year and a half. The Wizarding world followed the beginings of their courtship breathlessly through coverage from this very paper when Mr. Potter hosted a dating competition to meet the woman of his dreams. Many suspected that his choice was India Barbary, daughter of Heathcote Barbary the rhythm guitarist of the Weird Sisters. This was disproven when it was found out that she had leaked false information about her and Mr. Potter to the press.

The Harpies also released a statement today congratulating their star chaser on her recent nuptials. They also said that the new Mrs. Potter would return to practice fulltime once she and her new husband return from their honeymoon.

The Daily Witch would also like to offer our heartfelt congratulations to the couple.

As an apparition pop sounded softly in the living room I pulled my focus away from looking out the window and turned to face the doorway leading into my kitchen.

"Smells good, did you stop by your mum's?" Harry asked walking through the doorway while pulling his scarf off.

"How do you know I didn't cook?" I asked not moving from my seat.

"You had practice all day in the blistering cold, not to mention it was your last practice before your winter break so of course Gwen pushed you and the girls twice as hard, and then you had to stop by your mum's anyway since you missed Sunday dinner this week and of course she made you feel guilty and when she offered to send you home with food, how could you refuse?" He said all of this while removing the rest of his winter outer wear before leaning down to kiss me quickly on the lips. Before I could pull him closer he had already turned on the spot to look at the counter where the mentioned food was sitting.

"You waited for me this time right? Because I always feel like an idiot for shoving food in my face for the first half hour after I get home." He asked glancing back at me.

"I'm an active growing woman, I need to eat!" I replied teasing him as I stood up to grab a plate.

"Mmmm… Don't let Witch Daily hear you call yourself growing, they just may add a baby Potter to all the drama they are trying to stir up." Harry laughed and followed my lead of filling a plate with my mother's cooking.

"They can't even decide if they like the idea of us getting married, could you imagine if they thought we had reproduced? And the Harpies! They already make me take the required monthly test every week just to be safe! Can't have anything happen to the unborn spawn of the chosen one!" I tried to say the last part seriously but had trouble controlling my face.

"Spawn?" Harry asked with a raised eyebrow.

"How was your day then, since you already know how mine was?" I asked moving the subject along.

"Usual." He replied with shrug. "I think I may be getting a promotion."

"Excuse me?" I asked jumping from my seat to stand in front of my husband of almost six months.

"No big deal." He said with a smile that betrayed his true feelings.

"I suppose we will have to celebrate then," I replied raising an eyebrow.

"Better tell the Harpies to have you test twice a week then." I was quickly trapped against the counter as Harry's arms wrapped around me.

"We shouldn't in here, remember the last time Sirius floo'd unexpectedly?" It was just days after we had returned from our honeymoon in the South of France and Sirius had been over joyed to see his godson for the first time since the wedding two weeks prior. We however had already been busy in the very spot we stood now.

"We could just block the floo network. Make people schedule their visits."

"I doubt that would ever work. We have a hard enough time keeping our own schedules."

"Let's go find a room with a lock then," Harry said before scooping me up from where I stood.

"What about the food?" I asked from his arms.

"It can wait."

Witch Daily

New Potter on the way

Mr. and Mrs. Potter announced today that they are expecting their first child.

The announcement comes after much speculation and Mrs. Potter not renewing her contract with the Holyhead Harpies.

"We are over joyed to be expecting and look forward to this new adventure life has given us," They said in the statement.

Married for the past year, the Potters have avoiding being seen by the press often outside of Harpies matches. Mrs. Potter was noticeably absent this year during the Harpies annual press conference at the beginning of their training season. Rumors here also further fueled when three new chasers where signed to the team prior to pre-season matches.