Madara groaned weakly, his entire body quivering in agony from his crumped position on the warn-torn ground. How could this have happened? How could he, Uchiha Madara, lose?

Madara looked up - his mask had been smashed and was scattered along the ground in pieces. One eye was swollen and shut, and the other was glazed over in pain and slight fear. He saw the Konoha nin approaching him and he closed his only good eye, bowing his head in what he refused to admit was defeat.

"If I am to die here, then so be it…" Madara muttered, coughing up blood. "I've fought my best for my ambition. I could have brought peace to this cursed world if you hadn't interfered!"

Naruto leant down next to him, watching him with pity in his eyes. "You've killed so many people, but yet, I can sense something about you…"

"What's it to you!" Madara snapped angrily, unconsciously tensing from such close proximity. "You know nothing about me! About the pain I've suffered! Nothing!"

"…" Everyone was silent. They knew that the Uchiha was right – they didn't know anything about Madara.

"See!" Madara screamed as he tried to move from the ground. He found it too painful to do so and collapsed back onto his stomach with a gasp of pain. "Gah!"

"…Don't move." Naruto said softly, an unrecognisable emotion in his voice. "And I would bet that I do understand your pain… but that doesn't give you the right to take over the world! Kakashi-sensei, let's bring him back to the village."

Kakashi stared at Naruto like he was crazy - both of his revealed eyes wide and mistrusting - but Madara spoke before Kakashi had a chance to do so.

"I don't care what you do to me anymore…" he mumbled, sadness evident in his voice. "The last person I cared about, you people murdered!"

"…Who?" Naruto asked, rubbing the back of his head sheepishly. He didn't want to seem like an idiot, but he certainly didn't have any idea on who Madara was talking about. Was he talking about Kabuto?

"Zetsu!" Madara snapped, his tired, onyx eyes flashing a dangerous red as he tried to force his Mangekyou Sharingan into action – but his chakra had been exhausted far too much for his Sharingan to do much more than flash a vibrant red. "You killed my last living friend!"

Naruto sighed before standing back up. Though he wasn't regretting ending Zetsu's life, he did feel sorry for the Uchiha – having lost Sasuke like he had had been hard, and Sasuke hadn't even died - how could Madara had felt when his friend had died? "Kakashi-sensei, can you please carry him?"

"Naruto, why would you want to save him?" Kakashi questioned. "He would've been the death of us all."

Naruto shrugged. "There's something I can sense about him. Something… familiar."

Sai was next to kneel down beside Madara. He reached out a hand to stroke Madara's hair.

Madara flinched violently and hissed as he pulled away, his eyes burning with such strong anger and hatred.

"Don't touch me." Madara snarled. "Unless you want to die."

"Hey…" Naruto said to Madara gently. "We're going to help you. You're obviously sick mentally. We should help you. It's the Konoha way."

Madara lowered his gaze, frowning. "I… am not sick. And if I were I would not accept treatment from Konoha!"

"…You must really hate the Leaf Village, Madara…"

"What makes you think you know anything about it?" Madara screamed, and Naruto was instantly reminded of Sasuke. Back at the Valley of the End, after having spoken of Sasuke's pain, Sasuke had screamed the same thing at Naruto.

Naruto shook his head, trying to clear his thoughts. "Let's head back. Madara, you're going to be okay. We'll look after you."

"There is still the problem of his Sharingan." Sakura explained worriedly.

Sai nodded. "There's nothing we can do about that right now - we should head back and then search for Sasuke."

At the mention of Sasuke's name, Madara choked. Realisation had hit him. He was just another pawn in Konoha's sick game of being the best nation out there.

"Y…you only want to use me for information!" Madara shrieked, his eyes now wide with fear.

"Calm down, Madara." Naruto said. "It's going to be okay. Just relax. We aren't going to hurt you."

Madara cried out in fear as hands wrapped around his body and lifted him up. He tried to lash out as he was placed over someone's shoulder but his body was too weak to do any real damage.

"Put me down!" Madara shouted, trying to make himself sound threatening but it didn't come out as anything other than afraid.

"You're coming home, Madara." Naruto said, smiling as he said it. "I haven't saved Sasuke just yet but at least I can still save you, Madara."


The war was over and Madara was declared in the custody of the Hidden Leaf, against so many of the Shinobi's wishes.

Madara himself wasn't happy and did not trust anyone. To tell the truth, he was terrified and confused. He didn't understand what was happening. Nothing had gone according to plan, and to have this happen to him…

Currently, Madara was thrashing in Kakashi's hold, screaming obscenities and death threats. He hadn't stopped struggling to get away once in all of the three hours that he had been with Naruto and the other Konoha nin.

Sakura had been watching the Uchiha the entire time, her caring side coming out as she saw the way that Madara was behaving.

"We're taking you home," Sakura explained, reaching out to stroke Madara's head in an attempt to soothe him.

Madara flinched and whimpered, not liking the contact. Sakura pulled back, not wanting to push her luck with the same Shinobi who had almost wiped them all out.

Once the physical contact was gone, Madara snapped at her, his anger overwhelming his fear.

"Stupid girl!" He snarled. "Konoha is not my home! It never was and never will be!"

After that outburst, the Leaf Shinobi was forced to listen to Madara cuss and shout and carry on, but even if the others couldn't tell, Naruto knew that Madara was deluding himself.

Naruto could tell that Madara had once thought of the Hidden Leaf as his home, but whatever had happened that made the Uchiha change his mind, he wanted to help Madara get over it.

Madara himself was trying not to cry in his current position. He was so frightened and didn't quite know what was happening - he was confused as hell, and the only way that he could feel in control was trying to resist. In his mind the Leaf Village was only taking him back to torment him once more, and he wouldn't stand for it!

So when the small group of Leaf Shinobi he was traveling with stopped for lunch and had offered him genuine, unpoisoned food, Madara had blacked out from the stress of everything.


Madara woke up what must have been hours later in front of his brother's grave back in Konoha. Naruto was with him, smiling sadly, and all Madara could do was stare at Izuna's tombstone in shock.

Did Naruto understand? What was happening? How did Naruto even know who his brother was? All these overwhelming questions… He was so confused.

A/N This is the result of me and TobizBiggestFan having a conversation about what will happen to Madara in the manga, so I must give the majority of the credit towards TobizBiggestFan because otherwise I may never have gotten that idea lol.

Oh, btw, I know that the odds of Madara being allowed to live are next to none but keep an open mind; it's a fanfiction!