A/N I know that a lot of you will probably kill me for the ending, but it seemed to me the most appropriate ending. It also probably seems rather rushed (it was), but that was because I had lost interest in this fic when I had written the ending down on paper.

When Madara woke up, Naruto was already dressed and sitting on the couch, watching him.

The Uzumaki smiled and got back down onto the ground, hugging Madara tightly.

"I love you, Madara!" Naruto cried happily. "I love you so much!"

Madara smiled. "I'm glad."

But that happy moment couldn't last forever, and Madara's heart was about to break once more.

"Madara, I'm going to go and see Sasuke." Naruto smiled, unaware of the pain those simple words were going to put Madara through.

Madara's whole world stopped – why did Naruto care more about that traitor than his lover? It wasn't fair! Madara had given up everything for Naruto – what had Sasuke ever done for the Uzumaki?

"Naruto, I…" Madara's eyes welled up with tears. "…I don't understand!"

"Understand what?" Naruto frowned.

"Why you're still thinking of Sasuke! I gave you all of me! I gave you all of me and straight after, you want to go and spend time with someone else – a traitor who tried to kill you! How could you?"

"Madara, Sasuke is my best friend." Naruto tried to calm the Uchiha down. "I have to do what I can to help Sasuke – because he's my friend."

"And I am your lover!" Madara couldn't help but cry.

Before Naruto could do anything, the Uchiha had stormed from the room and out of the apartment.

Naruto couldn't help but feel terrible, but he knew that Madara needed time to calm down. He decided to go and see Sasuke before he attempted to find Madara.


"Otouto…" Madara whispered an hour later. He had gone back to the apartment, only to find that he was alone. "What do I do now, Izuna?"

Silence. Madara bit his lip, trying not to break down again.

"Did I… did I make a mistake, otouto…? Does he even care that we made love or did it mean nothing to him?"

The mere thought that Naruto didn't care about him was enough to reduce him to tears once again.


When Naruto returned home, he found Madara curled up on the bed, his face red and swollen from crying.

"Madara…" Naruto whispered, approaching the older male. "What happened…?"

Madara scrunched his eyes shut tightly, tears leaking down his pale cheeks. How was he supposed to answer that?

"...I…" Madara choked on his cries. "…I… Why…?"

"'Why' what?" Naruto asked. "What's wrong?"

"…You l-le…" Madara shook his head, finding it too difficult to form words.

Naruto hadn't taken the hints that the Uchiha wanted to be left alone and continued to pry. It wasn't surprising when Madara snapped and threw Naruto onto the ground, tears of betrayal in his eyes.

"You want to know what's wrong…?" Madara whispered. "Fine! I'll show you how it feels!""

Naruto was rather confused as Madara advanced upon him. Though he knew what was about to happen, he didn't care – he would allow the raven-haired male to take him because he wanted it.

Madara prepared Naruto roughly. Despite the Uzumaki not making one noise of discomfort while the fingers moved inside of him, he did cry out loudly once Madara shoved his length inside. He grunted as he thrust in and out, not bothering to look at the blonde's face. All he wanted was for the blonde to understand what he was going through.

"Madara…" Naruto moaned. The Uchiha was glad that the Uzumaki was enjoying it or else he wouldn't have been able to continue on – no matter what, he would never be able to force Naruto.

When the two came, they came together. What Naruto wasn't expecting, however, was for Madara to stand straight back up and dress himself almost immediately.

"Madara?" Naruto called. He knew that something was seriously wrong with the Uchiha. "…What…?"

"I'm leaving." Madara deadpanned. "I felt so hurt when you did it to me, so now it's your turn to be loved and then dumped."

Madara watched emotionlessly as Naruto's eyes filled with tears. He couldn't bring himself to care, though. Instead, he turned around and walked out of the front door, ignoring the blonde's whimpers for him to come back.

As Madara stormed through the village, he sneered as everyone ran away from him. Once he was a good enough distance away from the village, he sat down on a log.

"Otouto…" Madara whispered as tears dripped down his cheeks. "…Why did you lie to me…? Why…? Otouto…?"


"Otouto…!" Madara's voice grew desperate now, a hint of anger noticeable.




"Speak to me, Izuna!" Madara screamed. "Fucking talk to me! Izuna! Izuna! Don't ignore me!"


"So you've abandoned me, too?"

Madara reached into his pocket and pulled out the photos of him and Izuna. He glared at them as if it were their fault for everything that had happened. He then ripped them into pieces and threw them onto the ground, watching as the wind scattered them far away.

When Madara got back to his feet, he ran. He ran far away – and soon found himself at the Valley of the End.


Naruto was afraid. Madara had not come home after their fight, even after a day had passed. He could not help but worry about the Uchiha.

Two days had passed since Madara stormed out of the house. During that time, he had been searching desperately for his lover. He knew that because of Madara's illness, the elder couldn't travel as fast as he once could.

That was why Naruto could catch up with the raven – at the Valley of the End of all places.

"Madara, stop!" Naruto called as he found Madara on the other side of the valley – standing upon his own statue's head.

Madara turned to stare at Naruto. "What do you want…?"

"I want you to return home, Madara." Naruto said softly.

"Home?" Madara scoffed. "I've told you this once before – Konoha was never my home and it never will be."

"That's not true and you know it is. Stop this. Come back home."

"No. You've all betrayed me. Even Izuna. He lied to me. I hate you all."

"Even Izuna?" Naruto frowned. He didn't think that Madara would ever hate his brother.

"Especially Izuna. So fuck you, Naruto. Fuck. You."

Naruto had no choice to reply as Madara lunged angrily at him. A kunai was drawn and grazed the Uzumaki's cheek. That was when all hell broke loose. Naruto was vaguely aware of the Kyubi taking over him and then all went black


"What happened…?"

Naruto opened his eyes slowly. Everything was blurry at first, but when it cleared up, the boy gasped. The Valley of the End was in ruins. The statues had been broken and the lake was extended to what used to be dry ground as the Valley walls crumbled to the ground.

Madara was nowhere in sight. Naruto instantly teared up, assuming the worst. He had searched the Valley for hours, but no matter where he looked, he just could not find the Uchiha.


Madara watched, blood and tears mingling as they ran down his cheeks together. He turned and left, knowing that he could never return after this.

"I'll miss you…" Madara whispered as he limped away. "…Naruto…"