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Left Behind: Brennan

~*~ Chapter 1 ~*~

Buena Vista, Virginia

Madelyn walked into her house, trying to be quiet so that her stepfather, Ray didn't hear her coming in. The man was a drunk, abusive, good for nothing excuse of a man and the only father she had ever known. She quickly went up the stairs to her room, as she did every day after working at the diner. She went into her bedroom and silently closed the door behind her.

She looked down at her white waitresses' uniform; it was covered in coffee, chili, grease and cheese stains. She pulled the red ribbon from her hair as she walked toward her bed, stopping just long enough to take off her uniform and pull on her night shirt.

As a last thought, she pulled the money from her uniform pocket and walked to her closet to put the money in her secret hiding place. She had been saving all her money except for $75 a week she had to give to the drunk downstairs each week. Ray only bought more booze with the money; he never paid bills or bought food. It was getting to the point where they'd have to move again, but she was determined that the time they did he was going one way and she was going the other.

There was a knock at her door, she grabbed her robe real fast and went to open it, "Yes Ray?"

"I thought we agreed you'd start calling me dad."

"Sorry, I forgot, Dad."

"Sounds better, where's the money for this week?"

"Oh, let me get it." She moved over to her closet, careful not to let him see inside and pulled out $75. "Here you go, I thought you were asleep or I would have given it to you downstairs."

"You know, when you lie, you sound just like your mother," he smiled just before slapping her so hard it knocked her to the floor. "We need to talk about you getting another job, you're not making enough money at this one, maybe we should consider selling you for other jobs," he sneered. "Bet you would bring in money with that cute little body of yours."

"I will never sell my body!"

"You will, but why wait, we can start tonight and no one will stop me."

"Brennan would if he were here!"

"That freak! How dare you even mention that little punk to me! I should have killed that boy years ago instead of letting him leave like he did."

"I'm going to find him and when I do, you will regret everything you have done!"

"He's been gone for 10 years princess, he isn't coming back for you, and furthermore, I bet he doesn't even think about you. Now get a shower or something, because you're going out to 'work' tonight." He slammed the door behind him.

Madelyn touched the locket around her neck and slowly, but strongly, pushed herself off the floor and went to turn the shower on. She went to the closet and got her money out. She threw some clothes in an overnight bag and crawled out the window. "I will find Brennan; I have to, but either way I can't stay here another night."

Two Weeks Later

Hailin Private Investigations (Houston TX)

Madelyn sat in the lobby waiting for her appointment with the private investigator she was hoping she could afford. When she left Ray's house two weeks ago, all she had was $576. It had taken $167 to take a Greyhound bus to Houston where she mistakenly thought she had an aunt. She didn't really have the money to pay for a private investigator, but she did have a job at a local diner and was not completely broke. She was also staying at a local Motel 6 in exchange for housecleaning.

She was tired, working two jobs and needed badly to get back into school. She had left Ray's house so abruptly she didn't even know if it was safe to enroll, using her real name, maybe she could get a fake ID and stuff eventually, just start over.

She glanced up when she heard the door open in front of her, "Madelyn Daniels?"

"That's me," she stood up; she almost forgot the fake last name she had been using.

"Come right in and have a seat right here," the young man said with a heavy southern accent. He appeared to be about 45-years-old, "My name is James Hailin, how may I help you?"

"I need help finding this man," she said handing over an old photo, "His name is Brennan Mulwray."

"When was the last time you saw him?"

"Ten years ago, give or take."

"How old are you?"


"Is he your father?"

"No, eww, no…he's…I don't really know how to explain it. I don't remember everything…I was seven when he left…he's the only family I have, that is really all I know about him."

"Ok, do you know his social security number? Last known address or anything that could be useful?"

Madelyn looked down, "No, I don't have anything…but this locket."

"Ok, let me do some checking on this and see if I can find anything before we even discuss a fee, ok?"

"Fair enough thank you."

"I have your number here; this is where you work, right?"

"Yes sir."

Four Weeks Later

James Hailin sat across the desk from Madelyn, looking grim. "I found your guy, but to be honest, I don't know if you want to proceed with finding him yourself."


"He's an unsavory character Ms. Daniels. He has a criminal record, quite frankly, he's a thief."

"A thief?" Madelyn couldn't fathom the thought of Brennan being a thief, but he just couldn't be, not her Brennan, her hero…

"Yes, I could only find a few things on him I am afraid, his criminal record and a gas receipt for Seattle, that is a month old and a bar called McKinney's has or I should say had a tab on him…one he paid in full about two weeks ago and has not seen him since."


"Don't even think about it…he's not worth it sweetheart."

"But I have to try."

"If you insist on doing this, which I strongly advise against, you will need a place to stay…rent is high there…" he opened his right drawer and pulled out an envelope and handed it to her, "take this."

"What is it?"

"I have a daughter about your age…if she ever needed help, I would want someone to help her…its enough money to get you several months rent, should help until you get a little job or something up there. Call me if you need more, you hear?"

"Thank you so much, I'll pay you back, I promise."

"Not even worried about it."

Year and a half later

Madelyn dropped the empty cardboard boxes onto the floor in front of her apartment door and reached in her pocket for her keys. Though she hadn't found him yet she didn't want to give up the search. However, she had to wait until James could find another lead on Brennan. James hadn't found anything on him since he paid the bar tab from a year and a half ago, he had disappeared, and maybe he was dead…no she couldn't accept that.

To make things worse, James had found out that Daniels was not her real last name, which prompted him to look closer at her, but only briefly, once he learned what she was running from, he backed off and sent Madelyn enough money for a fake ID and a brand-new start; which was going great until last night when James called her to tell her that Ray was looking for her and was in Seattle, apparently he had hired a private investigator too.

She heard steps behind her and turned to see her best friends slash neighbors coming in the door behind her, "Maddie, what's with the boxes?" asked Bree. Bree Riley was the first friend she had made when she came to Seattle a little over a year ago. Bree was roommate's with Olivia Kennedy, not related to those Kennedy's, as she introduces herself. Bree and Olivia had been the closest thing she had had to real friends and she hated to see it end.

Maddie frowned, "Sorry, I was going to tell you guys tonight at dinner."

"Tell us what?" asked Olivia.

"I'm moving out at the end of next week."


"Two reasons, one I haven't found Brennan yet and living here is expensive," she joked half-heartedly.

"Maddie, how long are you going to chase him?"

"Until I find him, he never told me why he left. I just have to hear it from him, he owes me an explanation. In addition, I need him to help me get away from Ray, once and for all. Who knows, maybe he feels bad and wants a chance to apologize to me and he needs help finding me. Then we could go back to how things were before and it would be all right again."

"But you've been looking for him for how long?"

"A long time, but up until the last two years, it wasn't as important."

"Why is it important now?"

"It just is."

"What are you going to tell the guys?" asked Bree. The guys she was talking about where Blake Henry and Connor Morgan, her neighbors on the other side of her and Blake was her boyfriend for all of a week.

"The same thing I just told you both."

"Ok, what about Blake?"

"Look, I never made it a secret that I was in Seattle temporarily, looking for Brennan Mulwray, did I?" she snapped, then regretted it, "Bree, I'm sorry, it's just that I have never had friends like you all, never intended to make friends while searching for him, I am really going to miss you guys, a lot."

"We're going to miss you too, how about we all go out to a club tonight and party?"

"Sounds good, which club and what time?"

"How about Club FuSiOn at 7:00 P.M.?"

"Now we're talking," Maddie smiled as she watched the other two girls leave the apartment. As the door closed, she thought back on her reasons for coming to Seattle. She had to find him, she thought as she fingered the locket around her neck, "He said it was to remember him by and that he loved me, he will help me…he has too!"

The music blares as the four friends dance the night away at Club FuSiOn. Jesse protesting as Shalimar talks him into one more dance, Emma laughs from the bar as Brennan dances with a cute brunette. All four needed to relax after a week of fighting Mason Eckhart's multitude of GSA agents, helping several new mutants escape safely from said GSA agents and enter into the mutant underground.

It had been one year since Mutant X went from being a two-member team to a four-member team. Adam had thought it would be good for them to get out of Sanctuary and celebrate the anniversary. It was unusual for Adam to be so sentimental, but the four needed a break, so they didn't argue much at the suggestion.

Just a little over a year ago, Emma had been running from not only the Genomex agents trying to capture her, but her abilities as well. She still remembered calling Shalimar and Jesse freaks, remembered the hurt on Jesse's face and the anger in Shalimar's eyes at the comment. Shalimar and Jesse had forgiven her, but she still remembered and had regrets about it still.

Shalimar being the longest running member of Mutant X didn't mean that she no longer remembered how it was for her when she first came to know Adam. Adam had saved her life in more ways than one, not only had he helped her learn to control her powers, he had stabilized her and was the first person in her young life to make her feel like something other than a freak.

Jesse was perhaps even more scarred then Shalimar, his pain went deeper and he kept it to himself. He didn't have the physical abuse that Shalimar or Brennan had to endure, he was never abandoned like Emma, but like the others, he had never had real love in his life until he met Adam and Shalimar. Then there was the issue concerning his father.

Brennan had been a common thief, nothing to say for his life or any future beyond his next score. However when he ran into Emma at that club that night, when she begged him to help her, his life as he knew it was about to change forever. For the first time, he was needed for something other than a crime. It took him time to not only trust Shalimar, Jesse and Emma, but to earn their trust in return. Brennan had not forgotten his past either; he still remembered the abuse, the pain and the anger. He still could hear himself telling Thorne that 'he couldn't hurt him, any more' than he had already been hurt. There was nothing left that could hurt him, nothing.

Emma had learned to shut out others' emotions, but sometimes a few stray emotions got to her. She could hear one woman's thoughts so clearly.

"I cannot believe it is really him . . . He looks happy . . . but how could he after leaving me like he did? I went through so much pain after he left . . . I've been looking for him, for almost two years, thought he must have died . . . but here he is, smiling, dancing and getting groped by some tramp . . . I hate him!"

Emma started looking around to see if she could figure out which woman it was coming from. It wasn't usually this clear to her, so the woman had to be close. Jesse walked over to Emma, "You just going to watch us dance?"


"Are you ok?"

"Yeah, just . . . nothing; looks like you and Shalimar was having fun."

"Yeah, she is having fun, I'm making a fool out of myself . . . I can't dance."

"I've noticed, but neither can anyone else here apparently, except for Shalimar that is."

"Yeah, she's had practice."

"Yeah, I can tell, unlike Brennan," she smiled and pointed. Jesse turned to watch his friend pretend to dance, "but that girl doesn't care much."

"Yeah, I guess we know where Brennan will be later tonight."

"I could kill him!"

Emma jumped as the voice almost screamed in her head. Jesse caught her arm, "Are you ok?"

"Yes, sorry, I am dealing with a very angry emotion being thrown at me right now."

"Can you block it out?"

"Trying to, but it is strong, like a dangerous kind of strong."

"Can you tell who it's coming from?"

"Maybe, I know she is close to me. Her thoughts are too clear for her to be far away. "

Emma and Jesse start glancing around, Jesse's blue eyes settle on a girl who looked to be about 17. She had long raven black hair and emerald eyes. She was wearing a light-blue halter top, leather miniskirt with studded belt and shiny black leather ankle boots. Her eyes appeared both angry and hurt, she glanced at Jesse and for a moment he thought he saw something familiar about her.

"Emma, could it be her?" he said has he pointed in the direction of the girl, Emma looked at her intently, "Yea, it is her Jesse, wait, she's moving toward the dance floor. Jesse, I think we need to follow her!"

Jesse moved to follow the girl at a distance, if Emma felt danger, then he had to try to stop her before someone got hurt. He watched as the girl walked close behind Brennan and tapped him on the shoulder, Brennan turned just in time for the girl to punch him full in the face. Jesse made a grab for her, but he wasn't fast enough, Shalimar met the girl as she ran toward the exit of the club. Shalimar grabbed the girl and dragged her out of the club, with Jesse, Emma and Brennan following. Shalimar walks her into the alley, turning her so that the girl's back met the wall, "Who are you?"

"Let me go!"

"You just punched my friend and I don't take too kindly to people who hurt my friends."

"Your friend deserved it for what he did to me!"

"What did he do to you?"

"Let him tell you!" She jerked away from Shalimar, walking toward the streets. She suddenly stopped, walked backed to the group and ripping the locket away from her neck dropped it to the ground. Maddie turned and walked into the night without a word.

"Brennan, who was that girl?" asked Jesse.

"I have no clue, never seen her before."

"Well she knows you," says Shalimar, "or least thinks she does. Are you sure you didn't spend some hot night with her and never called her again?"

Emma bent over and picked up the abandoned locket, "She dropped this, have you ever seen it before Brennan?" She held out her hand so that Brennan could take it. When he does she gets a wild intense emotion from him, one that rattles her. She'd never felt love coming from Brennan so strongly before. "Brennan?"

"Where did she go?" he says frantically, running in the direction he saw her go, trying to catch her. The others take off running after him, Shalimar yells, "Brennan, wait!"

After 20 minutes of searching, they get back together, with Brennan looking like he saw a ghost. He sits down on a bench, "How could I not know it was her?"

Jesse says, "Who? Who is that girl?"

"Maddie . . . I haven't seen her since she was seven . . . God it's been 10 years. I was 15 at the time and was so messed up, but I gave her this locket . . . to remember me by, because I knew I was going to have to leave . . . leave her behind. There was no way I could take her with me."

"Brennan, you're making no sense, "said Shalimar. "Who is Maddie?"

"Her name is Madelyn Alexis Mulwray, she is my sister"