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Left Behind: Brennan

Chapter 3

"I know this is bound to be painful to talk about Brennan, but what do you mean you almost killed your sister?" asked Adam.

"I didn't mean too! It's not like I did it on purpose."

"Okay, calm down, I am assuming you mean during a time when your powers were out of control, so start from the beginning. When did this happen?"

"I was 15, she was 7, it is day I will never forget . . . we were outside playing catch, and it was all so innocent…until I lost control of my powers. I threw a tesla coil at her instead of the ball, Adam. She was lying there on the ground. I thought I had killed her, but I didn't hit her completely, barely hit at her all… but I scared her. I couldn't stand that look in her eyes, as she stared up at me with those emerald eyes of her"

"It was an accident, it wasn't your fault."

"That accident, as you call it, that moment changed my life forever, I have often wondered how things would have been had I stayed, but I vowed I was never going to hurt her again. I packed all my clothes and left that day, gave her this locket," he said as he held it up, "to remember me by. Kind of stupid now that I think about it… who would want to remember the guy who almost killed them."

"I'm sorry you had to go through that Brennan, but hopefully you and your sister can repair the damage, once we find her that is. You have any idea how she found you?"

"No, we lived in Virginia when I left; I have no idea what she is doing in Seattle."

"We'll use every resource we have to find Maddie for you. But you need to be careful."


"Because we don't know why she is looking for you, it could be innocent, but it might not be. After what happened with Jesse's dad, we need to be careful."

"Maddie is not Noah! Maddie isn't a bad person and she's not a mutant Adam."

"I know she wasn't a bad person then, but it's been 10 years, we don't know what her motivation for finding you is."

"Maybe it was just a coincidence that she is in Seattle and was at the club tonight."

"I am not saying it wasn't, I'm not saying she is a bad person, I am just saying, be careful."

Jesse walked in followed by Emma and Shalimar, "We found her and let me tell you, it was not easy Brennan. You're sister has left no trace of herself through the years, probably why she never popped up in our records."

"That and she is no mutant," reminded Adam, "that I can confirm, your father never brought in a sister Brennan, never mentioned her."

"Well, she is my sister, but my mom was the one who put me in Genomex…well you know why Adam, my sister never was sick like that, so she was spared Genomex. Plus, my mom never told my father or two stepfathers about Genomex, not that it would have made a difference to the last one why I was a freak."

"Yeah, I never met either of your stepfathers Brennan," said Adam as he started to say something more, but held back.

"What is it Adam?" asked Shalimar.

"I don't want to say anything until I am sure, will have to look at my records."

"Cut the bull Adam, what is it?" asked Brennan.

"Brennan, if I remember right, and to be honest about I am 100% positive your mom isn't the one who brought you to Genomex, in fact, I never met your mother."

"I just assumed it was her Adam, my dad was never in the picture."

"He had to be in the picture, how else do you explain Maddie?" asked Emma, "Unless your step-brother and sister."

"She my half-sister, my biological father took off shortly after I was born I think. Maddie was born to my first stepfather, then he died and then we ended up with Ray.

"I thought your dad died in Vietnam, Brennan," said Jesse.

"That was my first stepfather, Maddie's father. I tell people he was my real father though, he was a hero."

"So, what happened to your real father?" asked Emma, as Jesse glanced at a weirdly silent Adam. Jesse knew when Adam was hiding something, and he was at this very moment.

"I don't know! He just dropped out my life when I was young and my mother told me he died. Will you people just get off my back, he probably just decided to not be there for me, okay!" yelled Brennan.

"I think never might be stretching it a bit, in fact there is a lot you need to know Brennan and I apologize for not telling you this sooner," said Adam as he walked over to the computer console and typed in BRENNAN T MULWRAY.

"Adam, my middle initial is not T."

"It is in my files," smirked Adam. Up on the screen popped everything Adam had on Brennan. Brennan walked over as Adam pulled up a video file, "This was recorded the day you were brought to Genomex."

**On the screen, it shows a tall man holding the hand of a very small little boy, appearing to be about 2-years-old. The man was talking to a younger Mason Eckhart and Adam Kane, when the small child started coughing and collapsed to the floor in a struggle for breath. Adam picks up the small child and runs with him into another room. **

Adam closed the video, as Emma, "What was wrong with him?"

"I was dying," admitted Brennan, "it was a rare type of cancer, I don't remember it anymore, but I remember coughing a lot and coughing up blood."

"What happened next in the video Adam?" asked Shalimar. "Why did you stop it?"

"Brennan," Adam looked down, and then turned to face Brennan, choosing his next few words carefully, "died for almost 5 minutes that day and you're lucky to be alive. That man right there" pointing at the screen "risked everything to bring you to Mason and I. Genomex was just starting up, you were one of the first kids we…"

"Used as guinea pigs?"

"We thought we could cure cancers and other diseases, we were right in some cases, like yours, but didn't see what our experiments would cause in the long run and we thought super humans would mean the end to all such diseases, we were wrong, I have never denied that, but what we do now here at Mutant X, I hope in some way makes up for it." Adam admitted in a rare moment of humility.

Jesse steps forward, "I think it does, but how did you save Brennan?"

"We didn't…"

"Excuse me? I'm right here, which means you saved me?"

"No Mason and I didn't…your father did."

"My father? How?"

"Brennan, I can't explain it all to you, it would take too much time, but needless to say, I said you were one of the first…I never said you were the first…Brennan, your father…"

"Was a mutant?"


"How is that possible?" asked Jesse, "Brennan's father was in his 20's at least in that video, Genomex didn't exist 20 years before Brennan was born."

"No it didn't, but a form of Genomex was around 4 years before Brennan was born…when Brennan's father was in the Army, by the way, Brennan, your father's name is Caleb Tracer. He underwent classified testing through Genomex…before it was named Genomex, back then, we called it MHK Corporation."


"It combined the names of the three men in charge of research. Mason, Harrison and me."

"Dr. Ben Harrison?" asked Emma, "the man who is beneath Mason now? He used to be equal to you two?"

"Yes, at one time and to be honest, he's smarter than Mason gives him credit to be. He had different motivations as well, ones that I thought would make him a good ally against Mason at one time, but he refused to join our side against Mason."

"Adam, why are we just now finding this out?" asked Shalimar.

"Because, I didn't think it was important until now."

"You didn't think it was important for me to know my father, was a mutant?" asked Brennan.

"Until now, yes."

"Adam, seriously I wonder if you're human at all sometimes."

"Look, sometimes I see things from a scientific perspective and other times, from a human perspective. It is a flaw of mine, I admit it."

"What happened to him, how did he save me?"

"He was like you, elemental, he was thermal, and he used ice to be exact. We were able to shock you back, but only for a second or two, then we would lose you again, we couldn't charge you enough, you were two, but you needed more power and one of Caleb's Army Ranger friends was electrical and he was able to charge you and your dad froze you, keeping you on ice long enough for the charge to have an effect. It took almost everything your father had to keep you frozen long enough, I had never seen anything like it and haven't since."

"Why are you telling me all this now?"

"Because, you said he was never there for you, I needed you to know he was!"

"Ok, this is a lot to take in at once."

"Adam," said Jesse, looking at Adam with years of knowledge of Adam Kane to back up his next question, "Do you know where Brennan's father is now?"

"Yes, I do."

"He's alive?" asked Brennan.

"Yes, he is and he's been in hiding for quite some time. Brennan, out of the 24 soldiers we tested, everyone but your father has died and they died within 5 years of the tests. Needless to say, Mason wants your dad very badly, even more than he wants you all."

"Can we bring him to Sanctuary?" asked Jesse.

"Yes, we could, if it would be all right with you Brennan."

"Adam, do you think he will want to come?"

"He will come, he hasn't wanted to come every since he found out you were here with me. There is no doubt in my mind he wants to see you; he has never once failed to ask how you are doing when I see him."

"How often is that?"

"Twice a year, I monitor his bios, like I do with you all. He trusted me to tell you the truth and I am sorry it took this long. He probably thinks you don't want to see him, I haven't told him you didn't know the truth yet. I am sorry Brennan."

"I might accept that eventually, but for now you get my dad here, so I can have a chance to get to know him."

"Fair enough, I'll give Jesse the coordinates and have him take the Helix to pick up your father."

"Wait, why can't I go?" asked Brennan.

Shalimar came up beside him, "Because you got a sister to go mend fences with." She handed him a piece of paper, "Here is her address, want Emma or me to come with you?"

"No thanks, this is between her and me."