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Last Night – Breathe Carolina
Edge of Heaven – Breathe Carolina

Waking up outside, everybody passed out on the floor.

Last thing I remember was the girl next door.

The girl who lived next door, Hinata Hyuga. He couldn't believe that what happened, even though it wouldn't be enough for most people in one night, but it was completely enough for him, but now he wanted more.

Somebody call my phone.
So I can figure out the shit I've done.
Still Drunk, So What.

His head banged as he got up from the floor, he held it steady and walked outside. He still felt a little drunk as he saw that there were people everywhere, and pieces of the chandelier made the grass seem shiny. Toilet paper and dog food littered the ground along with the shiny, blue teardrop shaped glass. He stepped over it, and saw Naruto, Neji and Shikamaru all over the lawn. Naruto was snoring loudly, Neji was against a bush and Shikamaru was sprawled out over Naruto, drooling. Kiba muffled a laugh as he remembered what had happened that night.

Last night:
We were dancing on the tables.
Swinging from the chandelier singing 'Ayooo'.

"Damn." He mumbled. Naruto had convinced him to go to The Hidden Leaf, a club that was completely invisible to anybody who wasn't of ninja status. Its walls were made of sticks, covered in leaves that branched from the trees around it. The door was covered in Ivy from the ground. On inside, it was a giant club with a blue chandelier that had blue teardrop diamonds hanging from it. If you went up the stairs, you could attempt to catch one of the many swings that hung down from them. Since you had to be ninja enough to find it, you'd assume that people could jump to catch the moving swings. The dance floor lit up colors onto the black walls that were covered in shiny, reflective silver circles. The bar encircled 3 of the walls. The clear glass of the bar shone blue from the water on the inside that held thousands GloFish in it. Kiba awoke from his remembrance with a small chuckle and smirk.

Last Night:
Had to shut the whole place down.
So we took it to the boulevard.

The bar closed at 3 AM. But the slightly drunk ninjas still wanted to party, they were sober enough to drive, so they all did. Straight to Kiba's house, the Inuzuka mansion. Kiba went to the entertainment room, and blasted his speakers so they sung out the same raving music as the club they had just left. Naruto, loving a good party that he didn't have to host, invited everyone in his contacts. The place filled up by 3:45AM. People were everywhere, dancing, drinking and socializing. As Kiba walked around the estate, he had the sweet morphemes of alcohol pumping through his veins, but he would never forget how good she looked even while he was slightly hazed. Her figure had grown with age, as it was hidden by a black and purple striped dress. She was filled & flat in all the right places. Not too much, and not too lacking. He walked up to her, and then there was complete magic.

Last night was a prequel.

He kissed her, he didn't even understand why. It couldn't have been alcohol, he hadn't had too much. It just felt like it had to happen. He didn't even use his tongue. He just placed his lips against hers, softly but with slight passion. He felt like he was a kid again, playing 7 minutes in heaven. He was nervous, afraid of being pushed away, but he was also excited. He loved the way her lips felt. They were soft and tender. He fought the urge to bite them, his canine side threatening to coming out. But he was going to be a good boy and, she seemed to appreciate it, his old comrade.
Hinata Hyuga.

Hanging from the Edge of Heaven.
All Seven. All Seven.
Father, I need it all.
Hanging from the Edge of Heaven.

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