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Kiba & Hinata

I can't hold back.
My hands won't let me.
It's the touch of your skin.
Is it lust or envy?

Kiba POV.

She was light in my hands, my feet were quick and pounded to the ground as I ran to our small house, and the date of the conjoined wedding couldn't have been on a better date. I was in heat and Hinata knew it only so well. I set her down for only a quick second to unlock the door, sweeping her off her feet and closing the door with my foot, I trampled up the set of stairs and kicked our bedroom door open. Nearly throwing her onto the bed, her veil coming off in the process she looked at me with those beautiful lilac eyes of hers. They spoke without words, screaming pureness and pleading for mercy. I smirked to myself, she wasn't getting any mercy. Hinata was a virgin, and it drove me crazy. She made me promise that we'd never do anything that could made her feel impure by her standards until we were married. I had been waiting for this day, my hormones raging only made me even hornier for her. "Hinata, this is it." I spoke in a low growl as her face gained a line of blush. I started to loosen the tie I was wearing, taking it and throwing it off to the corner along with the heavy black jacket I was wearing. Her dress was the first obstacle of many, flipping her over quickly I heard a small giggle from her as I ran the zipper down her body, removing the pure white cloth revealing skin that rivaled the white of the dress. I ran my hands down her sides, gentle and quick, as if I touched it for too long it would shatter before me into a million pieces. I pulled the dress from the bottom, yanking it wildly off her body.

I can't hold back.
My pride won't let me.

She yelped loudly, feeling the cool air hit her skin. Her white lace bra matched with the white panties she was wearing. It almost matched her porcelain skin; as it shined with the bright moonlight casting in from the large one-way window that covered nearly the whole wall to the right of our bed. She quickly crawled on her knees towards me. "I-it's not fair; I'm nearly naked you're still in your tux." Her voice said to me in her low girly tone. I smiled at her comments, as I watched as she started working quickly at the buttons of my white dress shirt. It came off quickly, and she ran her hands down my chest, then she went to working on my pants but, only after she kissed both of my nipples and made me release a moan. Once my pants were dropped, my paw print covered boxers were the only thing that hid me from my wife. I quickly dominated her, my body hanging over hers and the intensity of my eyes burned into hers. I ran my hands over her body, quickly unhooking the bra that held her breasts captive from me. The double-D Duo stood before me, and bounced as they were released, I took them into my hands giving them a massage before adding my tongue to the handiwork. All while Hinata was moaning and using her hands to pull my head closer to her chest. I abused the other breast before raising my head and dragging my tongue down Hinata's body. I reached her groin and quickly disposed of the white hindrance. The pale skin of her untouched womanhood glowed like the rest of her, but with a sparkle from the juices that trickled out from her, showing her appreciation for all my past meddling. "Hinata, you're soaked." Without warning I roughly stabbed a finger into her and her head flipped back in a moan from the intense pleasure that surged through her. Adding another, I quickened the pace as her body started to come at my hand with insane force. "Hinata, you're really ready for this..." I was cut off by her words. "Kiba! Stop teasing me, I've been waiting for this as much as you, I-I can't wait any longer..." I shook my head. "Hinata, if I don't do this, it'll hurt even more. I-I can't hurt you." I added a third finger in, scissoring them, searching for that spot. I pushed three in deeper and I heard Hinata's scream fill my ears. I brushed the spot again, as her legs wrapped around me. I smiled at the sight, Hinata started to grind and ride the fingers in her. Her breathe was erratic, and I found it erotic. I felt a tent build itself in my boxers, and I resisted the urge to relieve myself. I heard moan loudly as her movements became wild and oddly paced, I felt a hot liquid coat my chest and the majority of my hand. That was all I needed, I dragged my fingers out of her, as she groaned from the loss, and ripped off my boxers. I used her cum to slicken most of myself, so I pumped myself a few times to use my precum to lube the remaining 2 inches. I put myself between her legs, and put my member at her entrance, my eyes looking at her, warning of the pain that was yet to come. She nodded to me, and I pushed all the way in.

I just can't help it.
I need it all.

Hearing her scream must have been the most painful thing for me that whole night. I gripped her hips until my nails made blood trickle from her. We stayed frozen like that for what seemed like hours until I heard her speak. "K-Kiba. You can move, I'm okay now." I drew myself from her, only to quickly push back in, the pleasure filling our bodies. I could hear her moan into the kiss I dragged her into as I continued to thrust into her; as I felt the warm blood that had spilled out from her reach my knees. It stopped me for only a moment. Continuing my thrusts her voice reached my ears when she pushed my mouth away from hers, "Kiba! Ahn! Faster and H-Harder!" I nodded, pulling only halfway out before slamming back in; I knew I must have found the spot again when her moan rang in my ears. I continued to pull out to the head, only to slam back in into the spot of interest with immense passion and magnitude. I started massaging her bulbous pearl and suckling her neck when I felt a contraction around myself. I heard a scream and I saw a face filled with ecstasy. I pushed myself in one last time, fully feeling the tip of me hitting the end of her. I felt myself twitch inside her, and I began fill my wife with the white seed. It mixed with her own brand as I pulled out from her, collapsing next to her, barely missing her body. We both were out of breath, so we panted to catch it.

"Kiba, that was amazing. I'm so happy we waited." Hinata turned on her side to tell me, her arms wrapping around my neck.

"It was worth the wait." I nuzzled her neck as I hugged her close.
"I love you Hinata." I saw her face grow a dark red.
"I love you too, Kiba."

This feels oh, so right to me.

Neji & Tenten

You asked for it.
You wanted it.
The Benefit.

TenTen POV

Neji grasped my hand, and pulled us into our room. He recklessly pulled off the short white dress I was wearing. I felt my long hair touch my back; he pulled me close by the waist and kissed me. I felt his hands snake up my back and unclasp the bra I had been wearing. The medium sized mounds of flesh were released when he pulled away to remove his tie and jacket. I made quick work of the dress shirt and his black pants. His purple boxers made me giggle in my head; he pulled me towards him again, this time moving his body out of the way from mine so it could fly onto the bed. I fell onto it with a soft thump and before I could breathe he was above me, dominating me. He was much bigger than me so my feet only reached his knees that were placed near the edge of the bed. His hair messily hung down the sides of his face, the bun long gone. I felt him massage my breasts as I let a moan escape my mouth. His mouth accented his hands as it teased my left nipple, then my right, tweaking the lone one harshly when it wasn't being suckled. His hands moved down south of my body, ripping off the last piece of clothing I had on. I looked at him with a bit of anger, his purple eyes softened from the horny rage he had before. I ripped off his boxers and flipped us over. "There will be no foreplay this time. I can't wait for all of that!" I spoke to him in a tone that spoke of serious sex business. I placed my hands on my entrance, feeling the wetness. I plunged two fingers in and briskly took them out and wrapped my hand around Neji's hard member. My pre-cum made it easy for me to pump quickly. When his own pre-cum started to leak I massaged it around his member, earning a much appreciated moan from him. "What happened to no foreplay..?"

I'm out of time.
I just might catch fire.

He looked at me with eyes that smirked like his mouth. I looked to the left feeling a blush come onto my face, it was replaced when my face made it possible for me to gasp. Neji had pulled my hips up, and plunged me onto him. "Ahnnn!" I heard myself moan, and I know Neji appreciated it, when I felt him twitch inside me. I put my hands on his chest as I started to bounce on his hips, moans escaping from our mouths in unison. My fingers played with his nipples and his hands did the same to mine. That was, until he started to meet his hips with mine and he grasped a hold of me for grip. His back arched and I felt him reach a new height and brush against a spot that made me see stars. "Neji!" He nodded with a grunt and began to plunge into me faster than before, with a quick flip of our bodies his speed increased. I gripped the sheets under me for my life, not knowing if the pleasure would let me live another day.

Lies Spread, like your legs did.
Can't keep my name out your mouth.

Pleasure rang though my body as I felt Neji hit the spot once more, making me contract around him. My release was soon and I could feel him nearing his. His hand found my clit and he swiveled it in circles. My back arched, and my juices spilled onto him. It wasn't moments later when he bent down to kiss me and our tongues were dancing that I felt him fill me with his white liquid. He let out a staggered moan and collapse onto me. I felt him pull out of me, and hold me close from behind.

"I love you Tenten." His breathe tickled my ear.
"I love you too, Neji."

I felt his low laugh and I screamed out, when he entered me from the back.

You taught us, to live.
We love you.

Yaoi after this line! You Can Skip This!

Shikamaru & Naruto

3rd Person

Set me on fire tonight.

Naruto, carrying Shikamaru, who was leaving purple marks on the blonde's neck, felt like his legs were going to give out. He opened the door with his shoulder, rolling them onto the giant bed Shikamaru had insisted on getting. The blonde had been topped by his husband as he blushed from the sight of him without his shirt on. "I guess your topping tonight." Naruto spoke with offence. Shikamaru nodded with pride, "Damn Straight. Being on the bottom is troublesome." Naruto tried to laugh, but Shikamaru had already busied his mouth with his own. The brunette asked for entrance, by stroking his tongue along the other's bottom lip, when it wasn't given Shikamaru let his hands travel under the blonde's shirt. Going above his flat stomach, Shikamaru let his hands ghost over Naruto's pert nipples. The blonde gasped and Shikamaru slipped his tongue inside the cavern. "Check." Shikamaru thought as he swirled his tongue around Naruto's. He felt Naruto suck on the flexible muscle, and he moaned into their kiss. Pulling apart for air, Naruto looked at him in depression. Shikamaru helped the blonde remove his shirt, and they both worked on each other's pants. Revealing the simple deer track boxers of Shikamaru's and the ramen one's of Naruto's. Shikamaru bent down, leaving butterfly kisses on Naruto's warm skin as he trailed down the hem of the fabric. He snapped it, making his husband yelp out, dragging it down his legs and throwing it to the side Shikamaru looked at the fully throbbing member of his husband. He placed a finger at the head, swirling around the slit as pre-cum dribbled out. Naruto let out a moan, and Shikamaru took his chance to grasp the head of Naruto's member with his mouth.

He sucked up the pre-cum, and swallowed the warm organ whole. Dragging his tongue up and down the member as his head bobbed, he felt Naruto's hands rage threw the now let down hair of the brunette. Shikamaru took the next step, letting the tip of Naruto's member touch his back of his throat, Naruto tried to buck into his mouth, but Shikamaru held is hips down so he wouldn't choke. Continuing the deep-throating he felt the organ inside him twitch. He closed his eyes in pleasure as he felt the warm liquid shoot down his throat and heard Naruto scream/moan out. He pulled up, swallowing the bit that hadn't gone down his throat. Naruto was panting and his back was pressed against the headboard. He looked up at him, "Oh did my uke enjoy that..?" Shikamaru gripped his waist and dragged him down so Naruto was under him, and the blonde's head was a on a pillow.

I told you with my body that the answer is yes.

"Raw or Slick, my uke?" Shikamaru said with lust lining the words. Naruto panted out his words "I don't care. You better not rip me open though.." Shikamaru laughed and put three fingers in front of the blonde. "Suck." Naruto took the 3 digits in his mouth, swirling them around as he felt something hard brush against his leg. 'When did Shikamaru take off his boxers?' The blonde thought to himself as he finished sucking off the fingers. With a pop, the fingers were out and one was at his entrance. Shikamaru plunged one in, and quickly started a fast pace, with a moan from Naruto as his signal, he pushed another in. Naruto's faced looked pained for awhile, and soon he was moaning and began to start to ride the digits inside him. Shikamaru took the opening to a new level as he pushed the 3rd in. The moan of the blonde was followed by a buck of the hips and a scream as Naruto felt Shikamaru brush against his sweet spot. "S-Shikamaru.." The brunette smirked, and pulled the 3 out. "Soon enough you won't have it in you to quiet your voice when you speak my name."

Let's take a chance.
For 7 minutes in heaven.

Shikamaru put his member as the newly stretched opening of his uke, without warning, he pushed himself in. He groaned from the tightness, and pulled out only to push back in as nails dug into the brunette's back. "N-Naruto, how are you still so tight?" Shikamaru put his hands to grip the shoulder's of the blonde, as he thrust in and out of the blonde man under him. With every moan of his uke, Shikamaru felt himself twitch inside, if this kept up, he wouldn't be able to bear the name of seme if he came first. Moving a hand from the shoulder to the neglected member of the blonde, he pumped it so it matched with his increased pace of thrusts. The blonde moaned out, bucking into the strong grip of his brunette. Naruto's thrust into Shikamaru's hand quickly became wild and erratic.

Naruto's moans and Shikamaru's growls and grunts rivaled each other in loudness. The brunette clutched the blonde's member with a death grip and pumped wildly as his thrusts matched the hand's pace. Brushing against Naruto's prostate, he felt the uke release on his hand and their chest. With the unison moan, Shikamaru released his own seed into Naruto as he slowly thrust into him a couple more times before pulling out and resting next to him. Naruto looked at Shikamaru with a stare. "I get to be seme next time."
"Why next time? Why not now?" Shikamaru regretted the words, the hyperactive blonde was already on top of the tired brunette, the blonde had three fingers in front of the brunette's mouth. With a smirk he spoke;

I told you with my body that the answer is

Yaoi Over :(

Sasuke & Sakura

Sasuke's POV

Do you Dare?
Wanna taste the feeling in the Air?
Lets take chance.
Spin the Bottle.

I flung her body onto the bed, quickly climbing on top of her, my clothed body was a thing in the past. We opened the door and she had already started to strip me, my body remained with only one thing. The silk boxer I wore pressed against her legs, and I quickly rid her of the white dress. Her pink hair messily down and spread on the bed, as she slipped out of the white cloth, her bra & the small thong that could barely be called underwear remained. With a snap the bra was gone and flung across the room. My teeth pleasured her right nipple and the fingers went to work on the left. Her body arched with my touch, a moan released in appreciation and anticipation. My mouth and hands switched places as I felt a tent build up, and brush against a wet spot outside of the silk. "Sakura, your already so wet.." I stopped my tease, as she groaned from the loss. I slipped my hands into the white lingerie of hers and quickly hooked and pulled it off. The bare skin called my name as I began to lick the sweet juices that had been released from her. They smelled of flowers, and pure lust, and for some reason it turned me on and made the erection in my boxers feel painfully pleasurable.

"Sasuke, don't tease.." I sucked my tongue into her womanhood to shut her from releasing words. I'd much rather hear her moans, and moans I got from her mouth. They rang through my ears, I bit her pearl and licked my way up her body again. I gripped her hips and looked at her, "Sakura.." I pushed into her, feeling the contraction already. "Y-you're still so tight. How is this even possible?" She moaned in response, my wish was working against me. I thrust into her, going to the hilt. The sound of slapping skin filled the room that was already thick with lust and the smell of sweat and want. My body worked by itself as it pulled her closer, greedily wanting her, my cock twitched inside her as I heard her moan directly in my ear. She bit on it, then licked her way down to my neck as she found my soft spot that made me groan. "Sakura.." I continued to thrust into her trying to go deeper, but to my surprise I heard her scream out a moan. 'S-Sasuke! Right! There!"

I gripped higher on her body, her stomach in fact, and pounded as hard as I could into the spot she seemed to love so much. I felt her hands go down my back and towards my ass. I thought of what she could do, but before I could protest, 2 slick fingers were already in, pumping and scissoring themselves. "S-Sakura..why do you do this to me.." I felt her body start to move in time with mine, she was getting impatient. I felt her contract around me, I groaned at the pleasure. I was so close, and when I felt her release my neck to moan into it, she spilled her sex juice on me, warming the already heated body under her. I felt a brush of pleasure shoot through me as her now 3 digits in my ass hit my prostate. I lost it from there and came into her. I moaned out loud for the first time that night and she collapsed onto me.

"Sasuke, I believe I've just found your weakness.." She drew out her fingers from me.
"Hmph." I looked away from her, and she wrapped her arms around my chest.
"I love you." She giggled into my chest as her faced rubbed against it.
"I, love you too." I put my head on top of hers, and tried to lose the blush on my face before she could see it.

I always get what I desire

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