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As far as Esteban remembered in the small town he was living the favor could only be repaid by favor. That was the unspoken rule among townspeople. So he wasn't that surprised as he opened the door and saw his classmate, Caesar, standing in the doorway with big orange toolbox in his hand.

Teenager knitted his eyebrows – every school had a 'weird kid' unaware of being a gossip-factor and laughing stock – in his school it was Caesar Salazar. The tall teenager rarely talked to anyone, he was full of quirks and odd skills, like he could draw a perfect circle without using compasses and was adored by everyone's last favorite science teacher.

There was even a gossip that he was mental of some sort. The gossip itself was neither confirmed nor denied so it was freely circling around the school like a big fly – annoying and hard to ward off. Not that Caesar minded it any way, Esteban wondered if Salazar was even aware of it.

"Is señora home?" Caesar asked politely "Mama told me that you have a fridge to fix"

"Mom is away – She's having Abuela's hair done" Esteban answered "and Papá won't be home until day after tomorrow"

"it's all right" Salazar replied rising his toolbox "I have my own tools"

"Nice" Esteban answered flatly, glancing over the box. Even Caesar's mental short-cuts were legendary among students! Chubby teenager led his classmate to the kitchen. Without a word Esteban was showed aside and, when the toolbox was opened, even forgotten by his companion. Having nothing else to do, shorter teenager sat on a stool and watched as his classmate was repairing the fault.

Deep down Esteban hoped that it will be Rafael who would come by and fix the fridge – at least he knew about what he could talk with Mr. Salazar and even ask for assistance with math homework afterwards. Conversations with Caesar were awkward, to say at least, as if he wasn't interested in anything… except his crazy contraptions – but asking about them was like condemning for death sentence. The complexity and length of said lectures were extraordinary.

The two teenagers remained silent, only metallic clinking were filling the room. After five more minutes the sounds of fingers drumming followed as Esteban was growing impatient about the repair.

"Mariela Rodriguez got all the votes" Esteban broke the silence "you know… in today's class president voting."

Caesar seemed to not notice the bitterness in his classmate's voice as he only 'hm-ed' in response, digging through his tools.

"she's smart…" Salazar finally said after finding the right wrench "…and much better looking. Anyway it wasn't that bad! As I remember correctly you've received one vote." He smiled sheepishly to the chubby teenager.

"One vote out of thirty! Only ONE vote" Esteban exclaimed, angered "One vote is even worst than having none!"

Caesar flinched, his smile dropping over his classmate's sudden outburst. Within split of second he resumed his work, the clinking continued but was quicker and more desperate now – as if half-Argentinean wanted to finish the work as soon as possible.

Twenty minutes later the repair was completed. After gathering all the tools and parts Caesar stormed out of the house, bidding quick farewell to Esteban's mother whom he passed by at the door. The woman watched dumbstruck as heavy orange toolbox was bumping against his leg as he run.

When Salazar disappeared around the corner she darted a quick quizzical look toward her son. Esteban shrug his shoulder confused, hiding his hands in the pockets. Surprised by the small crumbled piece of paper in one of them he took it out unfolding it – it was the 'voting card' with his name on it which he snatched from teacher's table at the spur of the moment. It belonged to the only person who was willing to entrust him all the class problems.

Suddenly his eyes went wide with realization as he recognized a handwriting – sloppy and shaky but desired by whole class during most science based pop-quizzes.

Little did Caesar know that his vote became Esteban's the most valued treasure and most effective good luck charm.

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