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(or All's fair in love and war)

By your-biohazadous-friend

The bar was a small, family business and served the best coffee in whole Mexico. The choosing of the place wasn't accidental, Valentina would rather starve to death than eat or even breath in restaurants like McDonald's or other places that were owned by big corporations. The black haired teenager approached the pair and got their orders. a glass of Horchata Anejo for Valentina while Caesar got the restaurant's infamous coffee.

As they were waiting for their orders Valentina took a thick textbook, notebook and pen from her backpack and placed them on the table. The girl opened the volume and flicked through it with visible dread, after finding what she was looking for, she shyly turned the book up-side down so Caesar could see the content. The male teen leaned over the table to quickly glance across the inky ants of letters and numbers, he nodded.

Their orders arrived soon after, so Caesar took a sip of his coffee and drew up the book closer to himself. After a while of awkward silence he pointed at hardest question from the set.

"solve this one" he said. Valentina looked at him doubtfully, crossing her arms on her chest.

"I know that you get academic level entrance exams as pop quizzes, but I can't even solve the easiest question! Loco!"

Caesar hmm-ed in response, glancing over girl's homework again. There was another while of silence.

"nonsense" The half-Argentinean finally said "if you will be able to solve the hardest one, all of easier ones-" here Caesar tapped the book lightly with the back of his hand as if it was a tabloid and he was showing the girl newest article about her favorite celebrity "-will be all pieces of cake"

"Caesar" the girl warned "It's not how it works with normal people"

The silence fell on the table once again, one teen was eyeing the other, Caesar once again glanced at the girl's homework, then for the third time pointed at the last, hardest question from the set.

"Nonsense" he assured, the girl visibly paled.

Three coffees later, two glasses of Horchata Anejo and one bathroom trip later, Caesar felt like explaining nanotechnology to Rex. No, wrong… his younger brother would eventually grasp the idea… while Valentina… Caesar wasn't so sure about that. Her brows were furrowed, lips sealed in thin line – the girl was trying very hard to understand… maybe even too hard. How come 'normal' (to Valentina's standards) people had so much problems with understanding such easy things?

But he wouldn't give up, not yet, there must be an easier way than cramming and/or forcing the knowledge to the girl's head. So she would have as much fun solving scientific problems as he has.

four coffees later, two glasses of Horchata Anejo, two bathroom trips and one cup tea later, when Caesar was on a brink of desperation and Valentina was about to cry, Gabriel Rylander popped up in soon-to-be scientist head. A small, seemingly unimportant, memory of his childhood played vastly in his memory… maybe it was a gateway from this hopeless situation!

"Valentina, listen" Caesar said rubbing his sweaty hands together "imagine that each of those molecules in this chemical compound … have… hands and they really like to… ugh… hug each other… tightly… and never let go" Dios Mio! That was ridiculous… but that's was how Rylander explained the exact problem to him when he was a kid so maybe it would help 'normal person' such as Valentina now in her mid teens. Caesar glanced over the girl's face… she didn't look offended that he treated her as seven year-old, her lips turned into an 'o' as she oh-ed with understanding.

"hugs!" she exclaimed a smile stretched on her face "of course! Why didn't you say so at the beginning!"

Five coffees, two glasses of Horchata Anejo, three toilet trips, two cups of tea and 3/4 of the homework later, the atmosphere at the table finally loosened.

"but what about this 'catalysis'… thing-y?" Valentina asked pointing at the 'did you know?' information-box at the bottom of the page. Caesar hummed rolling the answer on his tongue.

"it's like… on-line dating system" Caesar finally answered, visibly proud of his metaphor. The girl nodded – she despised idea for obtaining lovers in such way but as a well known saying states: 'En La Guerra Y En El Amor Todo Se Vale'

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