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A young woman in a lab coat walked through the halls of a building hidden in the refuge of the thick forest of Virginia. "Ms. Martinez," a older man greeted as he passed by her in the other direction.

"Mr. Long," Martinez acknowledge him, and continued on her way just as Long did.

Once Martinez reached her destination, a white door the same color as the walls, it had nothing on it but a small window and a door latch, she pulled her ID card out and swiped it unlocking the door. She opened it and walked in.

The room was white, like most things in the building. It was unfurnished except for a cot in the corner, sitting on the cot was a small girl. The girl, Experiment 147, turned her head to see who had entered. She had brown hair and eyes, and a large bruise discolored her left cheek. The girls face was emotionless until she saw who it was. Once she saw it was Martinez a smile formed on her face Martinez inwardly winced as the bruise rippled with the movement of her skin. She knew it must hurt, but the girl ignored the pain and smiled anyways.

Martinez sat down on the cot. "I need to talk to you about something," Martinez told her.

The girl did not speak but only nodded her head. "Is something bothering you?" she asked. She really was concerned. Martinez cared for the girl, she was not just an experiment to her, but a young girl who knew nothing of the real world. For as long as Martinez had worked with the girl she had tried to help her understand the world outside the white wall of the girl's prison.

There was silence for a few seconds, as the girl tried to find the right words to explain how she felt."I'm, confused. You told me killing is wrong, but they want me to kill. They want me to go in the real world, and kill," the girl looked at Martinez, "I want to see the real world, but not if I have to kill while I'm out there," a small orb of white energy began to form in her hands.

Anger boiled inside of Martinez, 'wasn't the girl messed up enough. Know they want her to kill for hire' she thought. That is why she was doing this. Risking her life to get her out of here. To keep the girl from killing, to give her a better life.

She put her hand on the stressed girl's shoulder, "It's ok, you just need to calm down and we will figure this out, ok?" Martinez told the girl. The girl took a deep breath, and tried to calm down. The white orb disappeared as she did so. Once she was completely calm she faced Martinez. "ok," the girl said. Ready to hear whatever Martinez had to say.

"Your leaving," Martinez began. The girls eyes widened in surprise, but she did not voice her surprise. "I've told some people about you, and they're going to come and save you," Martinez told her.

"Who are they?" the girl asked. Trying to grasp what she was being told.

"They're superheroes, good people," Martinez explained.

"What are they going to do with me?" the girl asked.

"They're going to help you. They're going to take you to the real world," Martinez patiently answered the girls questions.

"Are they going to make me kill?" she asked.

"No they're good people and good people don't kill. You will not have to kill anyone," Martinez reassured her. The girl smiled.

"That's good. I didn't want to kill. Are you coming to?" the girl asked. Her heart broke as Martinez heard the question that she knew was coming.

"No, this is the last time I'll see you," she told her. The girl frowned, the bruise once again moving in a sickening fashion, and looked at her.

"But I don't want you to go," the girl told her in despair.

"I know. I don't want to either," Martinez pulled her into a hug. "But I have to go," with that Martinez got up and walked to the door. The girl followed her to the door. "Bye," Martinez said. The girl just waved as she watched the door close behind the closest thing she ever had to a family.

Martinez wished she could have talked to the girl longer, but she knew that their was not much time before they notice that the files on Experiment 147 were missing. She walked down the hall. She was going to leave the building and never look back. Sorrow squeeze her heart. Experiment 147 was like a daughter to her. She knew that it was unprofessional to care for an experiment, had know that it would eventually cause her pain. But she also knew that it was worth it. To know that she was helping her. That Experiment 147 was going to see the real world, have a real life. Martinez walked out of the building got in her car and drove away, never looking back.

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