Oni versus Jack

Chapter 1: Aku Summons Mighty Oni

It was another day as a certain Samurai Jack was still searching the wasteland for any clues of how to get back to his own time. A certain shape-shifting wizard, Aku was still ever watchful from the safety from his lair.

"Bah, what a pest!" roared Aku as he still couldn't figure out a way to defeat the cunning samurai, then the shape-shifting wizard hatched up an idea, there was a demon known as Oni who was just as powerful if not more than he was that could aid in his quest to stop the samurai, "hmm, I think I should summon Oni!"

The shape-shifting wizard chanting a few spells as he provided room for Oni to appear, a dark cloud indeed started to appear, and a demonic like eyes began to show.

"I am Oni, evil incarnate!" roared Oni as he bursts out his massive amount of energy.

"I too am also evil incarnate" said Aku.

"If you have summoned me for a task, you're looking at the wrong pawn" said Oni to Aku.

"But I know you're just as powerful as I, probably evenly matched" continued Aku.

"What's this all about then?" asked Oni who was rather impatient with Aku.

"There is a pesky samurai fugitive on the loose, he has been causing trouble for me for the past few years" said Aku.

"Oni does not take orders" said Oni.

"Hmm, well, he was able to defeat the likes of me, along with also being an ample warrior at best" said Aku which started to intrigue Oni more.

"Hmm, this samurai you speak of, let me take a look at what he looks like" said Oni.

Aku then gladly showed Oni the location of where Samurai Jack was wondering about.

"You call that a warrior?" laughed Oni to Aku.

"Listen, he looks stronger than he is" replied Aku.

"Hmm, if he's been causing trouble for you, he must be a skilled warrior, perhaps a great challenge for me" laughed Oni.

"Yes, that's the right idea" said Aku who knew the samurai would not last a chance fighting Oni, "go forth, cause trouble first to get the samurai's attention, then fight him to the end!"

"That is something I will be able to do" said Oni as he then left Aku's lair.

Meanwhile, the samurai continued to tend to his journey as he was trying to find a village that knew of a time machine invention. But as the samurai continued to head toward the village, he soon discovered the village itself was on fire, the samurai rushed toward the village to help out the villagers whom were in a panic mode and were trying to escape for their dear lives. The samurai quickly helped the villagers put out the flames.

"Thank you Samurai Jack" said the village elder.

"What happened here?" asked Jack who was rather curious how the fire started.

"There was a strange being who stared down at our village from the mountain not far ahead, then suddenly the fire somehow started" said the village elder.

"Obviously an evil one is behind this" said Jack as he was heading up the mountain to investigate.

The samurai continued to climb up the mountain and reach its peak, there a dark figure stood there waiting for the samurai to appear.

"I knew you were foolish to come here" said the dark figure as a light blue aura started to glow around him.

"Show yourself!" said Jack as he drew his sword.

"The name's Oni" said Oni as he turned to the samurai, "and you will not be able to make it out here alive!"

Oni charged at the samurai first, but Jack was able to use his sword to literally slice Oni, which was quite painful for the demon, but the demon recovered from his attack and started to barrage the samurai with several punches, and shoved the samurai sending him flying right into a tree.

"Ha, this is a pest that Aku sent me to challenge for a fight?" laughed Oni as he gazed at the samurai.

"Aku sent you?" roared Jack as he got up.

"Yes, he mentioned you were able to defeat him many times" continued Oni, "but you cannot match whits with me, for I am invincible, and my powers are unlimited unlike your foe Aku's!"

"We shall see that then" said Jack as he prepared to continue to fight Oni.

Jack charged at Oni again with his sword in his hand, he then leaped over a fireball that Oni had fired at, and sliced Oni with his sword again. Oni cried in pain of the sword, but delivered an uppercut to the samurai. The samurai was able to recover and start another charge at Oni.

"Foolish samurai" said Oni as he used his burst of energy, the burst of energy sent Jack flying in the air and landing hard on the ground.

"There is no way you'll get out of this" said Oni, "no one has ever survived a fight with me."

"Well then, I shall be the first!" replied Jack as he continued to charge at Oni.

Oni delivered a punch toward the samurai, but the samurai was able to block the attack, and then began to fight back hand to hand with Oni.

"There is nothing you'll be able to accomplish here!" laughed Oni who then kicked the samurai down.