A/N: Ok, here is the beginning of the collective one-shots starting from the end of chapter 11 of "Heat?" and ending with the birth of the 10th sparkling that is revealed in chapter 12 of that story. So this is the day after Jazz spikes Prowl. And Prowl is feeling a little….possessive.

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Family is Forever – Chapter 1 – Claim

Jazz hummed as he walked out of the medbay, intent on heading to his lover and sparker of his sparkling's office. He needed to show him the program that Ratchet had given him to begin designing the protoform. So far, he and Prowl had no idea of gender, as the sparklet had to strengthen for a little more before that could be discernable. A small smirk crept over Jazz's faceplates. He was warming up to the fact that he was going to have a sparkling like he'd always dreamed of. Of actually having a family - which a month ago had seemed impossible to happen so soon.

Thinking to stop by the rec-room for a second, the saboteur changed course and meandered to his destination. He was on cloud nine.

Going through the doors, he began to head for the energon dispenser for a cube, but was stopped by the two Lamborghini twins.

"Hey fellas, how're ya doin'? Jazz asked good-naturedly, making them follow him in the quest to retrieve a cube of fuel.

"Awesome actually. Feel just like we did after that long, long night you were in our quarters," Sideswipe smirked.

"Oh really?" Jazz questioned in a disinterested way, grabbing a cube and taking a sip.

"Really," Sunstreaker said, mirroring his twin's smirk.

"What we wanna know is this, are you and Prowl seriously having a sparkling?" Sideswipe questioned with the air of someone who thought he was going to be proven wrong.

"What's it to ya?" asked Jazz.

Sunstreaker shrugged, "We have our reasons. Least of all, we are frontliners and need to know if we need to afford to look out for your hide when Prowl can't-"

"Ah'm a saboteur, remember?" Jazz cut in, a frown appearing behind his visor.

"And second of all, it's kinda boggling our processors. I mean, you, with spark? And by Prowl? I mean, everyone had the bets running on if you two would ever get together, but we doubted it would actually happen. Oh well. Really, we want to know so that if you ever find yourself a free agent again, we'll be more than happy to have a friendly frag with you every now and then," Sideswipe finished, grin spreading. Jazz was about to retort with where Sideswipe could shove that offer when a smooth tenor voice cut into the conversation.

"As much as your concern for your third in command is…commendable, there will be no fear of that," Prowl said, face impassive as he walked up to Jazz and the Twins. Jazz turned and gave his lover a quick grin as he approached.

"Oh really?" Sunstreaker asked with a teasing glint in his optics.

Prowl's optics echoed with a glint of his own, before he growled possessively, spun Jazz around and pressed his lipplates to Jazz's.

"Hmm," Jazz hummed into the lip-lock, opening his mouth willingly to Prowl's probing glossa, feeling Prowl's arms wrap him in a strong embrace. He felt Prowl make a noise of approval, deepening the kiss, their glossae sliding against each other. When they finally pulled away, Prowl gave the twins – who were looking very shell-shocked – a smirk.

"I think that says it all. Jazz will be my mate and he is carrying my sparkling. Good day to you."

And with that and a twitch of his doorwings, Prowl strode gracefully out of the room, leaving a broadly grinning Jazz and the occupants of the rec-room bewildered and on the edge of a processor crash from the uncharacteristic display of public affection that their stoic SIC had just partaken in.

"Day'um, Ah love it when he leaves in front of me. Ah like to look at that aft all day," Jazz broke the silence with another wide grin, chuckling at the looks on the twins faces.

The statement finally broke Sideswipe and Sunstreaker, and they both crashed to the floor among the raucous laughter of Jazz.

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