All of them…gone.

Six billion people…gone.

She didn't mean it.

She didn't plan for it to happen like this.

She knew it wasn't intended…

She knew it was her fault.

"I'm sick of you!"

"You have no purpose!"

"Why did I ever create you?"


The ruler of the reverse realm…


The master of the distortion world…



It was a stupid fight.

He didn't mean to set her off like that.

But words are indeed a powerful weapon…

"You're heartless."

"Why make me the ruler of the dead?"

"They get to enjoy life…"

"And you leave me cold…"

"And abandoned."

"You don't deserve to be God."

One Judgment on the planet is all it took.

One decision.

One mistake.

Six billion lives…

By one mistake.

She knew who must pay for her mistakes…


"The same hand that murdered six billion innocent lives…"

"Will be the same hand that I die by."

And now…

She was gone.

Arceus & Giratina © Nintendo/Game Freak

R&R please. This is my first prose piece, so I want to know if I did well.