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Note: So here is the long-awaited (at least, I hope it is) third part in my "Fire Trilogy". If you have not yet read the other two parts to this trilogy, "Playing With Fire" and "Phoenix", you should read them before you start to read this, or you'll be pretty lost, plot-wise. Puck/Kurt and Santana/Original Character. Hope you enjoy this final part in the series! It will most likely be shorter than the other parts, as I'm juggling two other multi-chapters at the same time, and there's not that much more that needs to be said here.

Trusting desire, starting to learn

Walking through fire without a burn

Clinging a shoulder, a leap begins

Stinging and older, asleep on pins

So here we go…

Where we last left Kurt and Santana, they were fresh from their stint in the Lima Mercy Hospital Psychiatric Ward, Kurt for his pyromania and Santana for her deep depression. Puck revealed that he had feelings for Kurt, and they became a couple, but Kurt, still shaken from the way Karofsky tormented him, won't allow Puck to go beyond closed-mouth kisses. Santana befriended a fellow lesbian named Tallulah while on the psych ward, and has begun a relationship with her, although Tallulah is terrified to tell anyone, and insists that it stay a secret, especially since Santana's mom kicked her out of her house, and Santana is living temporarily with Kurt. Will Puck be able to heal Kurt's soul and teach him that being touched doesn't have to hurt? Will Santana be able to soothe her new girlfriend's fears and be out and proud? All will be told in this...

"I'm so sorry Santana," Kurt sat down on the bed gently. "But my dad says you have to find somewhere else to stay now. Maybe you can stay with Britt?"

She shrugged. "I guess I have no choice, do I? I'm trying to remember what Quinn did when her parents kicked her out after the pregnancy…"

"She stayed with Finn, remember? At least, until he found out that it wasn't his. Then she moved in with Puck, and then with…" he broke off, not wanting to say her name.

"Who?" Santana couldn't recall.

"Mercedes," Kurt whispered. "She stayed with Mercedes for the last couple of weeks."

"I just don't know," Santana said, slapping the bed with the palm of her hand. "It's not like I got kicked out because I'm pregnant. I got kicked out of my house because I'm gay."

"I'm gay too," Kurt reminded her needlessly.

"Yeah, but your dad didn't throw you out in the street with an hour to pack your bags."

"True," Kurt said. "So no, I don't know what it's like. This isn't the same situation, but…at least you have friends that support you and care about you."

"None of them know but you," Santana pointed out. "Well, except for Britt. So that's why she's the only other one I can turn to."

"Call her," Kurt slid her his new cell phone. "I'll talk to her if you want."

"No, that's okay," Santana took the phone. "I'll tell her…ask her…myself." She dialed Brittany's number by heart. "Britt? Can I…can I stay at your house for a couple of weeks? Or at least, until the end of the semester? I can? You sure? Great! I'll be over in an hour," she hung up excitedly.

"All set?" Kurt smiled, a tease, for he already knew the answer.

"Yep. I'll just…grab the few things that I brought, and…"

"I'll drive you," Kurt offered. Within an hour, he'd dropped Santana off at Brittany's, made sure it was okay with Brittany's parents, and had driven back home. He picked up his phone and sent a quick text to Puck.

Kurt: Date night tonight?

Puck: Love to, babe.

"I love date night, I think," Kurt snuggled up to his boyfriend.

"Yeah, they're pretty awesome. The uh, the Chinese food was good," Puck wrapped his arms around the younger boy.

"Eh, I'm not big on it, but I know you like it, so I had Finn order some."

"I love how you get your brother to do your dirty work," Puck teased.

"Finn's gullible. And I figure, if I'm going to have a younger brother, I might as well put my older-brother skills and power to good use."

"Wait, Finn's younger than you?" Puck asked, although he already knew.

Kurt rolled his eyes, knowing that Puck was just teasing. "Know what I love most about date night?"

"I think I know," Puck leaned in for a sweet kiss.

"Yeah, that," Kurt smiled. Puck had tasted like sweet-and-sour sauce, and Kurt was hungry for more. He kissed Puck again, lightly.

"Damn, Kurt, when will you let me reach first base with you?" Puck demanded.

"N…Noah, I told you, I'm not r…ready yet," Kurt stumbled over his words.

"You said in a month. It's been almost a month. Come on, please?"

"N…n…no," Kurt said. "I'm not ready yet, I told you!"

"Fine, Kurt, but if you want this relationship to work….if we want this relationship to work, then you're going to have to learn to trust me and trust that I'm not gonna hurt you like he did. You just gotta trust me, babe."

"I d…do trust you, Noah, I…" Kurt started to say.

"Obviously not enough," Puck stormed out of the room. "Goodnight, Kurt."

Kurt brought his knees to his chest. Desperate, so desperate, to feel the licking of the flames against his skin…

Was he strong enough to fight them this time around?