My friends and I discussed this as we watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I the other day.

I'm on a definite Harry Potter kick now. Hopefully I'll get a new chapter of More than you Know out soon...


Hermione watched as Harry picked up the Horcrux and dusted it off. He placed it over his head and tucked it into his shirt.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"Well, we can't afford to lose it, and this way we'll always know where it is and that it's safe," Harry shrugged.

Ron nodded, "Makes sense."

Hermione looked at them blankly, "It makes sense to wear an object holding Voldemort's soul- something that is basically pure evil- around your neck?"

They nodded, "Yeah."

She threw her hands up, knowing she had lost the argument and went into the tent in a huff.

The next day when Harry was irrationally angry and fidgety, she tried to calm him down but he responded much more harshly than usual.

Gritting her teeth she held out a hand, "Take it off."

Ron had come out of the tent with all the noise and watched curiously.

Harry resisted but Hermione yelled, "Take it off!" He set his jaw angrily but pulled the necklace off over his head and handed it to her.

His eyes cleared and his face relaxed.

"Better?" she asked a little smugly.

"Loads," he said, and then clapped his hands. "Alright, we'll take it in turns."

Hermione shrieked and looked at him incredulously, "No we won't! This thing corrupts whoever is wearing it, therefore, we won't be wearing it again! I'll keep it in my bag, it'll be safe enough there."

Harry shook his head, "No, Hermione. We have to wear it. It'll be fine. I saw this in a movie once, it turned out fine."

"You saw it in a movie once?" she repeated sarcastically.

She thought a moment and then continued shrilly, "Are you talking about Lord of the Rings?"

Harry nodded happily, "Yep. And it was fine, right?"

Hermione lost it, "No! No, it wasn't fine! Frodo carried that damned ring around for months and lost a part of himself that he never got back. He had to wander around with Sam and Gollum- who, by the way, tried to kill him several times- he got stabbed three times, kidnapped twice, had a finger bitten off and in the end he had to leave the home he fought for because of how much the ring changed him and corrupted him!"

She stood in complete disarray from her pacing and pulling at her hair and waving her arms.

Harry and Ron looked at her with wide eyes and she took a deep breath before continuing.

"So, no, Harry, it didn't turn out fine."

Ron's face had turned white and he squeaked out, "So we'll keep the locket in Hermione's bag."

Harry nodded emphatically.