Thanks for the reviews on the first part, folks! Appreciated. This second part is a very short scene set within the "Metal Attraction" ep. after Arcee and Bulkhead leave a beaten Airachnid and Breakdown behind and before the 'con duo return to Megatron.

Attractions - Part 2

Airachnid stirred. Her vision came back online. She moaned and held her head. Then she tried to sit up. She couldn't. She tried again. No success. She was stuck to something underneath her. She looked over her shoulder.

Oh no...

She was magnetised to Breakdown's back. Not good. She tried again to pull herself free. It was in vain. Breakdown began to move beneath her.


Breakdown pushed himself up onto his arms and knees slowly.

"You're gonna pay for that one, Bulkhead," he muttered.

"Hey, muscles," Airachnid called down at him, "we have an attachment problem."

Breakdown looked up in surprise over his shoulder at Airachnid. He rose to his feet. Airachnid dangled helplessly from his back. A devious smile spread across Breakdown's lips.

"Well, well," Breakdown remarked, "looks like you're gonna be coming along with me back to Megatron after all."

Alarm materialised on Airachnid's face.

"Breakdown, wait," she quickly began, "let's talk about this, Decepticon to former Decepticon..."

Breakdown chuckled sinisterly.

"Oh don't worry, legs. I'm sure Megatron will want to talk to you plenty when we get back to the Nemesis."

Breakdown opened his communication line.

"Breakdown here. I need a bridge."

The glowing portal of a ground bridge appeared before Breakdown and he walked toward it. Airachnid hung powerlessly like a ragdoll from his back, now silent. She resigned herself to her fate. She was going back to Megatron. And there was nothing she could do to stop it.