Don't Have Nobody to Call My Own

Name: Traci Hatchet

Sibling: Hatchet Face

Looks: Long blonde hair, tan, green eyes

Status: Drape

Best Friend: Wade "Cry-Baby" Walker

"I am so tired of being good." The words that might as well have pushed me out of Wade's eyes for life. I looked at Allison and saw that she was walking towards the group. "Hi!" Oh, god. She's such a square!

"Wow. You're a pretty little square. Wanna come hang with us Drapes tonight?" I shot Cry Baby a look. Was I not attractive? I looked down at my clothes. I was wearing my signature Cry-Baby jacket, black leather pants, a white v-neck and red pumps. Well damn, I look hot. I was just about to protest when a yellow convertible flew across the school parking lot.

"Allison Vernon-Williams, get in this car." A stern old lady demanded.

"Wow, worried grandmother, how original. Sup grandmammy?" I said with a smirk. My sister laughed. Poor Hatchet Face, she was born with my mother's looks. I was blessed enough to get my aunt's looks. She's like a cross between Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. In other words, she is pretty gorgeous. I look nothing like my parents. Speaking of which, I might as well put this out there, I am nothing like my parents. They are trash. Get this; they sell cigarettes…to kids… outside of my school! I swear to God, when I turn 18 I am leaving this town and not looking back.

Cry-Baby looked at me and laughed. Cry-Baby was about to respond when Baldwin appeared grabbing hold of Allison. "What's the trouble, honey? These hoodlums bothering you?"

"How are things, dear square? Was chess club great today? How about the school glee club?" I asked Baldwin. He looked at me and glared.

"Zip it, slut." I was taken aback.

"Stop it, Baldwin. We were just talking. Grandmother, Baldwin this is Wade Walker."

"They call me Cry-Baby. That's my best friend, Traci, and this here is my sister, Pepper." Wade said. I blushed because he introduced me before his sister. Oh GOD! When is he gonna realize that I love him? But I'm not a slut. I'm not just gonna throw myself at him like Allison.

"Greetings, Granny-o!" Pepper smirked.

"Allison's my girl, so hands off, Cry-Baby!" Baldwin threatened.

"You could've fooled me, square!" Wade hollered. He then turned his attention to Allison's grandmother. "Mrs. Vernon-Williams, I hear you're having a talent show out at your charm school today."

"I can barely imagine what you would call music." Mrs. VW stammered.

"He can sing pretty good." I told her. Pretty good was an understatement.

"Well, not good. Haven't you ever heard of the English language?" Mrs. VW corrected me.

"Well, gee…" I muttered.

"Don't go flip-out, mama." Pepper yelled.

"Yeah, sometimes shook-up old ladies…" Hatchet licked her knife, which appeared out of nowhere. "Get cut…" OHH HATCHET, I love you! She needs a new face but she does what she can. I gave her a high-five as Baldwin exclaims:

"Come on, honey. They're just bums."

"I am offended. I have a better GPA then you do, square!" That wasn't a lie. I am probably the smartest out of our gang.

"Yeah, Mr. Puniverse wants a fat lip!" Wanda screamed putting her arm on my shoulder.

"I'd like to hear you sing." Allison exclaimed with a bubbly look. I rolled my eyes and Cry-Baby almost blushed. WHAT THE HELL! Cry-Baby doesn't blush! That's bullshit!

"I'll say this once and once only. Stay AWAY from my granddaughter, you common juvenile delinquents." Mrs. Vernon-Williams said glaring at all of us.

"I resent that. We have done nothing wrong." I said with a smirk as I leaned against Cry-Baby's Rolls-Royce.

"Shut up, you whore." Baldwin whispered just loud enough for us to hear.

"Let me hit him please!" Milton said grabbing my arm. Milton was probably one of my greatest friends. I've known him all my life. Our mom's got knocked up at around the same time so our deliveries weren't far apart. Cry-Baby, though, was by far my best friend.

"It was nice talking to you all." Allison said, looking rather embarrassed. Her grandmother hit her arm and drove away.

"Well, that was pleasant." I said as the car went out of our sight.

"What should we do?" Cry-Baby asked.

"Well, I say we should follow them." Wanda said. "I kinda wanna scare the shit outta that old bag. Oh and Allison and her grandma, too." I laughed and jumped into the front of the car next to Cry-Baby. We chased down the car and the real antics began.