So this is it! Rose's miraculous return to the TARDIS!


[AUTHOR'S NOTE (11/7/11): I just edited this real quick, make it a tad more "realistic," or, about as realistic as Doctor Who can get.]


Rose walked along the beach, letting her feet sink into the sand. The bay's chilling air swirled around her, so she pulled her sweater tighter around her shoulders. They lived in Norway now, her and John. When the Doctor had left his human copy with Rose, they both decided that the human should be called "John Smith," just to be safe. They didn't intend for it to happen, but over time, the Doctor's secret identity had become his only one, not being called "Doctor" by anyone, save Rose, on occasion.

They lived happily in a nearby town, content with their new life. Still, whenever Rose got the feeling that she was missing something, she strolled away from their village and into the bay. Bad Wolf Bay. The place her life changed forever. The place with the name that bound her to the Doctor. She wasn't sure if the words Bad Wolf worked between her and John Smith, but she liked to believe it. Every time she doubted that, she came to the bay.

She didn't know it, not consciously, but, the reason she went to the bay was not to reassure herself about John, but in the fantasy of hopes that the TARDIS would come back to take her away.

Rose stood on the beach, seeing the spot she'd stood at when she made the decision to watch over the human doctor, instead of begging and pleading with the original Doctor to continue traveling with him. Rose sighed. She walked on, until she stood in the exact spot where she'd been as the Doctor said goodbye forever. She closed her eyes, and imagined she was back in time, making the choice.

What would she do, if she could go back and change it, she wondered? Rose loved John Smith like she'd loved the Doctor he had once been, but she'd always felt something about him was missing.

Remembering the last sound of the TARDIS, Rose sighed, eyes still closed. The TARDIS's engines blared in her memory, so loud she almost wondered if it could really be just a memory. In fact, it was very loud now, too loud to be imaginary. The sound got so vivid, it scared Rose. Startled, she opened her eyes.

Rose was shocked to find herself not on the beach, but inside a large room. With a gasp, she realized that, in many ways it resembled the TARDIS. It had the same general design on the walls, with a slight differentiation, and the same console erected in the middle of the room. However, there were a plethora of differences. The main difference was the man standing at the console.

In the couple seconds it took Rose to comprehend this fact, the man looked up from the console, a look of surprise on his face. The surprise was exchanged for gladness, and the gladness changed into nervousness. He seemed to be sorrowful for some reason.

Rose, afraid, said, "How… How did I get here?"

The man at the console gave her a look of understanding melancholy, and said, walking slowly towards her, "Rose..."

Taking a tiny shift backwards, Rose said, a bit louder, "Who are you?"

The strange man continued down the steps, and answered, "It's me, Rose. I'm the Doctor."

It took a moment for this to register in Rose's mind. And then she understood.

No! She thought. He didn't… "Doctor…" she voiced, distressed. "You… you regenerated." He died, and I wasn't there for him.

The look in her eyes was something of betrayal. Something of sadness, of guilt. The Doctor remembered how Rose had been when she'd seen him regenerate the first time. She was untrusting and angry at him. She didn't believe that, as a new person, he could love her still. The Doctor was scared for that, too. In the final moments of his ninth face, he'd been hoping, praying, that he would still want to be around Rose as a new person. And it had been sheer luck that he hadn't wanted to ditch her the first time he had the chance. The Doctor was lucky to be able to love Rose in the same way for two regenerations. In the final moments before his tenth regeneration, he hadn't been wondering how he'd feel in the next body. He'd already said his goodbyes, he was content with the fact that he might or might not miss Rose. However, the Doctor found, in the moment he saw Rose, that he had missed her. A lot more than he'd planned.

"Rose…" He said. She looked scared and confused, her eyes tearful, her hand pressed to her mouth to contain herself.

Composed, Rose took her hand down, and said, "So… You're still… you."

"Yes, Rose," he said. "You know who I am." He walked closer to her, in a desperate attempt to see the fear in her eyes dissolve into the Rose he'd known and loved. And, as he approached her to where she stood at the door of the TARDIS, they both instantly realized what had just happened.

Not only had Rose been transported into the TARDIS without knowing how, but she'd been transported across universes. Across the void! Her arriving there was more than strange, more than a coincidence… it was a miracle.

This thought occurred to Rose at the very second it occurred to the Doctor. "Doctor…" said Rose, warming up to the idea of a new Doctor. "I've… I've come back! How'd I do that?"

The Doctor mulled this over for a moment, before replying. "Don't know! Hmm… How did this happen?"

Suddenly super-charged with excitement, he raced back to the console, followed by Rose. He examined the monitor, punched a few buttons, pulled a few levers, and read he screen again.

"The TARDIS doesn't even know," he announced. "You… You just showed up here. That's impossible!" He got very close to her, shaking his sonic screwdriver at her nose to make a point. "This should not have happened."

"But how do I get back—"

"Do you want to get back?"

"I've got people back home—"

"It's fine if you want to leave—"

"Do you want me to leave?"

The questions and commentsflew out of the Doctor's and Rose's mouths, almost of their own accord. However, the Doctor was completely honest in his reply.

"Well… No." He grinned sheepishly.

Rose grinned, too. "Good," she said.

With that, Rose rushed into his arms. It had been so long since they'd last shared a hug. Neither one wanted to let go, and when they did, each was smiling giddily at the blessing they've been given.

The Doctor looked into Rose's eyes, and said, "Rose… I know I'm different now… But I'm the same. Really."

"I know." She replied.

Hopefully, the Doctor asked, "So… you're going come with me? You sure? Because, given the time, I'm sure I could find some way to send you back…"

Rose, not completely sure, took time to process it. After all, spontaneous inter-universal travel was kind of a big deal. But not as big of a deal as being back on the TARDIS. With her Doctor.

When she decided, she answered not with direct confirmation, but by running to the console, and turning back to the Doctor, saying "Alright then, New New New Doctor. Where to next?"

The Doctor smiled, and strolled up after her, an air of theatrical fake smugness about him, and said, "Oh, I don't know, how about… everywhere."

Rose smiled. "Next stop, everywhere?"

The Doctor started the TARDIS. "Next stop, everywhere."