The pre-dawn air smelled fresh and crisp, versus the dank caverns from beneath the surface. They'd only just gotten above ground a few minutes prior, making their way from hallways to caves to tiny dirt tunnels. At last, they managed to discover the tunnel that lead them to the Vanishing point, and they dug right up to the surface, only to be attacked by fond embraces of several sobbing Euthinans.

Mr. Bumble, Lollip, Zool, Winson, and Elish eagerly helped them out of the little holes they'd made in the ground, and lovingly dusted them off, as they smothered them in relived hugs.

"Oh! Oh Doctor! Rose!" cried Lollip, nearly choking the two of them.

"We're so sorry for what we've done… For how we acted," added Elish.

The Doctor, finally free of hugs and kisses, stood straightening his bowtie, and replied, "Its okay. You were sad and angry, and you couldn't help it. You blamed me because you needed someone to blame. You couldn't have known about Tingo."

"But… Doctor…" began Zool. "What happened to Tingo?"

The Doctor exchanged a look with Rose before replying. "Tingo is dead."

A moment passed for this news to sink in, before the wailing began anew among the sensitive life forms of Euthina. They began to sob out of grief, and cry out "Oh, why her!" But this only lasted a moment, before they calmed down, thoughtfulness tainting grief.

After a moment of silence, in which none of them, human or Time Lord or Euthinan, dared to speak, Elish spoke up. "She did get what she deserved." Rose's face dropped, remembering the slight barbaric virtue coveted by the peoples of this place.

"The families of the Vanished have gotten their compensation," added Mr. Bumble.

A thought occurred to the Doctor. "That being said," He turned around to stare into the hole, and continued, "There's someone who you'd like to see."

Then, out of the burrow, came the small, pink hands of Robbit, who was, in turn, hoisted out from under the ground.

"Granddad Bumble!" he cried.

"Robby!" replied Mr. Bumble, as he raced forward to scoop up his grandson. The Doctor looked to Rose, only to see his own smile reflected on her face. Bumble said to them, "You saved my Robby!"

"Of course we did," replied Rose. "We couldn't just leave him down there. There are others, too, who need to be gotten up here. They're still down in the chamber."

"But, why?" asked Zool. "Why would you save Robby for Bumble? And why would you save the others down there? They've done nothing but wrong; they deserve to be made even, not be helped."

Rose almost rolled her eyes, trying to explain. "We don't work like that –"

"Let's just say," said the Doctor, cutting her off, "That I'm still paying off some compensation of my own."

Maybe it was his tone. Maybe it was the look in his eyes. Or, perhaps, it was the way Rose bit her lip and looked away when he said this. Whatever it was, it changed something in the hearts of those few Euthinans, so that, for a moment, none of them could speak.

"Doctor, Rose," said Bumble, still holding Robby on his arm, "You have saved lives tonight. Thank you. Now, go. Rest. Have something to eat and drink. We will finish the job from here.

The Doctor simply nodded, and replied, "Thank you."

With that, he took Rose's hand, and together, they walked away into the rising sun.


Later, they sat perched on a stone beside a mountain river, the early morning sunlight glinting off the water, birdsong arising in the trees. They sat there for a time, watching the sun come up, laughing as rabbit-like creatures flitted out from under rocks across on the other shore, twitching their noses to taste the morning air. Once the sun was shining in the sky, waking up the world, Rose turned to the Doctor, and asked a question that had been on her mind for a while.

"But, Doctor," she said, "The Wolf said that his people worshiped me. How can that be? I've never been here before."

"You really don't remember?" replied the Doctor. "Think back. Satellite Five. Daleks coming to kill us all. I tried to send you away, but you came back, and sent out the message to yourself through time and space. Two words."

"I am the Bad Wolf…" Rose muttered, remembering everything.

"You spread your words farther than you thought. And the Dralias must have picked up on it, your image seeping into their minds and dreams, accompanied by the words "Bad Wolf." You shaped their culture, Rose. You became their goddess. Their Bad Wolf. Because, to the Dralias, the word 'bad' meant 'great,' 'wise,' 'noble…'"

"I was a goddess?" asked Rose, who found herself to be smiling and on the verge of weeping at the same time.

The Doctor cleared his throat. "To them you were. Or, rather… You were…"

Rose swallowed. "Was that really the last Dralia?"

"I'm afraid so."

"But… how exactly did it… you know…"

"Die?" finished the Doctor. He proceeded to answer, "Dralias have a conscious opening into their souls. It's what controls their communications. A howl for other species is turned into words with this ability. They can literally open their minds. And that's what the Wolf did. He opened his soul to absorb the regeneration energy. Only, it was too much for him. A Dralia could never support that amount of power. It destroyed him."

"That's horrible."

"But think about it. He died, realizing he's a prophesized figure! Imagine that. Growing up being told stories of the Great Bad Wolf… And actually meeting her. You made his dreams come true, Rose."

Rose smiled at this, feeling less guilty for the Last Wolf's fall. But it didn't quite lift her spirits.

"He still had to die."

"But he died free, Rose. He died happy and free and content. That's all he could have wished for."

The Doctor took Rose's hand, and she leaned her head on his shoulder. They sat for a while longer, watching animals by the river, hearing the stream flowing through the forest, until it was apparent that they could easily stay there forever. However, when the sun was near to its highest point, they stood from the rock, ad made their way back down the mountain.

Walking through the village, they saw many people on the streets, more than usual. No doubt they'd heard of the return of the Vanished people. Some were weeping with joy at the reunion, and some were weeping with sorrow as their hopes were crushed by the news that their loved one was dead. And, as they walked through, heads turned and words were whispered.

"That's them!"

"The bowtie man and the yellow-haired woman."

"They saved everybody, you know."

Rose had half a mind to stop and talk to these people, but easily decided against it. She and the Doctor walked on in silence, until they got to the street corner where they parked the TARDIS. The Doctor opened the door for Rose, and, she was about to step inside, when a noise was heard behind them.

"Doctor! Rose!"

They turned around to see Mr. Bumble, hobbling up the road towards them.

"You're leaving, then?" he asked when he approached them.

"I'm afraid so, Artie, ole pal," the Time Lord replied.

"Won't you come back to visit?" he asked, forlorn.

"Of course we will," the Doctor replied, he and Rose knowing that they probably never would.

"Goodbye, Mr. Bumble," said Rose, shaking his hand in parting and entering the TARDIS, giving one last smile at the strange little planet.

"That's your spaceship, then?" Bumble asked the Doctor, gesturing to the blue box.

"That it is!" replied the Doctor, patting it fondly.

Bumble looked confused. "How does it… move? I see no wings, no feet, no wheels."

The Doctor smiled, and said, "Watch."

He opened the door, and stepped into his TARDIS, leaving Bumble, expectantly backing away from it, afraid for some great display of fire and smoke. However, as the TARDIS dematerialized in front of his eyes, he sighed in wonder, and a broad smile drew itself across his face.

"The stuff of legends, those two are," he muttered to himself as he walked away. "The stuff of legends.


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