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It was June. The 15th, and it was another rainy day in Vancouver, a day after my mother's funeral.

Yes, my Mom died.

My name is Amanda Lee and I'm fourteen years old. I'm half Canadian, from my mom's side and probably American from my dad's side. Probably? Yeah, probably. I have no idea who my dad is. I never saw him in my life. Mom never talked about him, I just knew that he was sending us money. So Mom could pay me a good school. She never told me who my dad was, his name or if I will ever be able to meet him. She thought I didn't want to meet him and hated him.

I've always wanted to meet him, but not under the consequences of my Mom's death. She was in a car accident, five days ago. I cried whole five days, I'm not joking. Mom was the only person in the world that loved me. I don't have any friends. At school, I'm the clever emo kid and everyone hates me. I got used to it. I was a loner, during break times I was at the library, reading and listening to music. In my free time I did the same thing, plus I was painting, singing and playing musical instruments. Three times a week I had my tennis trainings. And I usually went jogging every other day. And if I had nothing to do I studied. My school marks were good, just As and A*s. My Mom was always proud of me. Now I was sitting in my room, the stupid woman from child care still there. While she was saying something, I was looking at my bedroom walls. They were covered in posters of my favorite band, My Chemical Romance. I loved their music so much. Mom hated them and never allowed me to go to their show. I started to listen to the woman for once.

"As I told you already, you will be living with your dad. He's on his way to get here already. You should pack your things." The woman from child care said and got ready to leave.

"But I never saw him in my life!" I protested. It was true. Whole 14 years, I never had different family but my mom. And now she was gone.

As I waited, I packed my things. One suitcase with clothes and the other one with all my books, cds, dvds and photos. And a little package with fourteen envelopes. These were the only things I ever got from Dad. He sent me a birthday card every year and a present.

It was four in the afternoon, when the doorbell rang. I opened the door. The woman from the children care was there once again.

"Hello sweetie. Your dad had arrived." she said. I took a one deep breath. "Amanda, I would like you to meet your father, Gerard Way. Well, good luck to you two, I have to go."

I blinked for few times.

"Hey Aimee. I'm Gerard. And I' your dad." I saw a tall, red haired guy with icy blue eyes. I thought again about what he had just said and- then there was nothing, but darkness.

When I opened my eyes I found myself in my bed. On a chair next to the bed, Gerard Way, the singer from My Chemical Romance was sitting .Oh, what a beautiful dream I was dreaming!

"Aimee? Are you awake?" I shook my head. "I'm not. Gerard Way is sitting in my bedroom. I'm still dreaming." He smiled softly.

"You're awake then. I carried you into your bed when you fainted." I finally remember what happened.

"What the-? That's not possible."

"It is, Amy. I'm Gerard Way and I'm your dad. I met your Mom fourteen years ago in Vegas. She was four years older than me...and you know. We were both drunk and. I got a letter from her, in which she said she was pregnant. I told her to come back, but she didn't. I've always wanted to meet you, but she didn't want me to. So, she just let me send you money. And one more thing. I asked her if she could give you my last name. Which she did, partly. Here you are that's new and yours." He handed me a passport. American. I looked through it. My whole name now was Amanda Lee Way. In my address column, there was written:

Martin Ln 3780

Los Angeles, California 90210


"Look here," Gerard added and showed me his passport. In the column children were two names. The second one was Bandit, who was born on 27th of May, 2009 and then the first one, that was really me. Amanda Lee Way, who was born on 7th of August, 1996.

"Oh Aimee. You have the right to hate me. I would understand. Whole fourteen years you didn't know who I was." he added.

"How, how could I ever hate you, you're my dad and I always wanted to meet you. I'm just...still shocked, you know?" I still couldn't believe it. Gerard Way. My dad.

"I know. It's kind of...weird. Okay, we have plane tickets reserved for an evening flight to L.A." I nodded.

"So. What's gonna happen when we land in there?" I asked. "Well. We will go home. I think you know that I'm married. Lindsey, she can't wait to see you. And Bandit will be happy to have a sister. And the boys. They all can't wait to see you too. Especially my brother. So, do you have your things packed?" I nodded again. There was so much new information. I took one of my suitcases, Ger-, my dad took the other. When we were passing the mirror in the hall, I stopped.

"I can't be your daughter. We don't look similar." He turned around so he was standing next to me.

"Look carefully." He said and pointed at our reflection in the mirror. And I saw it. My nose and lips were same as his. Even the shape of our face was similar. The only thing that didn't match, were the eyes. And hair, obviously. My hair was dark brown, or black. I never saw anybody with the hair color as me. "The hair? It is that dark because you are quarter Italian. And about the eyes, I know whose eyes you got. I will leave it as a surprise." he said and then pulled me close to him. He smelt perfectly.

"I know it seems like not true, but I love you, Amy."

"Thanks, Ger-. Shit. I guess it's gonna take me sometime to get used to the dad thing."

We stayed in a hug for a minute.

"I think we better get going. The plane is leaving in two hours."

We went by a cab to the airport. Ger-, my dad took a hoodie and pulled the hood over his head so his hair was hidden. Even there was no sun, he wore sunglasses.

While we were waiting for our flight we started to talk more. "Are you hungry? Or do you want anything to drink?" Dad asked me. I pointed towards Starbucks coffee.

"Maybe a coffee would be good." I said and he smiled.

"Yeah, you're just like me and Mikey. Uncle Mikey." That was funny.

"It sounds funny: uncle Mikey. I'm gonna have to get used to it." We entered the Starbucks and I realized I didn't have any money. And then I realized that I was with my dad.

"Have whatever you want to, okay? Something to eat maybe? You look hungry." Dad said. I nodded. I WAS hungry. I couldn't remember the last time I ate.

"Hello, what can I do for you?"

"One caramel frapuccino with extra caramel syrup and a raspberry cheesecake, please." said dad and I together at once. We exchanged a look and started to laugh. He whispered into my ear:

"You're definitely Way. Whole family loves this coffee."

The woman looked at us strangely.

"So two frapuccinos and two cheesecakes, right?" We nodded and dad paid. By cash. I understood that on his credit card was written his name and I guessed he wouldn't be glad that they would know he's Gerard Way. It still sounded strange. My dad was really Gerard Way.

"Go sit down, Am. I'm gonna be there in a second." He said and I went to sit down. I found a table next to the window which was empty and there weren't people to close to us. I sat down and waited. "Here you go, sweetie." said Dad as he placed a paper cup and a plate in front of me. I turned around to hug him.

"Thanks, Ger-,daddy." He gave me a hug back and then sat across at the table. "I bought a sandwich too. Would you like one?" He pulled out two chicken sandwiches.

"No thanks. The cake is enough. Plus I should tell you already that I'm a vegetarian." Dad looked at me and started to laugh.

"Frankie will be happy that he's not the only one. By the way, do you wear glasses?"

"Contacts. Why?"

"Someone in the family has to be short sighted like Mikey was." I nodded and dad continued.

"You know, I'm so sorry. For pulling you away from your hometown and friends." I laughed. Friends. "I don't have friends. I'm a loner." Dad gave me a sad smile. "Like I was. So how's school? I'm not informed, how many years of school do you have left?"

"Well, if you don't count these two weeks until the end of school year, then four." "Oh wow...well. There are thousands of things I don't know about you. Let's start." He said and after sipping from his coffee, he started shooting.

"Favorite subject?"

"Music, Art, P.E., chemistry and biology."

"Wow. Hated subject?"

"Geography and physics."

"Same here. Hobbies?"

"Reading, listening to music, painting, jogging, playing tennis and playing musical instruments and singing."

"True daughter of mine. Which musical instruments can you play?"

"Mom have always wanted me to play flute and recorder, so that. Plus piano, guitar and I started to try bass."

He choked.

"Dad, are you okay?"

"Uhm. I'm ok. Just surprised. It's unbelievable how many instruments you can play. Are you gonna sing something for me please?"

"...At... home. Not now, please." He nodded and shooting continued.

"Favorite color?"

"Black, red and white."

"My girl. Favorite animal?"


"Cute. Favorite food?"

"Italian. But without meat."

"Great. We are cooking Italian every other day at home. The meat won't be a problem. Favorite band?" I chuckled.

"My Chemical Romance. What did you expect?" He chuckled back.

"Favorite album?"

"Uhm...I don't know. All of them. When will the new one come out?"

"Not sure. End of next year, probably. Moving on. Favorite songs?"

"Disenchanted, Welcome to Black Parade, Desert song and Helena."

"Helena. It's hard to believe that the song is about your grey grand mother, right?" I stayed silent for few seconds.

"It is." We sat in silence for few minutes.

"Flight AC 738 to Los Angeles is ready for boarding at the gate E 67. We would like to ask the passengers flying first class to get to the boarding first." Gerard stood up.

"Come on. We have to be there first," he said.

"We are flying first class?" I asked and Daddy laughed.

"Yeah we are. Let's go, sweetie."

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