Author's note: So...Hi! You haven't heard from me about this story for ages. And... I'm truly sorry. As I said, I'm not abandoning it. Here is a next chapter. But first, please, let me make clear few things. I don't know if I was stupid or even more stupid. I made few mistakes with the dates and ages.

So anything that didn't fit, here it is: Action takes place in 2009. Amanda (Amy, Aimee, always the same person, ok) was born 7th of August 1995, so she's not 14 yet. She's 13 and she's gonna be 14 in two months approximately. She is gonna be freshmen next school year. I have said that the characters are all older than they are…NOT TRUE. Gerard was born on April 9th, 1977 (same as in real life) and that makes him 32. Bandit is also same age as in real life. Born on the 27th of May, 2009 and that makes her 3 weeks old. Everyone else is the same age as they are in real life too! I'M SORRY FOR ANY MISTAKES and I hope they are sorted out now. However if there is something I forgot, please don't hesitate and ask me!

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As I went down the stairs with my little sister in my arms, I noticed that there was someone standing in the hall. I didn't have my contacts, so I couldn't recognize the person. When I came closer I found out it was uncle Mikey. He smiled as he saw me and his other niece.

"She looks like you, too," he pointed out.

"Maybe a bit," I answered, because I didn't think of anything better.

"Take Bandit to Lindsey. I'll be waiting here for you so, come back, please!" he said. I nodded and continued with my way back to living room. I placed the little girl into Lindsey's lap.

"There you go!" I said with a smile. Linds gave me a thankful nod.

"Thank you, Am. You're amazing!" she replied. Bandit gave me one last look and then turned her eyes and attention to her mother. I made my way back to the hall, where Mikey was standing and obviously, waiting for me to come back.

"Would you mind going for a walk with me?" he asked. I shook my head immediately.

"Of course not. We planned to go with Lindsey and Bandit, anyway," I replied, grabbing my hoodie.

"We can take Bandit with us. Go and ask your m-, Lindsey!" Mikey suggested. I ran back to the living room once again. Bandit was crying, again. She obviously didn't sleep well.

"Linds, can I take Bandit out for a walk?" I asked Lindsey.

"Well, sure, but-" she started. I didn't let her finish the question.

"Uncle Mikey wants to take his nieces for a walk, so don't worry," I said and let her place my little sister into my arms.

"Enjoy it!" Lindsey added and my Dad joined her.

"Yeah, have fun!" I placed a kiss on my Daddy's cheek and then on Lindsey's. I waved at Alicia.

"I am not getting a kiss goodbye from my niece?" Alicia asked softly, laughing. I blushed a bit and gave her a kiss too.

"Bye Dad, bye Linds, bye Licia!" I called and went to dress Bandit in something more appropriate for a walk. Then we met up with uncle Mikey at the front door.

"Sorry it took us so long!" I apologized, but Mikey just waved his hand dismissively. We decided not to take a baby carriage, so it end up that Mikey was carrying Bandit in his arms. Well, he was holding her with his left hand only. His right hand was caught in my left hand. I was smiling. It seemed so natural to hold hands with uncle Mikey. I didn't mind at all being like a little girl, who had to hold hands with her parents.

"So, tell me Amy, have you ever heard of mine and your daddy's band?" Mikey started the conversation. I looked at him strangely.

"Uncle Mikey! Of course! I love My Chem since I heard the first song of the 'Bullets'!"

"Wow! Really? That means that we are your favorite band since you" he asked. I nodded.

"When's the new album coming out? I can't wait!"

"Next year, before Christmas probably. We are still writing, you know," he said, shrugging his shoulders.

"I seriously can't wait, uncle Mikey!" I exclaimed. He smiled.

"Come with us to the studio then! You can come tomorrow if you want to!" he suggested, smile still playing on his lips.

"I'd love to! But we are painting my room tomorrow, with Dad. Don't YOU wanna come over and help us?" I asked him.

"Sure. I'm gonna go and help my niece out, of course!" he answered. I gave him a huge smile. Or better, a grin.

"Thanks, Mikey!" I replied. He shrugged his shoulders.

"Don't you wanna invite Frank too? I mean, have you met him already?"

"Like, Frank Iero, from your band? No, not yet. But I'd love too!" I answered.

"Okay. I'm gonna take care about that. Let's say, 10 o'clock at your place?"

"Sounds like a plan!" I said, still smiling and let him give me Bandit and pulling his phone out of his pocket.

"Frank?" Uncle Mikey said. I couldn't catch anything going from the other side of the phone, because it was muffled and quiet.

"Do you wanna meet my niece and Gerard's daughter?"

"We are painting her room tomorrow. Come to Gee's place at 10, 'kay?"

"Right. See you there!"

"Don't know. Use your imagination! Bye!" I watched him ending the call and watched him for a second.

"Frankie's gonna be there," Mikey said, taking Bandit back to his arms.

"That's great, uncle Mikey!" I exclaimed. "I'm glad you are happy. Do you wanna tell me something about yourself, Amy?"

"I'm not good at it,"

"At what?"

"Talking about myself,"

"Try at least!"

"Hm...Okay...I'm thirteen years old. I lived in Vancouver. I'm gonna be in freshmen year. I love drawing, singing, playing instruments, doing sports, everything. I love your band. When I grow up, I wanna be a musician. Uhm...yeah, I guess that's it,"

"When is your birthday?"

"7th of August,"

"And what's your...favorite subject?"

", music, p.e, biology and chemistry,"

"Wow, that sounds very nice,"

"Does it? I think it sounds ordinary,"

"I have to assure you, it doesn't," he replied. Bandit started to cry suddenly. I extended my arms to Mikey and waited till he placed the little girl into my arms.

"Shhh, shhh, don't cry, don't cry," I whispered to her and in few seconds she stopped.

"How are you doing this?"

"I don't know," I replied truthfully. We continued walking.

"I love LA, I'm so glad we're living here,"

"I hated it when we first moved here, but now I can't imagine living anywhere else. I'm gonna go buy some coffee, do you want anything?"

"Caramel Frappuccino please! I was in Starbucks with daddy and he said I'm completely like you two in this,"

"He was right. Will you wait for me here?" he pointed at a bench, outside the Starbucks coffee. I nodded and sat down, holding my little sister on my lap. Mikey disappeared inside. An old lady came by and sat down next to me and Bandit.

"Aw, what a cute little girl! Is she your sister?"

"Yes, ma'am, she is. Half-sister, but anyway,"

"She has same eyes as you! How old is she?"

"Three weeks,"

"She is cute, very. What's her name?"


"Strange name,"

"I know. If you'll excuse us, we have to go, that's our uncle there!" I said and taking Bandit into my arms again, I went to Mikey. He handed me my cup.

"Thanks, uncle Mikey," I said, taking a sip. I smiled at the taste of my favorite coffee.

"You're obsessed with this. Like me and Gerard,"

"I know. I love Starbucks, since I tasted the coffee for the first time. But Mom never wanted me to drink too much coffee,"

"I'm so sorry about what had happened to her,"

"Me too. But...I'm trying to deal with it," I said. Mikey placed his hand on my shoulder. "I'm sorry. We are here to help you. You seem lovely and we will all do anything we can to make this place more like a home to you,"

"Thanks. I appreciate it,"

"You seem so grown up. You had grown more mature in these few days than last years I would guess,"

"Pain is making us grow up faster. But I also think this is a very new start. And that I can be happy here once again,"

"You're making too much sense,"

"What do you mean?"

"For a 13-year-old,"

"If you say so,"

"So tell me. What's your favorite song?"

"Can we go record by record?"

"Of course. So...Bullets,"

"Skylines...and Early Sunsets, probably,"

"Hey that's not fair, you're saying two!"

"So, be glad! I love your songs!"

Bandit, who was carried by Mikey, was watching us. I smiled at her.

"So, Three Cheers,"

"Helena, definitely. And Thank You for the Venom,"

"Wow...and The Black Parade?"

"Can I choose more than two?"

"How many do you want to?"

"Welcome to the Black Parade, Disenchanted, Kill All Your Friends and My Way Home Is Through You,"

"You know, this counts just because the last two are not really part of the record,"

"And Desert Song is definitely one of my favorites too,"

"Oh, someone likes Life On the Murder Scene?"

"Uncle Mikey, are you kidding me? I love that thing. I watched it so many times, that the DVD broke and I had to buy another copy," I said. Mikey started laughing so much that he scared Bandit. I took her into my arms.

"Shhh, what's wrong, B? Uncle Mikey's just having fun," I explain patiently as if she could understand. Mikey finally caught his breath.

"I'm sorry Bandit," Mikey apologized. We headed back home while talking more and more. It was very nice, to talk to uncle Mikey.

"So, what other bands do you like?"

"Well you know, Green Day, Simple Plan, Blink...yeah. And I always said I was born in the wrong decade. I should have been born in the 80s, you know. So I would grow up with those older bands. I love...The Smiths, Anthrax, Kiss, Metallica and this stuff you know. They might still play today, but I'm sure it is not what it was before...yeah and I absolutely LOVE Nirvana. I admire Kurt Cobain so much and I've always said that when I'll grow up, I'm gonna investigate his death again!"

"Oh, you're a pretty cool young lady!" Mikey said and smiled at me.

"We're back!" I shouted. Gerard came to welcome us.

"Hi, you three!"

"Hi dad," I said, kicking my shoes off and continued inside with Bandit. Dad and uncle Mikey remained talking. I found Lindsey and Alicia in the bedroom, where they were discussing some new clothes Lindsey bought.

"Hi Linds, hi Licia!"

"Amy! And my little darling," Lindsey smiled and took Bandit away from me. Alicia smiled.

"So, what did Mikey say? I hope he didn't scare you!"

"Mikey? No way! I mean, he was very nice, thank you,"

"Look Amy, I would like to say that I'm sorry that your mother died. I know you might not wanna hear it, bur anyway,"

"Thanks, Licia. I appreciate it,"

"Good. Now, what were you up to now?"

"I didn't know yet,"

"Do you wanna go swimming? I wanted to go and since you have a pool and we don't..."

"I'd love to. But I actually don't have a bathing suit. I threw away my old one in Vancouver and I did not have time to buy anything here yet,"

"Borrow mine if you want to!" Lindsey called from the other room. I smiled.

"We're going shopping tomorrow afternoon; we can get you some, then!" Lindsey added then. I went after her to get the bathing suit. "Thanks Linds,"

"No problem. Have fun," I went to change into the bathing suit and then went after Alicia to the pool. The pool was indoors, but also there was a part which was outdoors. Dad and Mikey were already there too.

Really, this was one of the best afternoons and evenings in my entire life. I had so much fun. They were all twice as old as I was, but it didn't matter. We just had so much fun together.

Mikey and Licia left at about 10 o'clock. I was informed they lived not so far away from us, but closer to the city center. I remember falling asleep on the couch. It was 7:30 when I opened my eyes and realized I was in my room. Dad must have carried me here. Oh well... I brushed my teeth, had a shower and after getting dressed I headed downstairs to meet Lindsey.

"Morning, Linds!"

"Oh, morning, Aimee! Breakfast is on the table!"

"Thanks that's awesome," I said and we talked while I was talking. She was nursing Bandit meanwhile.

"So, would you like to go shopping for clothes today?"

"I'd love to! But I think Frank is coming over. We are supposed to paint my room,"

"Oh yeah, how could I forgot. So, we'll go at about 2? If you'll be finish we will go, if you won't, we will let the boys finish and go anyway," she said and smiled. We high fived.

"I'm not sure if you're gonna like it, but I just thought you might really wanna you will give away most of your old clothes and buy a completely new wardrobe...?" she left it as a question. I smiled.

"Linds, I thought about that. I would really love to throw everything away and get a completely new wardrobe, you know,"

"It's settled then. We're setting off at 2,"

"Thank you very much,"

"No problem. Now, do you want to go and dress Bandit? You did great job yesterday,"

"I'd love too," I replied and took the little girl into my arms.

"Have fun," Linds said, smiling. I went up the stairs and went to dress Bandit. I really enjoyed it. She was cute and adorable.

"Linds, is that you?" I heard Dad calling from their bedroom.

"Nah, it's me, Daddy! And Bandit!" I called back cheerfully. Dad came after us, looking very sleepy.

"Good morning my beautiful ladies!" he said and kissed Bandit on her nose.

"Morning bumblebee, morning Aimee," he continued and kissed my forehead then.

"Morning Dad,"

"I can see you're having fun. Since Bandit is a bumblebee, I should think of something for you." Dad smiled at me and Bandit.

"I don't wanna be a caterpillar," I said, smiled and took B back into my arms. She was dressed in bright red today.

"You're officially a ladybug,"

"That's not half bad,"

"Let's go downstairs, bumblebee and ladybug, there's something I would like us to talk about," Dad said. I suddenly felt worried. Dad saw my worried look.

"Hey, relax! It's quiet pleasant,"

"Okay, Dad," I replied and we went downstairs. We all sat down to the table and Bandit was with me.

"Kay, my lovely lads. Or more like, Amy, yesterday we had a talk with Lindsey. There's so much for us to do, so much to decide and you know... But first there are summer holidays coming and I wanted to know if there's any place in the world you would like to visit," Gerard said. Lindsey smiled at me.

"Dad, Linds, I appreciate this, but I know it's impossible even for one of you to leave. Bandit's here and you know..." I started slowly.

"Am, there's no reason why Gerard could not leave for a week or two," Linds jumped in.

"Yeah, Mo-Lindsey's right. We can go anywhere you want to. Two weeks, any place on the Earth, okay? And then, I know my parents would like to spend some time with you too...and Mikey and Alicia and I'm sure even Frank and Jamia when they'll meet you. And Ray and Christa and everyone!"

"And me, your Dad kind of forgot," Lindsey smiled and jumped in. I laughed.

"So think about it, hun. And tell me as soon as you'll think of something, okay?" Dad said. I nodded and went to hug him and Linds. The doorbell rang.

"I'm gonna go there," I said, knowing it's gonna be uncle Mikey. I opened the door. Oh shit, I forgot he's not the only one who's coming. "Hello,"

"Hi. Are you Amanda?"

"Amy or Aimee, please. Nice to meet you, Frank Iero,"

"Nice to meet you too. Here, I brought you a present!" Frank said and handed me a little package. I opened it. It was a cd. Nirvana! I completely loved Nirvana, but sadly didn't own any of their cds.

"Thank you so much, I love Nirvana! How did you know?"

"When I'll tell you it won't be a secret anymore,"

"Fair point, come in! Dad and Lindsey and Bandit are in the kitchen,"

Few minutes later, uncle Mikey arrived and we all went up to my room. Dad removed the old bed and the table away and now we were standing in a completely empty room with 4 white walls.

We have already bought wall paint the day before. We bought grey, lighter grey, black and red, my favorite colors.

"So honey, make a wish," Dad said. I smiled. When I explained them how would I like it, we opened all the paint and started with the painting. Dad brought little speakers and turned on some music.

By 1:30, I was standing proudly in my room. One wall remained white. That was where posters were going to be. Another one was light grey, with dramatic red stains. The last two were black and grey. It was...perfect.

"Aimee, come downstairs, please!" Lindsey called. She had been out with Bandit before and now she was doing something in the living room.

"Go Am, we're gonna stay," Dad told me. I ran down the stairs to the living room.

"Oh hi! I just wanted to ask, if you're ready to go! Bandit just fell asleep and the guys with the furniture are coming at 2 and it's gonna be better if we will be away,"

"Who's gonna look after B?"

"I hope your Dad,"

"Oh, okay. I'm just gonna go get dressed and say bye to the guys,"

"No rush. I'm gonna wait,"

I went back upstairs. I entered my room.

"Dad, you're in charge here for next couple of ours. I don't mean just the furniture. You're looking after B. Me and Linds are going,"

"Going where?"

"Shopping, Daddy!"

"Oh, right. Have fun, sweetie!" Dad said, giving me a hug. I waved at Mikey and Frank and ran to the bathroom to put on some better clothes. I dressed in a black folded skirt and a tank top.

"Ready to go?"


"Have fun, lads!" Dad called, looking at Bandit, who was sleeping soundly in her bed in the living room.

We went out of the house. A red BMW has been parking there since I arrived.

"Is it yours?"

"Yeah. Your Dad owns an Audi, but one of his friends is repairing it at the moment,"

"This is a very cool car," I pointed out. Lindsey smiled and nodded.

I have never ever had this much fun while shopping. Ever. In three hours, I was completely sure that I'm throwing out all my old clothes, because of my new clothes. I had bought 5 pairs of jeans, 4 black pairs, one dark blue. About twenty t-shirts, mixtures of black, white, grey and red. Four hoodies, a jacket, 3 skirts, several pairs of tights. 3 pairs of Converse, one pair of flip flops. And then two bathing suits and a lot of underwear, socks, nylons and necklaces, bracelets and wristbands.

Now we were sitting in a Starbucks coffee with Lindsey. All the bags with clothes were in Lindsey's car, parked outside.

"Linds? I never had this much fun shopping, really," I said, taking a sip of my coffee.

"I enjoyed it too. Now, do you wanna go to the book store and the cd store? Then we can go to the drug store and buy you some new cosmetics too,"

"You're incredible,"

It was 7:18 pm, when we arrived home. I bought 12 cds, 10 dvds, a calendar with Nirvana, few merch t-shirts, two huge posters to put on the wall, a black messenger back with Kiss motive, about 30 badges, 26 books, color pencils, water colors, pens, pencils, erasers, three different sizes notebooks with blank paper, two notebooks with lines and a diary. Then of course a new bag for cosmetics, along with 5 black eye liners, black mascaras, make ups, dark red and black nail polishes, two hair brushes, a comb and then lots of stuff for hair, like hair clips and hairbands.

Dad came to the door.

"Hi girls. Shhh, Bandit just fell asleep!"

"Hi dad!" I said, hugging him. I ran up the stairs to my room. My breath got caught in my throat. It was...PERFECT!

The furniture was exactly how I wanted it. Now it was just time to fill the wardrobe and all the cupboards and shelves with my things.

Later on, I called Dad to come and help me with hanging my Green Day poster and my Blink poster.

At 11 pm, I crawled into my new bed, completely dead and exhausted. What a day.

Author's note: So, I hope you guys liked it. I also hope I can update a new chapter sooner than the last time. I'm sorry once again.

Stay beautiful…and keep it ugly. x