He would never see her again.

That one thought kept running through his core, not even a little overshadowed by where he was now, even as he enthused about it. "Oh my God oh my God oh my GOD! I'm in SPACE!"

"I know you're in space!" Wheatley exploded at last. He'd been calm up until then, but the constant babbling was getting on his nerves. "We both are! So—so just give it a rest, all right?"

But Space couldn't give it a rest, because if he couldn't keep his mind occupied with space, he'd be forced to think about her again, waiting all alone for him down on Earth. He wondered if she knew she'd never see him again, and it made him sad to contemplate. Talking about space was the only way for him to keep his mind off of her. "SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE!"

"ARGH!" Wheatley cried in frustration. "Come on, mate! Just stop! Isn't there any bloody thing you like more than space?"

Space paused. He hadn't been expecting that question, and it threw him enough to make his internal monologue fly right back to her. It was a few moments before he spoke again, and when he did, it was much quieter; much less shrill. "Well…there is something…"

"Oh yeah?" Wheatley asked, cheerful once again now that he'd had a few moments of peace. "And what's that?"

"Someone, actually…" the yellow core went on, noticing that it was somehow much harder for him to talk about her than it was to talk about space. He had Wheatley's rapt attention now. "…Her name was the Curiosity Core." And now his words started to rush together. "She was so cute and so sweet. She loved me so much and I hope she still does and I love her more…but then I was taken away to space and now I have no one. No one but space!"

There was a sort of choking noise that Wheatley's sensors recognized as crying, and for once, he understood perfectly as the Space Core said, "I miss her so much!"

"It's okay, mate," Wheatley said, wishing there was some way he could comfort the other core. "It's okay…"

"No, it isn't!" Space cried. "You don't understand, because you've never loved anyone and you've never been ripped away from them and then you've never only had space!"

Wheatley was quiet for a moment, listening to the other core's sobs. Then he said, "No, I do understand. I understand perfectly, because once I had someone too. Someone that I loved. Love."

Space's sobs quieted a little as he looked at Wheatley. "You did?"

"I did," Wheatley confirmed. "But…but then I tried to murder her. It wasn't really my fault, but I know she hates me for it anyway, because she let go of me. Helped to throw me right out into space, and…" He paused, realizing that he was making the same sort of crying noise that the Space Core was. "…And I miss her too."

For a few moments, the only sounds were the crying noises being made by the two spheres, but then Space spoke up. "I was wrong."

"What?" Wheatley asked.

"About space," the Space Core said. His crying noises had stopped, and he sounded hopeful now. "Because I don't only have space. I have you, even if I don't have her, and we're friends. Right? Friends? In space? Space friends?"

"Right," Wheatley said. His own crying noises slowed, then finally stopped. "We're…we're space friends."

And then together, they cried, "SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE!"

[A/N: This story can be found in comic form at fav(dot)me/d3n3p30 . Thanks to luckynight48 at dA for letting me write it out in story form!]