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A xenomorph hissed in the darkness. Alec ignored it, safe in his sanctum. For two years he'd been living in the boiler room of the power plant, the door nailed and welded shut. In that time not a single alien had made it into the room which was no longer dominated by the huge boiler, the bulky machine had been dismantled and shifted out through the vents early in Alec's residence there.

It had been a long day, he'd had to locate a new supermarket to trawl through, and with the clock showing it as fourteen in the evening he was long overdue sleep. Still he needed to do a few things before he let sleep take him. Like turn on the morph repulsor's and write his diary. With a single flick of a switch the repulsor's were set up giving off a discordant infrasound from all sides as well as an oscillating high pitch to put off the morphs echolocation. Safe in a blanket of sound he couldn't even hear Alec began the day's journal.

Day 600

Spent the morning looking for a new food supply, had to go over ten whole miles to reach it. Any further and I'll never get back by nightfall. One of the drones malfunctioned about halfway there, going to have to retrieve it tommorow. Right pain in the ass that's going to be, particularly when I'm down to a handful of power cells.

If the new place doesn't have some I'll be dead within a month.

On the bright side it proved one of my earlier theories, the damn malfunction allowed a drone to find me, pretty sure it's new gen as it ignored me once it smelled who I was.

Other than retrieving the drone I shouldn't need to leave for another week.

Alec flipped closed the journal and put it with the others. He'd need a new one soon. Hell he needed a new everything soon.

With nothing left on the agenda the human settled down to sleep, his tranquility only punctured by the occasional hiss in the night.

The queen growled her displeasure. One of the drones had returned a few hours ago having been within biting distance of the human. Xenomorphs had never been a species that went in for science but the queen knew enough about life to know why the drone had failed to strike. The human's scent was all through the hive.

The drones thought it was a member of the hive. She didn't blame them, most drones were just a body full of instincts which took orders from any xenomorph higher up on the food chain. It said a lot about humans that they produced the best drones.

Except for that one. Somehow whenever it got near one of the drones the drone went – for lack of a better word – blind. It made no sense.

Shaking her head – a motion she'd learnt from the humans which had once been the main prey of the hive – she settled down to sleep. Dreaming of killing the one that got away.

Yeythwei watched the ooman flee into it's hovel. Curiosity was not a normal feeling for a yautja about it's prey yet as the hunter watched the ooman pass mere meters from the kainde amedha without it so much as turning in it's direction. At the very least the ooman warranted further watching before he killed it.

The predator completely failed to notice that even as it watched the human it too was being watched in turn. Silent as the night the praetorian observed and left to inform the queen.

Author's Note: Something of a teaser chapter I know and shorter than I'd like but I think the quality is ok.