June 1st, 9:37:53am, Wednesday.

"MY BABY! DEAR GOD SOMEONE SAVE MY BABY!" Butch looks around the crash scene frantically for someone, anyone that could help. He spots Brick and Boomer standing a few feet away and runs towards them at full speed,

"Brick! Boomer! Please help me! Dear god, please help me save my baby! She's dying! My poor baby's in PAIN!" He screams at them. Brick and Boomer exchange worried glances,

"Is it Buttercup? What's wrong with her?" Boomer asks frantic, Buttercup is like a sister to him.

"No it's not Buttercup! IT'S MY BABY! YOU HEAR ME? MY BABY IS DYING!" Butch yells as he points at the car wreckage in hysteria, "WHAT IF SHE DIES? What if she dies?" he asks, growing into depression at the mere thought. A few tears roll down his face as he considers this thought more, Brick rolls his eyes,

"Butch, do you have to be so dramatic? She's just a-"

"She's not your baby! Think, if this was your baby!" Butch interrupts. Brick sighs,

"Alright, I understand. But still, dude, she's just a-" Brick is again interrupted as the police arrive. Butch watches them get out of their cars before he shouts louder than ever before,


Exactly 9 months, 2 weeks, 4 days, 11 hours, 6 minutes, and 55 seconds ago.

September 13th 2:30:55pm Friday.

Years have come and passed since the time when three super powered little girls would fight crime. 5 long years have come and gone since Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup had to worry about 'saving the world before bedtime.'

Over those 5 years… A lot has changed.

A little after the girls had shared their 14th birthday, a major crime bust sent almost all the prime villains to jail, locked up for a life time. Since then, crime has been slow and the girls have had little use for their powers, it was almost like they were normal. However, normalcy doesn't ever last for them. Once they turned 15 and entered their freshmen year of high school, they meet some familiar faces. Faces, they did not wish to see. They were there, in every class, every hour, every second. They were the Rowdyruff boys. It was difficult at first, neither of them seemed to get along. But after being forced to be together for half a year, they begun to see that they had changed. The Rowdyruff boys were more mature, the Powerpuff girls were less 'perfect little girls.' Their appearances had also changed…for the better. In short, they became best friends. Graduation came and they decided to attend Townsville University together. They moved into apartments right across the hall from each other and every Friday they had a movie night, as it was a tradition even in high school.

Today is a Friday, Friday the 13th in fact. Buttercup and Butch love this day for reasons the others can't really understand. The girls' 20th birthday is a little less than a month away, the boys will turn 20 about a month after them. As it is a Friday the girls are gathering at the boys' apartment to watch a movie. The boys have decided to watch 'Friday the 13th,' much to Bubbles' dismay. Buttercup just got off her shift at the café a few moments ago, Butch is meeting her so they can walk back to his apartment together and watch the movie.

Buttercup lazily walks out of the café, tearing off her apron and throwing it carelessly behind her. Her boss yells after her, saying something about being there early tomorrow or something, she isn't really paying attention. She steps on a pebble path through the park, as it is a shot cut to the apartments, only to be greeted by a familiar face,

"Hey Butterbutt!" Butch calls running over to her side, "how was work today?" Buttercup groans as he finishes his question,

"Shitty as always! My idiot boss made me clean the restrooms… the men's restrooms!" she complains. Butch shudders,

"I've seen the restrooms in there…ouch," he agrees. As they walk to the apartments, Butch stands a little closer than usual. Buttercup doesn't notice as she's too busy lost in her thoughts of how awful her day at work was, she's so preoccupied she doesn't notice as she almost walks straight into a tree.

"Whoa! Hey, look out," Butch calls throwing an arm over her shoulders and guiding her back to the path.

"Sorry, I wasn't paying attention," Buttercup mutters, embarrassed she was so oblivious. Butch shrugs with the arm not around Buttercup,

"It's alright," he forgives her easily. He keeps his arm across her shoulders as they continue their walk to the apartments. After walking for a bit, a little girl that looks about 4 comes running up to them. She's wearing a small glittery crown and a pink and green princess dress. They have no idea what she's doing or why she's wearing such a ridiculous outfit, but they can tell that she is very excited to talk to them. She stares at Buttercup in awe,

"A-a-ar-are y-you a pr-princ-pr-princess? Is he y-your pri-prince ch-charm-chaming?" She stutters. Buttercup glares at the cute little girl, everyone always thought her and Butch were a 'couple,' she cringes at the thought. She's about to tell the girl off, but Butch speaks first.

"Sh," he whispers putting a finger to his lips. "How did you ever find out? We were trying so hard to keep our secret untold, but alas, it seems you have figured it out. She is indeed a princess and I am her prince charming." He finishes with a broad smile as the little girl jumps up and down in excitement. Buttercup rolls her eyes though she actually thinks Butch is being very sweet letting this fantasy appear real to the girl.

"I knew it! I knew it!" the girl exclaims, "Charlie said 'true love doesn't exist! Princesses and Princes aren't real!' But you two fell in love, just like the story, right?" she asks excitedly, Butch nods smiling widely. Buttercup kneals to the girl's level, she smiles sweetly,

"Of course we did, just like the story. Forever in love…" she whispers to the beaming girl, "now, where's your mother? She's probably worried sick about you." The girl points to a bench a few feet away,

"She's over there with Charlie, he's my big brother. It was so nice to meet you Miss Princess and Mr Prince Charming, but you're right. I should return to my mommy. Bye bye!" she exclaims, but before she leaves, she grabs Butch's legs, as she's not tall enough to reach higher, and pulls him into a small sort of hug. She pulls away and smiles brightly at the too,

"I hope you live happily ever after!" she shouts with high hopes. Butch smiles,

"Why, we already are," he whispers. She smiles and gives Buttercup a quick hug as well before skipping back to her family in glee. Buttercup stands up smiling, Butch puts an arm around her and pulls her close. Buttercup allows him too as they continue to walk out of the park. Once they finally reach the entrance to the apartments, Buttercup smirks,

"So, I didn't know you were good with kids," she teases. Butch scoffs, removing his arm from around her. She smirks wider,

"Aw, does big Butchie boy have a soft spot for cute little girls that dress in pretty princess dresses?" She teases him more,

"Shut up!" he groans. She smiles but stops pushing his buttons all the same. He opens the door,

"After you, my princess" he smirks as she growls at him. She walks past him and slams her finger onto the elevator button. They wait a moment for the elevator to appear. A 'ding' announces its arrival and her and Butch step into it, pressing the button for the fourth floor. Another ding tells them they've made it. They step off, heading towards room 12D as Butch gets his key ready. Buttercup cocks an eyebrow as they hear yelling and screaming from behind the door.

"What's going on in there?" She asks no one in particular. Butch shrugs, turning his key and opening the door.

"AH! NO, PLEASE! I CAN'T DO IT! PLEASE DON'T MAKE ME! PLEASE!" Bubbles screams loudly from her position under Boomer as he straddles her on the floor, holding her arms above her head.

"PLEASE! I'M TOO YOUNG!" She continues. Boomer sighs,

"Bubs, no you're not. Blossom's going to do it! You'll be fine, I promise," he whispers trying to calm her down. Butch smirks, dirty thoughts littering his mind,

"Going to what, exactly? Boomer?" he questions suggestively. Boomer, catching what his brother is implying, blushes a light pink,

"Shut up, Butch! Going to watch the movie! Okay? GOD!" He yells. Butch smirks,

"Whatever you say," he sings, taking the seat beside Brick on the couch. Buttercup sits on the ground in front of him and glares at Bubbles,

"Bubbles, you are going to watch this movie," she threatens. Bubbles shakes her head vigorously,

"No! I don't like horrors! Don't make me! Please!" She shouts shaking in fear beneath Boomer. Blossom sighs,

"Bubbles, watch the stupid movie, you don't have to look at the screen the whole time anyway," she says.

"Yeah! I can tell you when the scary parts are over if you want," Boomer adds from above Bubbles. She nods slowly,

"Okay…" she whispers. He smiles and stands, holding out a hand to help Bubbles up too. Bubbles takes the seat beside Blossom and Boomer takes the seat on the end. Butch lightly kicks Buttercup's back,

"Puuuuuttt tttthhhheee mmooovvviiieeeeee iiiiiiinnnnn," he whines. She rolls her eyes before smirking evilly.

"Yes, my prince." She teases, he kicks her again.

"Now." He demands. She stands up and puts the movie in the DVD player, she turns off the lights and returns to her spot on the floor.

"There, happy?" She asks annoyed. Butch smirks,

"Yes, very much so."

3 Minutes into the movie.

"AH! BOOMER, SAVE ME!" Bubbles screams, hiding her head in Boomer's neck. Buttercup rolls her eyes,

"Bubbles, it's still the opening credits. The movie hasn't even started yet!" She shouts annoyed. Bubbles removes her head from Boomer's neck and looks at the screen closely,

"Oh, right. Sorry." She apologizes. Buttercup sighs,

"Whatever, just be quiet."

20 Minutes into the movie.

"Dude, did you see that?" Brick asks, rubbing Blossom's forearm while she shudders, her eyes glued to the screen.

"Yeah, there was such much freaking blood… IT WAS AWESOME!" Butch exclaims, hardly noticing as Buttercup grips his leg, her eyes watching the screen in interest. Boomer rolls his eyes at Butch,

"That was so fake though, the 'blood' was obviously paint and the story line is so unrealistic," he observes, rubbing Bubbles' back in a comforting way as she clings to him helplessly, her eyes shut tight not daring to glance toward the movie.

"Whatever, hey, they're talking again," Brick replies as they quiet down to hear the movie.

50 Minutes into the movie.

"AH!" the girls scream as yet another character is killed on the screen. The boys just laugh,

"Oh, pathetic," Boomer chuckles.

"Did you see him try to run?" Brick laughs.

"Yeah, he looked like a girl! Oh my god, that was funny!" Butch laughs with his brothers. He feels a sharp pain in his leg and looks down to see Buttercup clutching his leg tightly, her nails digging into his skin.

"Buttercup?" he whispers softly. She whirls her head around and glares at him,

"What?" she demands, flinching as she hears more screaming coming from the screen. He takes her hands in his, leading her onto his lap,

"I'm fine, Butch," she protests. Another scream is heard and she involuntarily squeezes his hand, he scoffs,

"Yeah sure," he agrees sarcastically. He forces her into his lap and wraps his arms around her waist. He rests his head on her shoulder as they stare at the screen. Buttercup would never admit it, but she was silently grateful for his comfort.

89 Minutes into the movie.

"No way…is he…?" Butch asks in growing excitement as a chainsaw can be heard from the screen.

"Yup he is!" Brick laughs as more people are killed, blood splattering across the screen. Boomer smiles in slight amusement before rolling his eyes,

"Seriously though? A mangled corpse does not look like that!" he complains. Blossom shudders, closing her eyes tightly. Brick pulls her closer as she wraps her arms around his neck, hiding her face in his chest. Buttercup flinches and grips Butch's hands as a girl's head is sawed off on the screen. He holds her tighter, her back pressing against his chest as the movie continues.

94 Minutes into the movie, the end of the movie.

"Oh my god!" Blossom shouts, sounding as though she's in pain.

"No! Don't do it! NO!" Bubbles screams in absolute fear.

"You IDIOT!" Buttercup yells at a character as he repeats the same thing the main character had done that started that whole mess. Luckily the movie screen turns black and the credits roll by indicating the end, the girls sigh in relief.

"Finally, it's over," Buttercup announces, glad the movie is over with. Bubbles shudders, desperately clinging to Boomer,

"I don't like that movie," she whimpers. Boomer pulls her even closer and whispers soothing words trying to calm her down. Blossom looks up from Brick's neck,

"Can someone… turn on the lights?" she asks in a small whisper.

"Yeah," Brick whispers gently into her ear as he rubs her back. He turns towards Butch, who's sitting beside him,

"BUTCH! TURN ON THE LIGHTS!" He yells loudly. Butch covers his ears, letting go of Buttercup in the process,

"Brick, DUDE, I'm sitting RIGHT NEXT to you!" He seethes. Brick shrugs,

"Go!" He commands, pointing to the light switch. Butch tires to move, but as Buttercup is sitting on top of him, he is unsuccessful. He smirks,

"Well, you know I would, Brick, really I would, but…I can't," he says smugly. Brick rolls his eyes,

"And why would that be, Butch? Please enlighten me," he says in a sarcastic tone.

"Well, you see, Buttercup's in my lap and she won't move, so I can't possibly get up." He says with a smirk. Brick groans,

"Just turn on the lights, Butch. Buttercup, please get off him," he pleas. Buttercup grins,

"Nope," she says popping the 'p' and glaring at Brick. He sighs,

"Is it because you're scared?" he asks. She shakes her head,

"Not really, I'm just doing this to spite you," she states. Butch grins, lightly wrapping his arms around her again. Brick groans and peels himself away from Blossom so he can stand. She clutches her knees to her chest as he walks away toward the switch. He flips the light switch and the room is filled with bright light. Bubbles pulls away from Boomer slightly, he watches her cautiously, worried she'll cry out of fear.

"Don't. You. Ever. EVER. Make. Me. Watch. A. Horror. Movie. EVER. AGAIN!" She seethes in rage directed at Boomer. He scratches the back of his head nervously,

"Nope, never, won't ever, ever, nope, never watch a horror movie, ever. I promise! No more horrors!" he quickly pours out. Brick heads back to the couch and takes his place beside Blossom. She looks toward her sisters, to the door, to her sisters, to the door, to Brick, and back again.

"Hey…um…Could we…Stay the night? I mean, I know we live next door and all but…" Blossom asks quietly.

"We're way too freak out to stay I our apartment alone!" Bubbles adds. Buttercup stands, pushing Butch's hands away from her,

"Hey! Speak for your self! I'll be just fine in my own room, thank you very much!" She argues. Butch cocks an eyebrow,

"Really? All alone…noises in the night…breeze through an open window…all by your self… no one with you… no one to hear your screams…" he whispers blowing air toward her. She shudders,

"Alright! Fine! But only for tonight!" She agrees crossing her arms. Blossom looks over at Brick,

"Can we stay, please?" she asks softly. He turns to his brothers, they give him an approving nod.

"Sure, why not?"

I don't own the Powerpuff Girls. Hope you liked! I love you!