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Exactly 10 hours, 43 minutes, and 24 seconds later.

June 10th, 8:56:03am Monday

Robin sifts under the soft covers, trying to remember what exactly happened last night. One look at the body next to her and she remembers. The memories hit her like a brick. She looks around the room franticly, finding and putting on her clothes. All the motion shakes Mitch awake, he stares at the now clothed Robin as she grabs her purse and heads to the door of the hotel room. His chest throbs, he can't let her get away again.

"Robin, wait!" he calls, quickly putting on some bottoms and blocking her way to the door. She gives him a glare,

"Mitch, I have to go." She says trying to get past him, he holds his ground.

"Robin, please don't leave me again, please," he begs, "please, I love you, please don't leave me," Robin stares at him,

"Mitch, I love you too, but I have to go. I have to get back to my kids and my…husband…" Mitch stares into her eyes and they have a semi-awkward silence.

Mitch sighs rubbing the back of his head,

"Can't you stay? A little while longer at least? Please, Robin, I can't lose you again," He pleas. Robin breathes deeply, dropping her purse on the ground,

"What are we going to do, Mitch? Everything's all messed up!" She cries. He pulls her closer and lets her cry on his shoulder,

"Sh, baby, it's okay. We'll get through this, you'll see," he whispers. Robin sighs,

"We can't do this, Mitch. Think about our kids, what would they think of us if they knew how quick we were to cheat on our spouses?" she questions. Mitch frowns,

"I don't know….. We should have never broken up," He groans, burying his head in the crook of her neck. Robin squeezes her eyes shut,

"What was I supposed to do? I couldn't stay, you had two kids! I had a daughter, it was for the best," she explains.

"For them," Mitch says quietly,

"huh?" Robin asks confused,

"It was the best, for them. Not us. What's the best for us? Do you ever think about that? Do you ever think about us?" he questions.

"Of course I do…It's just…..Our kids are more important," Robin explains. Mitch sighs, she's right, he knows she's right but… he just doesn't care.

"Stay with me, we'll start all over. We'll get divorced…again and get married…again and it will be great! Come on, Robin. I won't let you go this time, I won't ever let you go." He whispers. Robin winces,

"Mitch, let me go. You're hurting my arm," Mitch looks down to see his death grip around Robin's forearm, he lets her go,

"Sorry," he states, she rubs her arm,

"It's okay…Mitch, we can't do that. I don't even think we can afford another divorce, let alone another wedding! This is silly, we have to stop. You have your life, I have mine." She states firmly. Mitch frowns,

"How many times do I have to tell you? That's not going to work! You are my life! Without you, I'm nothing," he whispers, resting his forehead against hers. Robin sighs as more tears fall from her eyes.

"Than what do you suggest?" she cries, "what is your amazing plan? Huh?" Mitch strokes her cheek soothingly,

"What I think we should do is selfish, dishonorable, unfaithful, but the best for us" he whispers. Robin softly laughs,

"you're terrible, I can't believe you would ever suggest that," she whispers.

"What? Cheating? It's not so bad, we just did it a second ago, in fact we're still doing it now," he reminds her. Robin looks up at him for a long quiet moment…

"…okay. Let's do it." Mitch raises an eyebrow at her,

"You mean it?" he asks, she nods,

"Yeah," Mitch holds her closer smiling incredibly wide, he lifts her up in a hug and she laughs.

"I love you…"

Exactly 47 days, 38 minutes, and 3 seconds later.

July 27th 9:34:06am Thursday

Brr Blossom shivers as the cold goo hits her stomach, she holds Brick's hand a little tighter as the doctor examines their kid/kids. The doctor squints at the screen,

"hmm… Interesting," she mutters. Blossom bites her lip,

"What's interesting?" she asks worriedly. The doctor smiles at her,

"Because of the way your baby is laying, I can't tell how many there are. It looks like two, but I can't be certain. Either way, I know for sure that that one there," she points to the screen, "is a girl. Other than that, I can't tell you for sure. Maybe in later months, once she moves a little," she says with a smile. Blossom sighs,

"She's healthy though right?" she asks. The doctor nods,

"Yes indeedy, perfectly so." She assures. Brick exhales,

"Awesome. Well, thanks doc. See you next month," he says as Blossom gathers her stuff to go.

"Bye," the doctor waves as they head to their car. Blossom sighs in the passenger seat,

"How can she not be sure?" she mutters. Brick shrugs,

"I guess we'll just have to wait," he says. Blossom leans into her seat,

"I guess."

July 27th 9:57:13am Thursday

"We're back!" Brick calls into the house, Bubbles comes running down the stairs, Boomer close behind her.

"So? Boy or girl?" she asks excitedly. Blossom smiles,

"Well, we for sure have one girl, but because of the way she is laying the doctor couldn't tell anything else really," she says slowly. Bubbles smiles widely,

"Aw, you finally get a girl!" she says happily. Buttercup comes from around the corner,

"Did I hear you're getting a girl, Bloss?" she asks. Blossom nods,

"Yup," she answers putting a hand on her stomach. Brick smiles at Boomer than looks by Buttercup,

"Hey, where's Butch?" he asks. Buttercup smiles,

"Well, we were-"

"BUTTERCUP! COME QUICK!" Butch's voice erupts from down the hall. The group follows his voice to Butchercut's room.

"He's walking," he says as Butchercut moves slowly toward him. One steps, two steps, three steps, into his arms. Buttercup smiles,

"Great job Butcher," she cheers. Butchercut smiles at his mom,

"Thanks, mom!" he says with a large smile. Butterfly walks into the room,

"What's going on?" she asks. Butcher smiles at her,

"Sissy! I can walk!" he says gleefully, walking up to her to prove his point. She smiles,

"That's great, hey we're playing hot wheels in Brett's room, you wanna join us?" she asks. Butcher smirks,

"I'm gonna win, so yeah, I'll play," he says sure of himself. Butterfly rolls her eyes,

"Come on," she says as she pulls him away. Buttercup smiles after them,

"Well, what should we do?" she asks. Butch shrugs.

"Well, Bubbles and I are busy, right Bubbles?" Boomer asks her. Bubbles looks at him confused,

"huh? We're busy?" she asks. He nods,

"Right. See? We're busy, later guys!" he calls, picking up Bubbles and carrying her away. Butch stares after them,

"What…was that?" he asks. Brick shrugs,

"They're the weird ones. Let them be weird," he says simply. Butch rolls his eyes,

"Whatever," he mutters. Buttercup looks toward Blossom,

"So what are you going to name your daughter?" she asks. Blossom shrugs,

"I don't know, we haven't thought about it," she says. Buttercup nods in understanding,

"Hey, Butch? What should we name our kid if she's a girl?" she asks. Butch shrugs,

"We won't have to think about that, we're having a boy," he states. Buttercup rolls her eyes,

"Butch, you don't have 'men intuition,' you have no idea if we're having a boy or not," she says annoyed. Butch drops his jaw in fake offence,

"I do too! And we're going to name him…BASHER or something cool like that," he says crossing his arms. Buttercup rolls her eyes again,

"yeah, okay." She says sarcastically. Brick shakes his head at his younger brother,

"Alright, well, we'll see you guys later," he says as him and Blossom leave to their room. Butch does a little wave and Buttercup nods at them. A small silence fills the room now that Butch and Buttercup are alone. They exchange glances,

"Back to our room?" Butch asks. Buttercup nods,

"okay, let's go."

July 27th 11:06:47pm Thursday

"How is he?" Blossom asks as her and Brick stand in Blake's room, Blake being held by Brick. Brick pats his back,

"He stopped crying, but I can't get him to fall back asleep," he says. Blake had awoken with another nightmare and had been awake since. Blossom sighs, she holds out her arms,

"Let me hold him," she whispers. Brick nods, gently placing the whimpering Blake in her awaiting arms. Blossom holds him close, humming a gentle melody.

"a gentle breeze, from Hushabye mountain, softly blows over lullaby bay," she murmurs softly, "It fills the sails of the boats that are waiting, waiting to sail your worries away." Blake slowly clams his breathing, calmed by the slow melody and the sound of his mother's voice. "It isn't far to Hushabye mountain and your boat waits down by the key. The winds of night so softly are sighing, soon they will fly, your troubles to sea." Blossom rocks him gently back and forth in a calming motion as Blake slowly closes his eyes. "So close your eyes on Hushabye mountain, wave goodbye to cares of the day and watch your boat from Hushabye mountain, sail far away from lullaby bay." Blossom gently places Blake in his crib as he softly sleeps.

Blake as a teenager walks slowly, suddenly calm. He ties his boat to the dock and heads away from the bay. He walks for a bit, taking the world in, stopping and smelling the roses as a gentle melody fills the world. He comes upon a house, which he notices is on top of a mountain that he had been walking up, he opens the door to reveal his mother, brother, and dad. Brett greets him cheerfully while his father and mother give him a hug. Blake notices that no one is after them, no one is trying to kill them, they're not dying, and there is no need for running. He sits by his mother as they talk of taboo, he never knew he could feel so at ease. Brett does something funny and the family laughs, Blake decides he doesn't want to leave this place, this little house on a mountain, he wants to stay for quite a while…

Exactly 2 days, 7 hours, 1 minute, and 2 seconds later.

July 29th 6:07:49pm Saturday

Bubbles just couldn't keep the smile off her face. After waiting and trying for so long…Finally.

"Breakfast!" she calls as she finishes setting the table. Boomer is at the table in a second, he looks at Bubbles confused,

"Why didn't you wake me up? You know I like to watch you cook," he asks. Bubbles giggles,

"Sorry, Boomie. You just looked so peaceful, I didn't want to wake you up," she smiles cutely. He cracks a smile,

"okay, sure," he says sarcastically. He takes a seat as Blossom, Brick, Butch, and Buttercup arrive. Bubbles takes the seat next to Boomer as they eat. He casually puts an arm across her shoulders as the group talks of taboo and unimportant things.

"Hey, how's Blake? I haven't heard him wake up from a nightmare in a while," Buttercup comments. Blossom smiles,

"Yeah, he's doing good. He hasn't had a nightmare since we started singing him to sleep, granted that was two days ago though, so it's hard to say," she answers. Buttercup nods,

"That's good, maybe he'll be happier now, less melancholy," she smiles. Blossom laughs a little,

"Yeah, maybe," she agrees. They finish eating soon and before they leave, Bubbles stands and says she has an announcement. Boomer looks up at her in confusion as she smiles ever wider.

"I'm pregnant!" She shouts in excitement, Boomer smiles widely. He jumps out of his seat and picks her up in a hug. She laughs as they twirl around with large smiles on their faces. Butch smiles, putting his hands in his pockets,

"Congrats," he says. Brick laughs at his youngest brother,

"Have fun with another one," he teases. Blossom shakes her head at her husband. She takes his hand and they leave for their own room, Butch and Buttercup follow their example so Bubbles and Boomer are left in the dining room alone.

"I told you we could do it," Boomer says softly. Bubbles laughs quietly,

"I know," she whispers resting her forehead against his. She glances at the dishes,

"Well, let's get this cleaned up, shall we?" she says picking up a few plates. Boomer smiles,

"Yup," he takes a few glasses and heads into the kitchen behind her.

"Okay, so I decided. Our boy will be named: BURST!" Butch exclaims as him and Buttercup walk down the hall to their room. Buttercup smacks her forehead,

"Butch, I told you, you don't know if we're having a boy or not!" she yells. Butch smirks,

"Yes, I do! We're having a little boy! I can feel it!" he exclaims. Buttercup rolls her eyes,

"Whatever, just be quiet before you-" she's interrupted by a melody of crying, she groans, "before you wake up the kids." He sighs,

"I'll get Butcher, you get Butterfly," he says. Buttercup nods and heads to her daughter's room.

"Hey, do you think we should tell Blake and Brett they're getting a sibling and possibly more than one?" Blossom asks Brick as they lay on their bed. Brick shakes his head,

"Nah, we should wait until we're sure it's one girl or we're sure there's more than one," he says. Blossom exhales,

"Yeah, you're right," she agrees. Suddenly there's a crash followed by loud laughter and crying. Blossom and Brick literally fly out of bed and into Brett's room, Brett is on the sitting on the floor crying while Blake is shakily standing laughing his head off. Brick picks up Brett and holds him close trying to calm his crying. Blossom sits on the floor beside Blake,

"What happened?" she asks. Blake takes a few deep breathes trying to calm himself, but he just ends up laughing again. Brett wails the more Blake laughs and Brick and Blossom remain completely confused. Finally Brett starts to calm down,

"We were t-t-tossing the basket ball a-and it h-i-hit Blake in the h-head and his head bumped into the corner of the cupboard and started BLEEDING!" Brett screams between tears. Blake stops laughing and looks at him in confusion, he feels the back of his head,

"Brett, I'm not bleeding," he says. Brett sniffles,

"But aren't you hurt, it made a loud noise. It sounded like it hurt, I don't want you to be hurt," he whimpers. Blake laughs,

"I'm fine, want to play some more?" he asks picking up the ball from its place on the floor. Brett smiles,

"Okay!" he cheers as Brick slowly puts him down again. Blossom looks at Blake skeptically,

"Are you sure you're ok?" she asks. Blake gives her one of his rare smiles,

"Mom, I'm fine. Trust me," he says before passing the ball to Brett as they start another game. Blossom watches them for a moment before, click. Of course, the advanced talking and walking for their age, Blake's apparent immunity to pain and injury, they inherited their super powers. Well, that probably should have been obvious considering both of the parents were super beings but…. You know…

Brick comes to the same conclusion as Blossom as he watches his sons with a smile.

July 30th 12:09:01am Sunday

Ring ring ring pick up, pick up, pick up…please pick up ring ring ri-

"Hello?" A confused and tired Mitch speaks into the phone. Robin takes a deep breath,

"Mitch? It's me, Robin," she says normally. That wakes Mitch up, she hears rustling of what she guesses is him getting out of bed,

"Hey, baby. Why are you calling me so late? Not that I mind," he says causally. Robin exhales slowly, trying to calm her nerves,

"Mitch…I don't know what to do," she stutters, Mitch holds his phone tighter,

"Don't know what to do about what? Robin, what's wrong? Are you okay?" he asks worriedly. She sighs,

"I'm fine…I just…I'm…pregnant" she whispers so softly he barley hears and when he does, Mitch nearly drops the phone.

"You're w-what?" he asks shakily. She breathes weirdly and he can tell she's crying and has been for a while.

"I'm pregnant and…Mike isn't the father, y-you are," This time, Mitch does drop the phone.

"Mitch? Are you still there?" Robin cries, afraid he hung up for her to deal with it by herself. Mitch scrambles to the floor and picks up the phone,

"Yeah, I'm still here," he says as he rubs his temples. Robin shuts her eyes as more tears drip out,

"I don't know what to do," she cries helplessly. Mitch takes a large breath,

"Robin, listen to me, everything's going to be okay, we'll figure something out, I promise. Meet me at the normal place at, like, 3:00pm?" he asks. Robin nods for a minute before realizing he can't see her,

"Yeah, yeah, I'll be there," she agrees. It's silent as they both wait for the other to hang up or at least say good bye,

"I love you," Mitch finally whispers to her. She bites her lip,

"I love you too, I-I'll see you than," she replies,

"Bye, Robin,"



Exactly 12 days, 15 hours, 28 minutes, and 8 seconds later.

August 11th 3:37:09 pm Saturday

"I'm telling you, we don't need to be here. It's a boy," Butch states from his chair in the waiting room.

"uh-huh" Buttercup answers without looking up from her sports magazine. Butch crosses his arms, unhappy at the lack of attention,

"It is, I know," he grumbles softly. Buttercup completely ignores him,

"Buttercup Jojo," a nurse calls them to a room towards the back. Buttercup comfortably lays on the hospital bed, Butch stands next to her and they wait for the doctor.

"Good afternoon, Buttercup, how are you today?" the doctor asks as she gets the ultrasound ready.

"I'm good," Buttercup states, her hand finds Butch's and she gives his hand a small squeeze when the cold goo hits her stomach. The doctor looks at the screen closely,

"Alright, perfectly healthy. Would you two like to know the gender?" she asks. Buttercup nods and Butch cockily smiles,

"It's a boy isn't it?" he challenges. The doctor smiles,

"No. It's a girl," she answers as she cleans the goo. Butch frowns dramatically while Buttercup laughs,

"Told you there was no such thing as 'men's intuition'" she mocks him. Butch groans,

"Whatever, we'll have a wonderful girl, yay!" he cheers himself up. Buttercup smiles as she hops of the hospital bed.

"Let's go tell everyone," she says as they thank the doctor and leave.

"WE'RE BACK!" Butch shouts obnoxiously. Bubbles comes rushing into the hall, Boomer tagging behind her.

"So, Boy or girl?" she asks as Brick and Blossom arrive. Buttercup smirks,

"Girl, despite anything this idiot thinks. I told him he didn't have men intuition," she tells them. Bubbles smiles,

"YAY a girl! This will be great! Do you have pictures?" she asks. Buttercup nods and her, Bubbles, and Blossom go in to the kitchen to look at them and talk. Boomer smirks widely at his older brother,

"Dude, she T-O DOUBLE L DOUBLE D ENDS WITH A T TOLLDDT you!" he teases as him and Brick laugh, Butch glares at them.

"Shut up!"

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