Hey, I was thinking about Sabrina the Teenage Witch the other day, which was one of my favourite TV shows as a kid and I was wondering, what would happen if Harvey and Sabrina had ended up getting married and having children. Then I came up with this idea.

I've set my story to start in August 2020.

Sabrina and Harvey are now almost 40; they have been married 17 years.

Living in Manhattan, New York and they are moving back to Westbridge, Massachusetts.

Wesley Kinkle is quarter witch - Sabrina being half mortal and Harvey a full mortal. They are unsure whether she will have powers or if so how strong they will be. Therefore they move back to Westbridge just before her sixteenth birthday.

I hope you like it so far :D

Chapter 1

The thought of getting up today made me feel sick, tired and really depressed. My alarm was shouting at me, it couldn't possibly be time to get up yet. I sat up and hit the clock, the beeping sound stopped. Ugh! It was only eleven on a Sunday morning. I groaned, pulling the duvet up over my head and kicked my legs against the mattress in frustration. Today was August thirtieth, 2020 and the last day I, Wesley Jade Kinkle would wake up in her bedroom in Manhattan, New York.

My parents had always been weird but lately that weirdness had seemed to increase ridiculously. I felt like they knew something I didn't, almost as if they were keeping it from me on purpose. They were always jumpy and on edge if I caught them off guard or saying something they obviously didn't want me to know about, they were always whispering and talking in hushed voices.

And tonight for some insane reason, my parents were moving us to Westbridge, Massachusetts, the place where they had first met and where they had gone to high school. They had only sprung this news on me a week ago. How did they expect me to be okay with this and just leave my friends, my boyfriend and my whole life? I loved New York, I loved how busy it was, the culture, the arts and how diverse all the people were. I loved my high school, why did I have to leave my awesome performing arts school and transfer to Westbridge High.

My parents hadn't been to Westbridge for over seventeen years, at the age of 23 my mom had left her fiancé at the altar and ran off with my dad her high school sweetheart. They got married soon after and a year later had me. This I was glad of, I appreciated being born.

But I didn't see why they had to move back there now. Two days before I was starting my sophomore year at high school and just a few weeks before my sixteenth birthday. I'd been planning my sweet sixteen for years, what was I going to do now in a place where I had no friends and I was the weird new girl. Why were they doing this to me now and giving me no valid reason for their madness?

My mom wanted us to move back into her Aunt's creepy old Victorian house. My great aunt Hilda and her husband Will had lived there when I was younger, I hated visiting them. My aunt was even crazier than my parents, she spent a lot of time in her linen closet and I was sure she talked to her cat. I also hated the fact that Aunt Hilda and my parents seemed to share some secret I wasn't allowed to be in on. I was sick of being treated like a stupid little kid.

Recently Hilda and Will had moved abroad or something like that, my parent's never told me exactly where and apparently we had to look after their house. This was so unfair; I didn't want to live in an old eerie house. Did no one think about me?

This was my life, do what I was told, do what I was told and do what I was told. I was fifteen years old and I'd finished my freshman year with straight As, I'd taken part in and won several art competitions, I'd had a main role in the school play, I could even play guitar. I'd passed drivers ed and I was planning on taking my test just after I turned sixteen but my parent's still took over my life. I'd proven how trustworthy and grownup I was and still nothing.

I wasn't conceited or vain but I knew I was beautiful with my long dark curls, my pale skin, and my bright blue eyes. I was petite at only five foot two and slender. I was nowhere near popular, but that didn't matter, I really didn't want be. I was outgoing, spontaneous, a little sardonic and at times a bit of a rebel. I had a gorgeous older boyfriend and I had great friends.

To people who didn't know me I came across a little weird with my dark clothing, heavy eye makeup and the multiple coloured streaks in my hair. I had three small tattoos on my upper left arm, my right foot and my lower back. I also had two piercings, one on my left eyebrow and one on my nose. Not quite goth, not exactly emo, I was just Wesley.

I felt someone sit on the edge of my bed; I instantly knew who it was I could smell his aftershave, mint, cigarette smoke and fresh air. This was a smell I knew well and loved.

"What are you doing, Wes?" my boyfriend laughed.

"Getting my anger out by beating my mattress senseless," I giggled.

"Uh huh," he smiled. "It's a good job I love you." He pulled my dark purple duvet off and tossed it on the floor.

"Hey, it's freezing. Give that back," I complained, hugging myself into a ball to cover my bare legs. All I was wearing was a baggy tee.

"You look hot in my t-shirt, when did you steal this?" he said with a smirk and trailed his finger along my thigh. His face held his signature grin. He was leaning over me so close his nose almost touched mine.

My boyfriend Aiden of just over a year was the one person I looked forward to seeing. Some might say I had quite an obsession with him but I was just devoted and with him being seventeen and almost two years older than me, I didn't want to lose him. In two days he'd be a senior and me only a sophomore, I knew many older girls were jealous he was mine.

He annoyed me a lot of the time and he often did things I didn't approve of, mainly being his bad smoking habit. But with tanned skin, black messy hair, dark eyes, defined cheekbones, a sexy smile and muscled body he was hard to resist. He was a bad boy with a good heart.

"You gave it to me, remember, prom night. How could you forget?" I giggled and I threaded my arms around his neck and kissed him lightly.

"Trust me, I couldn't forget that," he smirked.

"Really?" I laughed.

"Really," he said his lips brushing mine.

"I think we'll have to repeat that night sometime soon," I said pulling him completely down onto the bed.

"God, I'm gonna miss you," he whispered before crushing his lips to my own.

I eagerly kissed him back. He rolled over me pulling me on top of him. Our lips moved against one another excitedly, he licked my bottom lip asking for entrance and I instantly granted it. His tongue explored my mouth as his hands held my waist holding me to him.

We broke apart so he could take his shirt off. The second he pulled it over his head his lips found mine again. I kissed across his muscled bare chest, down his stomach stopping just shy of his crotch. I ran my fingers across his tattoo there.

He groaned in response and manoeuvred me so my legs were wrapped tighter around his hips and I was now straddling him. I loved the warmth of his body against mine and the way he felt beneath me. My hands explored his body and his mine, our lips never parting once.

But as soon as it had begun it ended with my mom calling me. I immediately pulled away and I knew Aiden was annoyed.

"Wesley!" my mother screamed from downstairs.

"Shit," I said out loud.

Still on top of him, he began kissing my neck. I pushed him back as I gave him a warning look. He groaned and mumbled a complaint under his breath.

"Wesley, I know you're up there, we are leaving in less than six hours and you haven't packed a thing... I know you don't want to leave but you're barely sixteen we can't leave you here alone. So in other words, get a move on..." she paused for several moments. "By the way, I know Aiden is up there too, I'm not stupid."

Still straddling him, I got off his lap and sat on the edge of my bed. I sighed deeply. "I can't believe how stupid we were my mom could have caught us having sex," I cringed at that thought.

"It's not the first time this has happened," he laughed. "She clearly knows we've slept together, Wes. We've been together over a year. You're not twelve anymore you're almost sixteen and I mean, your mom was young once, didn't your parent's date at sixteen?"

"I'm nothing like my mom, she was blonde and innocent, a real goodie-two-shoes, and she was in the science club for god's sake."

Aiden just laughed. "Well, she can't tell you what to do forever. That's just my opinion," he huffed like a child would. I knew that was meant for me moving.

"Uh, yes she can, she's my mom. Without her and my dad, I'd have no money and no roof over my head. And they're good parents really despite all their weirdness. And it's easier for you, you'll be eighteen in December, you already have a car and next year you'll be going to college. I still have three whole years of high school left."

He sighed deeply. "I'm just going to miss you so much, I love you, Wesley. Surely, there is some way for you to stay here." He dropped his dark brown eyes from mine. I had never seen Aiden so emotional before.

I held his chiselled face between my hands making him look at me. "I love you so much too, you were my first everything but I'm sorry, as much as I hate this, I'm moving to Westbridge tonight. It's a four hour drive tops, when I get a car we can take it in turns visiting, we'll spend every school break together. And in three years when I graduate we can move in together just like we planned."

I wrapped my arms around his waist, resting my head on his chest. He automatically pulled me closer into him. "Moving away is not going to change how I feel about you or our future together," I said against his chest.

He kissed the top of my head before pulling out of our embrace. He tightly held my hands in his. "Yeah, we'll make it work."

I squeezed his hand. "Hey, why don't we go to central park, sit out in the sun, invite Chloe and Brandon and grab some brunch because I'm starving."

"Don't you have like a ton of packing to do?"

"As you can see the most part of my furniture is already on the moving van, thanks to my annoying father," I said referring to my empty room which now only held the door to my walk-in closet, my black metal bed and matching side table which was covered in my usual junk. "All I need to do is pack my clothes and the random last things, my mom can do that while we're out," I said getting off the bed and pulled him up with me.

Just as we stood up my mom walked into the room. "Will I now?" she said glaring at me. "Didn't I ask you to pack last night?"

My mom Sabrina Spellman Kinkle looked good for almost forty. She had straight blonde hair a little longer than shoulder length with blue eyes and an average yet petite build. I'd inherited my tiny height from her. My mom was a writer; she had been for many years now. She'd already lined up a job at a Boston magazine ready for when we moved.

"I know you did but I got distracted..."

"Talking on the phone to Aiden I know, I heard you."

"Just please do this for me, Mom, I know fine well the rest of the house is spotless. Let me spend my last day with Aiden and my friends, please," I begged. My mom was kind and a bit of a soft touch, I knew she'd cave.

"Okay and only because I don't want to hear about it the whole way there."

"Thanks so much," I said hugging her tightly.

"Yeah, well don't make me regret it. Don't be too late back, we're leaving six sharp. Your dad gets grouchy when he has to wait." She headed out the room but before she closed the door she turned back towards us. "By the way, make sure Aiden keeps his shirt on next time he's in your room, thanks," she said with a slight smile and then she left.

We both burst out laughing. "Yeah maybe you should remember to wear a shirt in my house," I said still giggling.

"I thought you liked my body?" he said smugly.

"You are so vain," I smiled sarcastically.

"That I am but I know you love my body."

"Do I really? Because I think sexy is overrated," I said my lips almost touching his.

"Well, I think there is something seriously wrong with you," he grinned.

He suddenly pulled me flush against him. I traced my hands up and down his back. "Hmm, maybe your body isn't too bad," I giggled.

"I know it's not and neither is yours," he said groping my ass.

I slapped his hand away. "Enough of that, let's get dressed and out of this house. I hate being here, empty like this it doesn't even feel like home anymore."

I kissed his lips gently before pulling out of his arms and heading to the bathroom.

An hour later I was finally ready, and just after twelve we arrived at Central Park walking hand in hand. Waiting on a bench was my two best friends, Chloe Porter and Brandon Graham. Chloe waved at us; a small smile covering her face. Chloe had been my best friend throughout the whole of school. She was a little taller than me with bobbed dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. Brandon was smiling too looking pleased to see us. Me and Chloe had met Brandon in junior high and with his cute baby-face and wide smile; he could always make me laugh no matter how bad I felt.

Chloe ran up to us and pulled me into a hug. "I can't believe you're leaving in only a few hours. I'm going to miss you so much," she said sobbing. I felt her tears run down my neck.

"I know," I breathed, tightening my arms around her.

I sensed Brandon beside me and pulled him into our hug. "I really can't believe this is happening," he whispered.

I pulled out of their embrace and took a deep breath. "Okay, I have until five, let's enjoy this time together. I'm thinking a big fat cheese burger and fries," I said trying to hold back my tears.

They all nodded. I took Aiden's hand again and with Brandon and Chloe following beside us as we went to get food.

Over the next three hours I must have said a million goodbyes to my friends. Chloe would not stop crying and every time I'd walk away she'd run after me and hug me again.

Aiden took me home, and we made out several times before he finally let me go. I had to force myself not to look back at him when I reached the front door.

The empty house made me feel weird. My parents had now literally packed everything. I went up to my room for a final goodbye, but now it wasn't my room, it was nothing more than a black box with three suitcases and a backpack on the floor. This was an awful feeling, this was my room and it had been for almost sixteen years. The black painted walls, the dark wood floor and deep purple curtains, these were all mine.

Before I realised I was crying tears ran down my face. I felt someone behind me and turned to see my dad.

Harvey Kinkle was average height, with brown eyes and medium brown hair which now at the age of 39 was slightly receding. He always had a kind looking face. He was a mechanic and owned his own business. He'd already sold his garage in New York and had bought one in Boston. My parent's really were organized for this move.

My dad saw my wet eyes and put his arms out to me. "Come here," he said.

I let my dad hug me and sobbed into his shoulder. "I really don't want to move, Dad."

"I know you don't, but trust me, in a few weeks this move will make sense. I promise."

I barely nodded.

My dad let go of me, grabbed two of my suitcases and headed downstairs. I grabbed the last suitcase and my backpack; I took one last look at my room before I closed the door and followed my dad.

I didn't speak to my parents the whole way there. I spent the most part of my time talking to my friends on Facebook. At this point my iPhone really was my best friend.

I slammed the van door shut and walked up to the stupid Victorian house dragging my red Dr Martens on the ground. I waited for my dad to open the door and headed straight up to my mom's old room collapsing on the bed. This was the room I'd used as a child; it was in some serious need of updating and not my taste at all. But lucky for me I was now getting the guest room with its own bathroom and it was mine to do as I liked with. My parents were using Aunt Hilda's room and my mom's old room would now be the guest room.

By midnight, the moving van was unpacked, and my room was cluttered with my boxes. With my bed and purple curtains the room seemed more like mine but I decided tomorrow some black paint was needed.

I showered and brushed my teeth. I towel dried my long hair, put on Aiden's tee, it still smelt like him. I got under the covers and although I hated being here, tiredness took over and I eventually fell asleep.

This is chapter 1, let me know what you think so far :D