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Ran had always though of Conan as the perfect little brother. He was smart, funny, and fun to play with. However, she never realized that it was just a façade. That the young boy she had come to love as a family member was actually the man that she had come to love beyond that. Yet, this revelation was at a dire cost.

Day 1: 7:30 AM

It was another day where she had reason to believe that Conan and Shinichi were the same person. It had crossed her mind many times before, but this time, she was sure of it. The night before, Conan had fallen asleep on a book. This book was opened to a page about Apotoxins. Having no idea why a 7-year-old child was reading such a book, she woke him up to ask.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh… " The child started to blink repeatedly. "Good morning Ran-nee-chan!" said Conan. "Conan-kun, why are you out here in the office sleeping?" asked Ran. "I was up late doing research for a school project, but it looks like I fell asleep right after I finished," answered Conan. "Isn't that book a little to advanced for your age?" asked Ran. "Shinichi-nee-san let me borrow it after school last night," replied Conan hastily. "That idiot was here again and didn't even say hi?" yelled Ran. "He left me a message for you…" said Conan. "What?" "He said that he would come back as soon as he could, but he needed to finish his case," said Conan. "Well, I'll just have to call him today!"

Looks like somebody will be called up! Ran may not have voiced her opinion yet, but we will have to wait until next chapter for that. Also, I have decided to have some other characters from the series arrive in the next few chapters, so look forward to that!

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